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    My newest album - feedback appreciated

    Check out my latest release CD Baby Bandcamp Reverbnation Any comments are welcome, I can handle constructive criticism so you don't have to sugar coat it. Guitar is a...
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    Iron Maiden Fans?

    What are your favorite Maiden songs? Mine are from Piece of Mind I love the intensity of Dickenson's vocals.. and the flanger on the intro solo is awesome. WxAANzrTkf4 And here at 2:49 when the bass comes in... still gives me chills every time I hear it. ogoqP_-0jto What are your favorites?
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    Identify this Gibson Flying V?

    Any idea? Seller claims it's a 2005 model '58 Korina reissue, but I don't think so. Thanks in adv.
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    Anyone going to Metal Mayhem this friday in ATL?

    In Flames canceled, so TRIVIUM will be on the main stage. I'm taking my wife & daughter. Gonna be a great day of METAL! :beer
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    Does a Dean V fit into a Gibson V case?

    Anyone who might own a Dean V & a gibson V case... I have a quick question for ya... Does a Dean V (Inferno) fit into a Gibson V case? The headstock appears to either barely fit or barely not fit.. can't find this info anywhere. Thanks in advance! :bow
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    Jam Space Flooded Last Night...

    The water got about 18" high. My pedal board got soaked with muddy water as did the bottom 2 greenbacks on my 425b cab, and my Yorkville PA speakers as well. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck drying out pedals and getting them to work? What about speakers? Will they be ok after being...
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    video of my band

    This is from a show at "The Masquerade" in ATL Dark Day Rain Let U Go I'm on the far left.... don't pull any punches. I have thick skin :)
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    Where to find a head cab for a chassis?

    A friend of mine just got a Ceriatone (Hiwatt DR504) HeyWhat!? 504 but it came with no cabinet. Does anyone know where one could be found at a reasonable price?
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    What kind of frets for a Gibson V?

    Any suggestions on new frets for an old Gibson "The V" from '81?
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    Help me find an LP copy - Greco, LTD, Edwards?

    I'm in the market for an LP copy, good quality, but under $1000 Should I get an ESP EC-1000 for $550 or $600? Or go for the Edwards LP which I can get for $800? Is it worth spending the extra $200? Or are these guitars so close I'll never know the difference? What about Greco? Is this up to...