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    Any Steinberger players?

    A fret leveling and it's rocking again. The guys at the shop where I had the work done weren't too sure of what to make of it; they kept on saying Strandberg and were confused as to the whole phenolic fingerboard/no truss rod details. I currently have a custom faceplate en route so I can keep...
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    Are paid presets a fad?

    Re: fad as delineated by time. One could go back to the 90s and Reeve's Gabrel's paid presets for the VG-8 as one of the earliest examples. But what he was selling referred to his tones on Bowie albums (among others), and was already in reference to devices with presets "designed by..." The...
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    Standing(Electric) Desk........

    I bought my wife a Vari standing desk a couple months into the shutdown. The desk she was using just wasn’t suited for the workspace she needed. I think she’s been enjoying it and using it delay to vary things. Her desk is a beast, programmable preset heights, relatively quick and smooth...
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    Did St. Louis ever have a defining sound?

    St. L has had so many great musicians come from there, all of which I would argue were shaped in some way by the city being an early 20th century commerce hub. So from that, there's a long history with blues music, ragtime, fiddling traditions, etc., that precedes recorded popular music and is...
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    Suhr Modern Satin- replacement neck from Suhr- wood options?

    I've also thought about a neck change for my Modern Pro (basswood/maple + all maple neck). My suggestion, however, would be to contact Suhr customer service directly, as a direct conversation would most likely get you closer to your goals faster rather than working it out here. I've perceived...
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    How Do You Use the Word "Collection" for Your Guitars/Amps?

    I did some academic research/writing on gear collections a while back as part of my PhD work. I turned to some ideas from Art History/Curation studies regarding how people might think of things that they've gathered. An emphasis was placed on the activity and process of grouping items together...
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    25 years since Bowie’s most underrated album

    Yes! The album was a revelation for me: I was growing out of the hard rock and metal of my adolescent years. I liked elements of Black Tie/White Noise for its mature songwriting and modern electronic elements. Outside had all of that combined with the aggression of Tin Machine (which I never got...
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    "Drive-In Only" Concerts

    I've had a couple of friends here in San Diego county do them or have been booked for them. I know in one case, the show was cancelled because of low advanced ticket sales (luckily they were put onto a different bill that did happen). In another case, everything went off relatively well, but the...
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    What is the closest thing to the DigiTech space station

    I believe the Digitech 2120 was contemporaneous with the XP line. I had a 2112, and the upgrade to the 2120 chip specifically included the reverse delay and looper, amidst some other effects (I cant remember if the tape-slow down effect was included). I think the ‘90s digitech have such a unique...
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    Acoustic that plays and feels like an electric???

    If you really want an electric feeling neck, action, and feel, I would say Wechter Pathmaker wherever you could find one (I see one in reverb now). Even more so than Taylor or anything else mentioned here. I used to sell acoustics, and that guitar was aimed straight at electric players. A very...
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    Have you suffered from ‘focal dystonia’?

    A few musicians I work with are dealing with it, and I believe Victor Wooten has spoken about it a bit. Most suggest a careful balance between playing and rest, and adjustments to technique.
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    Any Steinberger players?

    I just became reacquainted with an ‘89 gl2t. My grade school/high school mentor and I were both big VH fans way back. Living in St. Louis, I discovered Dan Martin and his store, St Charles Guitar Exchange when he was featured in one of the guitar magazines as a dealer to EVH and many other big...
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    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Totally unique and the polar opposite of so many (great) examples already posted: John Mccrea of Cake and his “nylon string guitar through a transistor radio” sound. It’s the antithesis of glorious rock guitar, and works perfectly in context.
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    What makes good stage presence? (and do you have it?)

    There's a really good academic book called Stage Presence by Jane Goodall (not the woman who worked with chimps) that takes a look at the history of stage presence, primarily thinking about the metaphors that were attached to it. She distinguishes stage presence from charisma in the sense that...
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    Do You "Think" the Note Names As You Play?

    There's a theory/concept in cognitive science called "situated cognition" that considers the way in which we use our environment and tools as part of the cognitive process. The philosophical argument is that without those structuring elements, we wouldn't be able to act in the same way. So one...
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    Finger pain - tendons or arthritis?

    I have developed a couple of regular hand/arm pains that are exacerbated when playing guitar. That includes my left index finger, located between the MCP and PIP (base of the finger and middle of the finger). Yes, shapes like a C or a short bar across the 1st and 2nd string can be particularly...
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    Research into Bad Guitar-playing Posture, Associated Discomfort and Possible Solutions

    Submitted. I would ask that you clarify question 6 as I wasn't sure if it was in relationship to the options of question 5. But more broadly, I find that I experience back issues more when standing and somewhat dehydrated (long, hot gigs). But that seems tangential to your purpose. I recently...
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    Any Fans of Dirty South Hip Hop?

    I'm not super-knowledgeable about it, but I do include it as part of a college course I teach (actually teaching right now). In that context, it's a great example of breaking down assumptions about hip-hop in the 90s (East coast vs West coast) and making students think about different ways in...
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    R.I.P. Malik B (formerly of the Roots)

    While I enjoy Roots albums from Phrenology on, the earlier albums had their own unique magic, of which Malik B was definitely a part of. A huge part of what drew my ear to them (and other hip-hop acts like Arrested Development and A Tribe Called Quest) was that they seemed like a truly...
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    Crazy EVH solo vid from 80s

    Necro-bump! I just ran across the whole 2 hour show on YT. I'll admit to growing up during the Hagar period, and go straight Live Without a Net when I think of VH live. This Largo show was loose but fun; I can see how it leads to the '83 US Festival show but is a little more raw. EVH's tone is...
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    Guild Starfire III: Vintage vs. Reissue

    Used at the San Diego GC: . Don't know if that hits the price point or payment options for you. Seems a little on the high side of market value.
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    What playback system was used when you formed your opinion on modeling?

    First time for me was in about '98/'99, running a Roland VG-8 through PA with Ev SX-300s. I was already dabbling with mic'ing a cranked amp (Budda Twinmaster), running that through rack gear for effects, and then into the PA. But the Roland was far better at the unique sounds than it was as a...
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    Guild Starfire III: Vintage vs. Reissue

    Agreed on the 90s models. My burst III was my main guitar for quite a few years. I tried a number of different pickups over the years, including Antiquities and Harmonic Design Z-90s (my favorite). Lots of character and good workmanship overall. I used to work for an acoustic shop that sold...
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    Scorpions Wind of Change (written by the CIA?)

    Haven’t listened yet, but there are verifiable examples of governments getting involved with popular culture for political aims. The State dept has long used/promoted US musicians and composers’ international tours, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Glenn Miller, and classical composer Roger Reynolds, as...
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    If YouTubes were around earlier in your life. Do you think you would be a better player now.

    I think you can look at the vast amounts of young, virtuosic YouTube and Instagram shredders, who essentially learned through streaming video, to see the benefits to technique and advanced harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary. (I won’t make any comment for better or worse as to musicality or...