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    Floater is back.

    Are they ever. I've been a Floater fan for years. They've been on hiatus while Rob Wynia does his thing but the new cd is really good, and a bit more guitar driven. Check it out. The Thief. They're touring too.
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    Danelectro offset...

    I got an email from Music Zoo (I think) and they have some new Danelectro offsets, '67 something or other. Essentially sort of a Hawk reissue. 6 on a side head, adjustable bridge, lipsticks, pretty cool vibe. Anyone have hands on these?
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    GSP1101 owners, which power amp?

    I've been goofing with my GSP1101, using a Mosvalve mv-962 power amp. I'm not super stoked with the results, it's not bad but maybe not as clear(?) as I'd like. It's not so much a brightness thing, but almost like a blanket is over the cab. I know it could be the cab too, or where I stand. I...
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    How old until it's vintage?

    I was mulling it over a bit. I'm adding a guitar from 1986, and have a couple guitars from the mid 80s. Well those are now almost 30 years old. Are those "vintage" guitars or just old?
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    You sure get a lot for your money in Godin

    I just received my second Godin guitar, an LG sp90. I cannot believe how much guitar you get for the price of these. This one was $385, and there's a cherry burst still available for $399. It's pretty hard to come by a cheap axe not made in China anymore, but luckily Godin and Fernandes are...
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    What speaker for a 5e3?

    I have a 5e3 and am not entirely happy with the tone. It currently has a Texas Heat in it, and it sounds a bit too middy, sort of dense/thick. Overdrive is nice and creamy but I'd like cleans to have more sparkle, lust be more clean. I have an Eminence Delta Pro sitting here, but I'd be open...
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    Squier VM JM

    The TGP search....yeah. Anyone with any input on these? I love a jazzmaster, and for $300 this seems like it might be a decent player. I'm not a big trem fan, so the top mount is cool with me. Duncan designed JM pickups, concentric vol/tone pots, lots of really interesting options.
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    extra intonation adjustment bridges

    Hey all. I have a Samick SG that the low e just won't quite intonate. I need a bit more room to lengthen the scale. The other strings are fine, although several are right near the end as well. So most likely the bridge was mounted a little too close. Either way, does anyone make a bridge...
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    tele v strat bridge pickup

    I've been mulling over changing the bridge pickup in my strat. I love how the tele gets so raunchy sounding and would like the strat to get closer. I'm wondering if the issue has to do more with the trem or the tele baseplate, or something else I haven't thought about. Duncan has the twang...
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    So I was perusing ebay for a small amp

    I realized that silverface champs and vibro champs are cheap right now. I now have a mid 70's vibro champ on the way for under $300 total. And there are a few more available. Wasn't it just earlier this year these were a $4-500 item? Regardless, can't wait. My first vintage Fender.
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    NGD: Cheap but nice!

    2001 (I think) Ibanez AS83-VSL. So this one has a flame top rather than the plain, full body, neck and headstock binding, sort of a caramel burst (or maybe violin). Pickups are a little bright, but not bad at all, totally playable right from the get go. Thanks to another forum member I have...
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    NGD: It ain't pretty...

    But it's the one I'll take home. 1980 MIJ Yamaha SL800S. Except for one volume knob being cracked it's in great shape. Great player, solid mahogany w/maple cap, rosewood board, the finish work is excellent. Pickups are stock Yamaha and have a great vintage tone. Tone pots push/pull to split...
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    Quick review, Eastwood Savannah DLX

    So on a demo sale I picked up one of the Eastwood Savannah DLX models. Mine is blonde with gold hardware. You can see some light flames in the wood, really pretty nice. After hearing about sketchy finish work I looked pretty good over this guitar when it arrived (3 days after I bought it...
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    NGD: My first Ric.

    Ric 620 in Amber Fireglo, a color of the year I believe. I'm not sure what everyone is talking about when they say a Ric can't do rock/metal/lead, someone just isn't trying. Absolutely a great playing guitar, easy to get used to the size and fretboard. A pleasant change from all the strats...
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    My first Fender custom shop

    I had no idea what I was missing. It's my first relic'd strat of any sort and plays like buttah. 2000 closet classic.
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    Noob output trans question.

    I've searched a bit but haven't found exactly the right answer. Thanks in advance for the lesson in basic electronics. :) I have a Valve Jr head and I'm considering upgrading the output transformer. I like the low output of the amp and I'm not really looking to increase that. I'm...