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    Which pickups for a LP Standard?

    I bought a Les Paul in 2003, and I've grown to hate the thing. I went so far as to set it up for slide (and then left it in the case, because I never play slide). I've decided, however, to give it a second chance. Maybe it's the Burstbuckers I hate so much. I play mostly '60s-'70s rock...
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    I ordered my guitar yesterday.

    1998 Brian Cohen. Spruce/Rosewood.
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    This is a longshot, but has anyone played these builders?

    I'm looking for a bright, focused guitar with excellent balance... shimmering trebles, full bass, etc... I've looked around a good bit, and only 4 builders really caught my attention... 3 are from Classical Guitar Store, and 1 is from a certain forum member here. I'm looking at: Galabert...
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    This might be a dumb question...

    ...but how do they do the rosettes on classicals? My Dad and I were looking at them earlier and we realized that we didn't know how they were done.
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    I've always just played classical stuff on my Larrivee (yes, I know, that's terrible), but lately I've become very interested in actually getting a very nice classical. Could someone point me in the direction of the best builders? Money is not really a huge problem - I mean, I don't want to...
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    Out of sheer curiosity, does anyone make a V?

    I don't remember ever seeing a small luthier crafting Vs... I know Ken Lawrence does Explorers... Just curious.
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    Ruokangas owners

    Speak out! What do you have? Likes/dislikes? Spare me no details!
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    Small builders

    List some of the smaller builders. I'm new to this forum, so I don't know alot of the ones you do... I don't mean the Grosh/Suhr/Anderson ones... I mean the ones who build most of the guitars themselves. Gustavsson Artinger Koll Soloway (knew him from long ago) Huber Heatley Thorn...
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    Briggs Classic vs. Grosh Set-neck

    Looking for the ultimate Les Paul-style guitar. Anyone have any comments on either? A guy I know (a vintage nut with a collection of '60s ES series and a '58 Les Paul) says the Grosh Set-neck is the best guitar he's played. Any opinions? How alike are they? Anything anyone can tell me...
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    What are some new/other brands I should look at?

    Since I picked up guitar, I've studied and drooled over gear. I've looked at everything from Aiken, Germino, Swart, Bruno, Divided by 13, etc.. etc.. that we all know about, but what are some others that I should look at? Are there any new companies out there with something I should look at?
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    65 Amps

    What can people tell me about the London? I'm just kind of looking for a general overview. What does it do well? Not do well? Any clips?
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    Class A amps

    (To avoid the inevitable, incoming argument, I'm not saying Class A are better, I'm not saying I wouldn't buy an amp that isn't class A, or anything like that... so check the "CLASS A DOESN'T MEAN IT'S BETTER! ALL THAT MATTERS IS IF IT SOUNDS GOOD!" thing at the door.) I know we had a thread...
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    Alessandro Blue Tick

    Anyone got anything on 'em? I can't find much information on 'em at all... just one H-C review and one uninformative GP review. Better yet, anyone got any clips?
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    Leonc - Tomcat

    Hey! Could you put up some more Tomcat clips? I'm curious to hear it cranked about halfway with the boost off, 3/4 of the way with the boost off, and then maybe with the gain boost kicked in? Is that possible? I keep hearing such awesome things about the Tomcat, but I haven't heard many...
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    Finally got my Bruno...

    Got my Cowtipper 22 today. It's awesome! Very clean, very warm, very smooth and rich... it's pretty much all you could ask for in a clean amp. Sounded killer with the Suhr, but then I plugged in my Les Paul, flipped the mid boost and bright switch and turned the volume up to about 70% and...
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    Books on reading amp schematics?

    Hey there! I was interested in getting started in amp building, and I've ordered a few Kevin O'Connor books on the subject, but was told that they didn't really explain amp schematics. So, are there any good books on learning to read amp schematics?
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    Kendrick K-Spot

    Thoughts? Clips? I'm getting more and more confused. I've got the money for a new amp, and I know I want a clean one... the only problem is, there are so many kinds of "clean" tones. If I want a blackface tone, I get the Bruno. If I want a more modern clean, I get the Swart. If I want a...
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    Bruno Underground 22 (or other clean amp?)

    Hey, I'm mostly a bedroom player and I'm looking to add a clean amp to my collection. Right now, I play through an Aiken Invader and a Soldano Astroverb, and need something on the clean/very mild OD end of the spectrum. I will NOT have a chance to play one before buying. I play a chambered...