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    Kudos to Jim Wagner/WCR...again!

    I've bought several sets of outstanding pickups from Jim over the years and his products and particularly customer service are second to none! I just had occasion to install a set of his fabulous Godwood pickups, Blasting Cap capacitors and custom pots in a friend's Historic R9 Les Paul. Well...
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    JTV Variax:Reliable these days?

    Almost two years ago played some of the Tyler Variaxes and was very impressed. Ordered one and paid for it, waited forever, read all the horror stories on the Line 6 forums, finally gave up and took my money back. Well, it's been awhile now and was wondering how those of you who purchased one...
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    Lollar "El Rayo" pickups; two thumbs up!

    Finally got the switching I wanted and put my new Lollar “El Rayo” pickups in my Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra S with the solid rosewood neck. The guitar is maple-on-mahogany, chambered, 24 3/4” scale, and although the stock Anderson pickups were quite good I found them a little dark for my tastes...
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    Difference between BB Pre and Andy Timmons BB?

    I love the BB Pre. I like Andy's sound. Nowhere on Xotics site does it say what the differences are other than color and cool swag. Anyone tried both and have any input?
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    Quality time on a PRS Swampash Special Narrowfield?

    Awhile ago at a store I used to work for I ran a PRS clinic. Over the course of a day we tried every combination of instruments they made, and the one that kept my attention was a 25th Swampash Special with the three Narrowfield pickups. I love my humbucking guitars, but at heart am a singlecoil...
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    Anyone swap neck pickups in a DGT?

    I know, this sounds like heresy as the sum of all the DGT parts makes for one of the most perfectly-realized guitars out there. However, the inveterate modder in me is always looking for things to improve. I used to have a PRS Sunburst 22 with the 5708 pickups, and really liked the neck both...
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    Looking at a Larrivee LSV-11 fingerstyle. Anyone have one?

    Always loved Larrivee guitars, and one has caught my atttention. Just wondered if any of you own or have experience with the Larrivee LSV-11, what they tout as their fingerstyle model? I'm attracted because of the smaller body (arm injury still hampering larger guitars) and the shorter 24.75...
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    New Gibson Les Paul Junior Singlecut?

    No, not the one Gibson's been flogging for years. Music Zoo sent me an email showing a singlecut Junior in satin TV Yellow. It's not on the Gibson site, so I'm wondering if this is a MZ private run, or in light of the recent success of the Tribute LPs, a new model? I've emailed them, but it's...
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    Lollar minihums: Mini or Firebird?

    Have any of you folks tried Lollar's minihums, both the regular and the lower-output Firebird? Been thinking of these for a P90 conversion, but other than Jason's stellar reputation have no input on how these sound. Anyone tried both? Which is "the way" to go? Thanks as always!
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    Pimping a 60's Tribute Les Paul

    Lots of threads on these, but the only reason I even started looking at these was as a platform for modification. Played a dozen or so and found one that had good wood and the best goldtop finish of the bunch, so I took it home. Polished the frets, rounded the ends, rolled the fingerboard edges...
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    HD500 for acoustic sounds?

    What are you guys using an HD500 doing for acoustic instruments? I'm still patiently waiting for my Variax, but wondered what some of you early adopters were doing? In the old POD XT series I used to use the Tube Preamp model as a basis, but that's not an option with the 500. Love to hear some...
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    Size of POD HD500?

    I've looked everywhere, but can't find any dimensions on the HD500. Sounds like a little thing, but I need to know if it will fit in my cases, and/or on my pedalboard. Anyone have a simple length/width/height? I haven't seen one in the flesh yet, but am planning ahead on my new rig. Thanks as...
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    Hipshot stainless Tele bridge?

    Was on Hipshot's site yesterday and saw another contender in the Tele bridge sweepstakes. It's stainless steel, with a choice of 3 brass compensated saddles or six stainless ones. Looks great, typical Hipshot superb construction, but has anyone tried one to know what it sounds like?
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    Spruce Tele body?

    Anyone ever do a Tele body in spruce? I was looking at the Godin Passion strats which are built out of "acoustic" wood combinations. I DO subscribe to the theory that instruments that sound good acoustically also sound good electrically. I've built Teles in alder, swampash, and pine before, but...
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    Martin Performing Artist, WOW!

    Our rep brought in one of the new Martin Performing Artist guitars, something I'd been eagerly awaiting. Always been a Martin lover, but as a primarily "live" kind of guy wanted to see how this new one stacked-up. Wow! This guitar is beautiful, has a neck that's very friendly to electric...
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    Thorn GT90 "staple" pickups?

    I've heard nothing but good things about these, but wondered if any of you had some more experience with them, or could compare them to some other P90s?
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    Better tubes for Egnater Rebel 20?

    I've read most of the threads on this amp and wanted to know what you guys like the best as tubes in the Rebel 20? I've avoided changing tubes in mine because I'm still discovering all the great sounds it makes stock. I play country-to-blues-to-rock, singles-90s-HBs. NOS is great in some cases...
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    Musicman Luke and EMG question

    Just picked-up a dead-mint Musicman Luke, a particularily toneful example. I'm looking to get some better middle-plus-bridge quack sounds, and think it's probably the EMG 85 at fault. Has anyone tried putting an EMG 89 in the bridge position to get that real quack? If you did, how does it sound...
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    ES339/59 volume and tone pots

    I just bought a Gibson ES359, like a 339 with all the 355 appointments. Really loving the guitar, hate how poorly it's built/finished, but am having electronics problems. This guitar features the Memphis tone circuit, supposedly retaining highs as the volumes are turned down. Well, it does, but...
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    Anyone got a Rivera Venus 3 yet?

    I've gone totally over to the low-wattage side, and currently play a MESA Express 5:25 (really cool little grab 'n' go) and a Blackheart. However, I've always been a big fan of Riveras, love the Venus 6, but am really intrigued by the new Venus 3. I've seen/heard the clips on their site, but...
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    Input on Warren Haynes Les Paul?

    The store I work at just got its first Gibson Warren Haynes Les Paul. I played it for a short time yesterday, and really liked it. The Burstbucker 1 and 2 I'm familiar with, having had them in my R9, and the Bradshaw unity-gain buffer circuit works really well. It's already detailed like I'd do...
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    Hotrodding a PRS SE One?

    Recently picked-up a PRS SE One, which I'm enjoying a lot, especially for the no-brainer price. It's light, comfortable, and I even get along with the stock pickup. However, the inveterate 'rodder in me always wants to take it to the next level. I'm considering swapping out the pickup, and...
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    Smallest "Marshall in a pedal"?

    I need a small-footprint box to do a convincing classic rock Marshall sound into a small Class A clean combo. Real estate on my board is at a premium, and there's nothing on it I could kick off to make more room. I like the Radial stuff, but it's too big. Crunchy rhythm sounds is what I'm...
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    New Rivera Venus 3!

    Cool amp alert here! Just got news of a new Rivera combo being introduced Nov./Dec. called the Venus 3. I've been looking for a small amp with full features and a killer clean tone, and this has all the markings of an answer. Sounds to me like the clean channel side of the larger/louder Venus 6...
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    Pickups for PRS Hollowbody II?

    I have a PRS HB II Artist with the piezo option, but find I'm not getting as much use out of it as I would like to. I've tried a few pups, but haven't found the magic combination yet. Stock are fine, but not for me. I tried some WCR Goodwoods, which sounded great split, but were too dense (in...