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  1. triggercut

    Sold BearFoot FX Pale Green Compressor

    Latest version of the Bearfoot FX Pale Green Compressor. I've only used it at home, it has no Velcro on the bottom. Great subtle compressor and tone enhancer, I just think that compressors might not be my cup of tea. Comes with original box and pawprint packing paper. Looking to get $130 for...
  2. triggercut

    Sold Callaham Vintage Tele Model Telecaster Bridge Assembly for Flat-Mount Bigsby Tremolos

    I had purchased this for a Telecaster project that never got off the ground. This bridge has been designed to be used with flat-mount Bigsby tremolos (B5 and B50), but from the looks of it you could also use it as a top-loading/toploader bridge or even as a bridge for regular Telecasters...
  3. triggercut

    Sold Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret mkiii

    In excellent condition with no Velcro on the bottom, comes with original box and Catalinbread sticker. I've only used it at home. I'd prefer to sell it for $125 (includes S&H in continental US by USPS), but I would trade it for a EH Pitchfork. PM me with any questions. Thanks!