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    John Adomono gypsy guitar

    Does anyone know if any of Adomono's wonderful vinyl selections were ever released on cd? There's very little on this cool guitarist.
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    Amazon has the NOVA NR-1 for $99 shipped!

    At this price I can get the subtleties as well as the basics for my '62 Bassman. Best price I've seen!
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    Brian Setzer chord substitution video

    Does anyone happen to have the Brian Setzer chord substitution 5 minute video that used to be available on youtube? I would love to have a copy! Please shoot me a PM.
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    You have to check out these guys...

    The ZZ TOP LYNN, MA 5/19 show opened with an amazing opening act, THE BEN MILLER BAND, a mixed bag of pure Americana. Do yourself a favor and check out these boys - they rock! Way better than even the early days of THE OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW when I saw them open for JUNIOR BROWN at The Cat's...
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    Has anyone ever done the VIP package with ZZ TOP?

    Just curious what your experience has been with this package? Would love the chance to meet Billy Gibbons and the boys!
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    EDDIE COCHRAN in March Guitar Player!

    Just a heads up for all those rockabilly fans - the March issue of Guitar Player has a SIX PAGE LESSON on Eddie Cochran!!! It's the same issue with the Rolling Stones on the cover. Just when you had completely given up on GP, they throw you a curve ball. Ordered mine today. When was the...
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    Tony Bennett's guitarist is FANTASTIC!

    My wife and I caught Tony Bennett live at Durham's DPAC this past Friday and let me tell you, if anyone has tickets for an upcoming show - you are in for a treat as well as one brilliant guitarist! Gray Sargent is just amazing and really interacts with Bennett in such a way that will leave you...
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    Earl Slick & Lee Rocker at the Iridium, NYC 2/13

    Check out Earl's brilliant playing on the Link Wray-ish "MEN WITHOUT SHAME" (Phantom,Rocker & Slick) Such an underrated guitarist and those p-90s sound sweet: What an amazing show - make that BOTH shows for me;) It marked the first...
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    replacement swtich on a VOX egg footpedal?

    This is the first time my mid-sixties pathfinder egg footswitch has given out so I'm looking for the best replacement part (switch) and knew you guys would probably know;) Thanks in advance!
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    Replacement pot for a vintage sho-bud volume pedal?

    Any suggestions for a decent replacement pot just in case mine ever dies?
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    Ibanez custom agent

    Any love for the unsung Ibanez custom agent with super 70s (pickups)? I have a pre-serial black model and have grown to love it even more over the years. I just happen to stumble across this cool youtube video doing a great job of one of my favorite Steely Dan tunes...
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    HOW TO PLAY GUITAR MAGAZINE publication, Miller Freeman

    Does anyone happen to have copies of the cds for any of the following issues of the defunct HOW TO PLAY GUITAR MAGAZINE publication, Miller Freeman (early nineties quarterly)? Here is my list off issues: How to Play the Blues (clapton cover) How to play guitar - basics and beyond Jazz vol...
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    OUCH, sunlion!

    Shipping is only $100?
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    Reverbamate Reverb and Sole-Mate...

    Could someone explain the difference between the two units? I have a '62 Bassman and would really LOVE to have a decent reverb. I have narrowed it down to these two units and wondered if the range of the Reverbamate is any better than the Sole-Mate or is it essentially down to the 2 channel...
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    Ibanez Custom Agent question?

    I have a pre-serial custom agent (black with cup headstock) and I simply LOVE it. The action, the pickups, the neck is just SMOOTH. Not a bad buy for $300 around '90. And best of all - it doesn't weigh a ton around your neck like a real Les Paul. I have a question: Mine came without the...
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    Neunaber Technology Wet Reverb

    Just curious if this pedal is digital or analog? I have been impressed with the demos and want something that does "surf" without the compression of digital.
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    Sugarfoot Rag

    Any one know of some decent tab for this? Junior Brown or any version will work.
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    Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road"

    I was looking around the net for some tips on playing Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road" and ran across this video. It certainly seems to be all live but the guitarist has some bizarre technique going on - sort of bass-like. Anyone know of this guy and exactly what he's doing here? Between...
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    Panasonic heavy duty (black and blue) 9 volt

    After recently stumbling onto this article I have been looking for Panasonic heavy duty (black and blue) 9 volts for my fuzz pedals. Does anyone know where these are still available and if this article still remains relevant? I'm guessing these remain in production and still are carbon...
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    sitar-like effect on "Come and get your love"

    Something has always bothered me and I can't seem to find it anywhere in past forums: What is the sitar-like effect used on such classics as Redbone's "Come and get your love" and Paul Young's Everytime you go away"? Even though a sitar may have been used in the recording session I remember...
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    '62 6g6-b bassman problem

    I have a quick question concerning my '62 6g6-b. I have noticed a slight rattle or what could resemble a blown speaker sound when I hit the lower A and G strings on the guitar. I have replaced all the tubes (3x), updated to celestion vintage 30s, checked all the electronics for leakage, measured...
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    How to lower the voltage on power transformer?

    Two years ago a buddy managed to dig up a '62 fender bassman 6G6-b right outside of town. Everything was original except the power transformer that had previously burn up at some point. My tech originally though the amp was a 6G6-a due to the incorrect label inside the head. We ordered a...
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    Aria Pro 2 SB-1000 question?

    Hello, I was curious if the serial number on my bass #109018 means the year "1981"? I bought the bass used in the mid-eighties so it sounds correct. It is simply is the best bass I have ever played. Bought it from an old band mate for $300 with original electronics.
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    Dolly's Jolene intro and riff

    Does anyone know Dolly's "Jolene" intro and main riff?
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    chinese Mullard 12AX7?

    I have a quick question for you guys. I am trying to discover exactly what tube is being described in the text below. They describe it as a "chinese Mullard 12ax7" but I haven't ever heard of such a tube. I have several NOS Tung-sol 5881 or Phillips 6L6GWB put away but I am trying to figure out...