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  1. prowlinacage

    I'll never sell my________pedal.

    I’ll never sell my Barber pedal(s).
  2. prowlinacage

    how many have an "always on" pedal and what is it?

    EP Booster and a Barber Tone Press. Always on.
  3. prowlinacage

    Spark Mini or EP Boost?

    For what you're looking for...the Spark mini all day. And I have both of them on my board.
  4. prowlinacage

    How would you build your ultimate 5-pedal board?

    Like this: Using a 2013 Left-Handed Fender American Standard Stratocaster with Mojotone ‘58 Quiet Coil pickups and a Fender ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb.
  5. prowlinacage

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    main board^ side board^
  6. prowlinacage

    Pedalboard Friendly Shoes?

    New Balance 515s. You’re welcome.
  7. prowlinacage

    Distortion Pedal with Controllable Mid Freq

    Barber 1/2 Gainer has a "mid character" knob that does what I think you're getting at.
  8. prowlinacage

    Looking for opinions on the Xotic EP

    I play a Strat though a ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb, which sounds wonderful on its own and in small, low-volume group settings. But at full-band small club gig volume I feel it gets lost, especially next to the humbuckers of a Gibson SG the other guitar player uses. I’ve found EP Booster fills...
  9. prowlinacage

    Favorite cheap boost?

    LPB-1. Cheap. Boosty.
  10. prowlinacage

    How many drive pedals do you cart around on your board?

    I have two boards, each with two drives. My main gigging board has a Barber 1/2 Gainer and a Barber Direct Drive. The 1/2 Gainer is a 2-in-1 pedal, so this combo of pedals gives me three flavors to work with. My other board is smaller and mostly used at home, although I do take it out...
  11. prowlinacage

    Have any of you done this? Considering a “satellite” board to go along with my other boards...

    I did this recently with my wah and volume pedal and couldn’t be happier with the result. Yes, it’s one more thing to carry but with an amp, pedalboard case, and guitar I already had to make two trips to load-in anyway...might as well carry something in my free hand on that second trip. Getting...
  12. prowlinacage

    Show Us Your Rig - 2019

    Signal path: 2013 Left-handed Fender American Stratocaster/Mojotone ‘58 QuietCoils > Ernie Ball Volume > Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah > TC Electronic Polytune > Barber Tone Press (always on) > Xotic EP Booster (always on) > TC Electronic Spark Mini > Loop Master 2 looper > Fender ‘68 Custom...
  13. prowlinacage

    Do you have an 'always on' effect?

    A Barber Tone Press and an Xotic EP Booster are always on for my Strat into a ‘68 CDR.
  14. prowlinacage

    Which two overdrives do you stack?

    Barber 1/2 Gainer —> Barber Direct Drive.
  15. prowlinacage

    Help with noise gates

    Boss NS-2. Great bang-for-the-buck and it won’t suck tone. Guitar > NS-2 > modulation pedals > amp. Use the send/return loop for your noisy pedals. Can be used as a mute switch and you can power other effects with it.
  16. prowlinacage

    If you could only have one Barber OD pedal...

    Only one? Geez Louise. I’d have to say the Gain Changer, even though it’s not currently on my board, because of its sheer versatility. Wait, no...the 1/2 Gainer’s the freaking 1/2 Gainer! Ugh, but now the LTD is over there in the corner giving me sad eyes. And the Direct Drive is...
  17. prowlinacage

    Your very first electric rig

    A left-handed BC Rich Strat knock-off (which I still have 26 yrs later!) and a Crate GX-20M. Aw yeah!