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  1. vhollund

    Help with Flashback 2 - octaver - Toneprint Editor

    I'm going through the new great features of Flashback 2 and the TP editor However I can't seem to activate the octaver It's on in the settings, Wet level 0db and Router 0db Octaver to Effect but nothing happens Are others having this issue or what might I be doing wrong ?
  2. vhollund

    Cheap silent external tap tempo pedals

    I just bought the Flasback 2 and plan to use the external tap feature It seems a simple momentary non latch switch pedal is all i need, maybe with a little resoldering tip to sleeve Someone said you can use a cheap keyboard sustain pedal?
  3. vhollund

    Famous heavy gauge pick users - Brands

    Hello First post in years I noticed that alot of famous guitarists with great sound /pick touch use very heavy picks There was a short moment in time where google was effective for finding out the Brands I'm looking for info on the pick choice of Paul Jackson Jr and Isaiah Sharkey I'm...
  4. vhollund

    Repotting my new Arcane pickups ?

    Hello My new tele pickups sound amazing but are EXTREMLY microphonic, squeeling alot. Boost pedals are no go. It's very frustrating to deal with You can basically sing into it like a live microphone On recommendations from the builder these are laquer potted But had I known better, I'd gone...
  5. vhollund

    Jazz - Have: Bardens fullness, need: alnico sweetness

    This thread is not only a quest for better options but could also be the potential anico vs ceramics, but keeping it nuanced and factual please. I recently aquired this 94 tele jap with a good acoustic feel and vibe And it has Bardens Good things about them : Noise canceling and They are full...
  6. vhollund

    Walking chords

    In my quest ;) ...I came across this transcription on the Steve Khan's site Jim Hall playing "walking" chords on My funny valentine :) Interesting to note how the top notes, of the turn arounds in the first 4 bars, is kind of playing around the b5 of the c minor blues scale. His way of...
  7. vhollund

    Quiz : Asus2 vs. Aadd9 - What is the difference

    Title says it all. Discuss without revealing please :)
  8. vhollund

    How many medium /up tempo standards ? you know. That you have learned the theme of and which ? If there are many then just mention the ones you like best or get to play most I'm on a mission to get all that fast grooving stuff owned once and for all.
  9. vhollund

    How do you approach solo on 1 b3 2 b2...

    ...without sounding like downwards half step blocks and ...without going minor blues. ? I'm curius as to if you might have an approach to subs that has a good melodic movement to it We can also talk about 1 6 2 5 turnarounds in general and whatever formula of chord changes /subs /intervals...
  10. vhollund

    Subtle rythm-player ?

    q7883DbN4d4 I'm curius if any of you come close to playing this kind of (awesome) rythm guitar I've been working on getting closer to that fine precision and fluidity for quite some years. :phones I KNOW it's not the usual blues-feel jazz-nazi thing but ...hey I just like the great...
  11. vhollund

    Modal Music and origines

    When I was doing some work for an exposition about the first shepherds in the alps some years ago , I researched i little to find out what music they where playing 2000 years ago.... ...i found that there are musicians who have dedicated themselves to reproduce greco/roman music dating as old...
  12. vhollund

    Jazz or advanced improvising from Theme ?

    I'm curious to know if some of you have practiced improvising just from a melody, without any chords. And using the rhythmic structure of the melody to "bounce" of while variating. I find this rather difficult at a higher ...well even low speed can be, though it helps have a sheet of paper to...
  13. vhollund

    Looking for video w Sonny Stitt - Jazz Blues , posted a while back

    Someone posted the video here a while back Saying something about great phrasing...
  14. vhollund

    P.A.T. Harmonic Challenge / JAM #2 (suggestions)

    After our little Jam in the GAMBMD thread... Me , Bear , amstrtatnut, KiwiJoe ao. thought it would be fun and instructive to do it again I wouldn't be against throwing down some Donna Lee but maybe for a start, we should keep it a little simpler so that a more diverse group of players can hop...
  15. vhollund

    RM Voodoo-1 (small box) is back ! Does anybody know if the new design here is the same circuit ?
  16. vhollund

    Toneprint Editor malfonction ?

    This is a great app but does it work right… In the video Tore says that the app will show the current settings that inhabits the pedal, as soon as connected Here it shows just a default setting. (I'm on OSX Mountain Lion ) After i design a new toneprint, if i disconnect and reconnect...
  17. vhollund

    Music in colours ?

    Some of the greatest musicians see music in colours Does any of you ? In that case , what colour is minor ? or how does it work for you? If I was to choose a colour for minor ,i think it would be red and Major would be blue Bass is brown or orange when i work with sound That's how...
  18. vhollund

    "box" - (semantics)

    I've come across it for the first time here after 25 years of playing. 2 times in different threads. Is it a new word for "clichè" or "lick" and where did it ? Also, diminished is not diminished is not diminished.... The 2 in minor is a half diminished
  19. vhollund

    A great lesson

    …touch , presence, dynamics, time, feel, phrasing… tone ! :) One stock pedal and an amp. 3f6z6lwULCs Different sound : 1JJF3SSgE74
  20. vhollund

    Good song writing

    The discussion has started as a subtopic in several threads. Making rules about what inspires... I think is trying to make rules where there aren't any A song can be inspired by many things and anything you want as long as it's inspired. Sometimes it's style-dependant however. But we can...
  21. vhollund

    Coltrane practicing "Four" in 1958

    NtGedWqRxeE and then with Miles: KX_iUXGk0js
  22. vhollund

    Turnaround voicings

    Please post one of your favorite turnaround voicings. Here's one from Lenny Breau that i expanded a bit E / l 2 2 4 6 x 0 C#7 / Vl7 3 3 4 6 x x F#m7 / ii 4 5 4 7 x x B7 / V 5 4 5 4 x x Emaj(#11)/ l 6 4 4 4 x x (expanding): C#7 /...
  23. vhollund

    Jazz sound of today and forward…read OP please.

    There's been recent talk about making the chord changes, but only in a very traditional way. All good, but How about a thread about the susb9 / Phrygian and sus9 / pentatonic approaches / clusters / quartal stuff? Concepts for making the chord changes without landing directly on every existing...
  24. vhollund

    Back Pack for carrying amp ? (Blues Jr)

    Yep Does it exist ? I need it for Jam sessions and small gigs without a car. It MUST exist. Everything exists right ? :)
  25. vhollund

    Poor man's amps Switching idea

    Hello In my studio I have 4 tube amps that I plan to run into a "Tone-hound"(load) with a DI (G-2000) in-between The problem is that amps need time to heat up So here is the idea I use one amp for recording going into the loadbox , while another amp that I plan to use afterward is on...