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    Transparent Slapback Delay advice needed

    I use a Gretsch with single coils, and a Guild hollow-body with single coils straight into a Tweed Bandmaster 5E7 clone that I built....(love that amp). Echo Pedal Problem: I've tried a boutique slap-back echo pedal that would emulate old 50's style , tape delays, etc. , but I found it added...
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    Hum Debugger live experience

    Hey all, I just wanted to post my experience with the EHX Hum Debugger.....bottom line it works. I am a single coil lover and I decided I was going to buy one used from Ebay. Before I ever buy a pedal, I check out the forums to see what other people think. I also check out YouTubes. After all...
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    Replace fingerboard with a thicker one?

    Hey all, So I have this inexpensive import archtop set-neck guitar that I would like to hone my skills on. For me the neck is too thin. I would like about another 2mm up and down the neck. I checked the dimensions against my favorite guitar with digital calipers. I would like to replace...
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    '67 Bassman down, photos inside

    Well, I left my amp on all night on accident Thursday night. I woke up the next day and shut it down and went about my business. That evening I powered it up and the output was severely diminished. It sounded like a dying fuzz pedal. I shut it down and went through the steps: cables different...
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    looking for Tweed-like mids from '67 Blackface

    Hey all, This is what I have: -'67 Bassman head modified to hybrid AB165 / AA864 done by Andrews Amp Lab -Freda "Mule" cab converted to partial closed back, floating 1/2" baffle with a 10" Weber Alnico Blue and a 12" Weber Alnico Silver -Overdrive- modified Brown Sound in A Box so it...
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    Reverse Firebird plans?

    Hey all, I have a project going on where I need plans/ blueprints for a reverse Gibson Firebird. Specifically, I am looking for a 1:1 rendering of the head stock shape. Does anyone know where I can find this? thanks!
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    Alnico Blue with ???

    Hi all, I am in the middle of planning an amp build - 5E3x2 ( Tweed Double Deluxe) . I will build a head and have a 2 x 12 pine cab with a convertible back built for it. I am stuck on speakers though. 1. I am a single coil guy.....Gretsch w/ Dynas, Strat and Tele with Bill Lawrence...
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    Tweed 5E3x2 Double Deluxe for Rockabilly?

    Hi all, I am currently in a local Rockabilly band and have played out several dates over the last year in different venues. Current Setup: Gretsch Hollowbody with Dynasonics 1967 Bassman Head 2 x 10 vented cab with Weber Alnico Blue Pups Echo Jr. , Marshall Bluesbreaker clone for mild...
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    Crate V32 Problem

    I love this amp cuts in and out during first 10-15 minutes of playing at stage volume on the clean channel, until it really warms up. At home at low volumes it's fine. I have sprayed cleaner into the pots, retouched the solder joints at the tube sockets, made sure the bolts on the...
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    Need inexpensive wireless and advice

    Hey everybody, I am in a rockabilly/swing band and we pretty dynamic stage wise. We have only played 3 shows and have been received well here in town. I am looking into a wireless system for the guitar, so that I can move around a little. I looked at the Line 6 stuff but that's out of my price...
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    Need decent yet inexpensive Floyd Rose

    I have decided to restore my old Washburn Tele style guitar. This thing cost me about $140 in the early 90's and played wonderfully at the time. It has sat in the closet for years. I never got rid of it because its the one I learned on. The other day I took it out and dusted it off. Along with...
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    Any new Surf bands I should listen to?

    Looking for newer stuff to want to freshen up the Ipod. Been diggin Satan's Pilgrims though! Thanks in advance
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    Jim Seavall's Cab restoration

    Can someone please point me to Jim Seavall's (Scumback) cab restoration thread? I did a search-can't find it. thanks
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    Fender Blackface w/Greenbacks?

    Anybody try a Fender Blackface amp with Greenbacks? What were your impressions on various volume settings? thanks in advance
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    Weber Blue & Silver

    Can someone describe the tone of this combination? Would the tone start moving toward a greenback? thanks
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    Alnico Greenback-Weber G1225?

    Anyone try the Weber Alnico G1225? I like the idea of an Alnico Greenback as I seem to get ear fatigue cranking ceramics. However I am wondering if messing with the recipe has drawbacks. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Line 6 DL4-reliable after switch replace?

    Are these things still breaking down even if the switches are replaced with better ones? thanks
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    Any experience w/Boss Acoustic Simulator?

    I have some friends who like to jam w/ acoustics. I need to wait before buying one. I have a Gretsch semi hollow body and I was wondering if these pedals are any good at all just for jamming purposes or should I forget it? thanks in advance
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    Slide / Non slide setup?

    I am thinking about picking up a jet slide. Is it possible to set up a guitar for slide playing and also be able to use it for non slide? My typical setup is med to med low. How important is nut height? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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    Firebird help needed

    OK here it goes. I am not trying to make my Firebird sound like a Fender, but in my Strat and my Tele, I have Bill Lawrence (Wilde) Keystones. I appreciate the man's philosophy on pickup construction and sound. While they don't sound sterile, they do allow each guitar to sound like it is...
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    Anyone run 2 V32s at once?

    Mine sounded great cranked in a smaller club, but I would be concerned about one filling the larger stages here in town. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried a dual setup. Yes, we play loud here. thanks in advance
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    Thor from Runoffgroove?

    I am currently using a modified (lower gain) BSIAB. I need something more craggly, not ncessarily high gain. Looking for David Grissom or Black Crowes type tone - PLEXI. Has anyone built or tried the Thor?
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    Gig Report - help needed, detailed post

    OK, I am currently not in a band right now, and my friend wanted to borrow my setup. Amp: '67 Bassman head. Cabinet:: 2 x 10 vented cabinet made by Freda in Atlanta. Loaded with 2 8 ohm Alnico Weber Blue Pups rated at 30 watts each. The speakers were just reconed by Weber and have about 6...
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    Jimmy Page-Danelectro

    Does anyone know what songs Jimmy used his Danelectro for? I keep hearing about it and I want to go back and listen. Is there any reasonable way to be sure? thanks
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    Is a Plexi good for anything besides Hard Rock or Metal?

    I'm just curious. I want to build one, but I favor Roots Rock, Alt Country, Surf, etc. I don't know if I would be wasting my time. When I hear people like David Grissom, I kind of think I want one just from the tones I am hearing.