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  1. VaughnC

    FSOT Komet 60

    Great amp, especially with a good pair of RCA 6L6 blackplates! Good luck with the fav gigging amp back in the day!
  2. VaughnC

    Do I want a Rickenbacker 350?

    I owned a 350 briefly and didn't care for it. The 325 felt like a toy in my hands and the longer 350 neck on that same small body felt way out of proportion and drove me crazy. Yup, the longer neck was easier to get around on but Ric should have increased the size of the body a bit on the 350...
  3. VaughnC

    Calling all Blue Guitars!!!

    My only current blue...a sonic blue 60's Baja Tele. Thinking of letting her go but I know I'll regret it. Like my '72 Tele Custom RI a tad better but, then again, they are different animals. Killer sounding Teles though either way! My last PRS was a stunning guitar in faded denim...but, sadly...
  4. VaughnC

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    The first time I saw "Rickenbacker" I knew! Didn't care about the model...but they were unattainable in the 60's. Now I have 3!!
  5. VaughnC

    SSS Strats rule.....

    I agree with the OP. Been at this guitar stuff for many years and I have yet to play a humbucker that sounds right/good to just ignore them in my little world and it makes life simpler;)!
  6. VaughnC

    Help: my Silver Sky is buzzing like a bee

    Back bow has always been defined as a neck/fretboard being bowed in a direction away from the strings, not toward the strings...unless someone changed the terminology over my 50 years in the game. And both back bow or forward bow can cause problems. And some back bow is needed to allow for the...
  7. VaughnC

    Help: my Silver Sky is buzzing like a bee

    To prevent fret buzz, there should be a slight back bow to allow for string flop and the amount of back bow factors in with the playing style. But, on average, .010 to .015 tends to work well for most people. Depress the G string simultaneously at the 1st & 15th frets and see how much clearance...
  8. VaughnC

    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    Thanks for the memories...I was 16 in 1963! It was the music of our day but, until the Beatles hit, I didn't pay much attention to pop music other than going to the occasional teen age dances at the high school gym...and I knew a lot of "characters" like those portrayed in the "American...
  9. VaughnC

    Quality, inexpensive Reamer?

    Found a decent $3 reamer at the local Harbor Freight!
  10. VaughnC

    Are a matched set of pickups better?

    Flip a coin...only your own ears would know if one was better than the other. I've been surprised a few times that something didn't end up sounding the way I expected!
  11. VaughnC

    Finally learnt why guitarists can be so precious about their guitars the other night.

    Nope...I don't play anyone elses guitar and they don't play mine...too many things can go sideways. Had an incident years ago where a guy hit a cymbal with my guitar and said he was sorry...but that didn't remove the permanent neck ding. Never again!
  12. VaughnC

    Voltage meter readings

    Yup, you're just reading the resistance of the wire used to wind the pickup's coil with the resistance of the volume control decreasing the actual pickup's resistance due to its "parallel" loading. You have to remember that any 2 resistances in "series" will add. So, for example, two 100 ohm...
  13. VaughnC

    FS Grammatico Kingsville - Reduced!!!

    With JLV being one of my favorite players, this amp is one I always wanted to try as the Fender Bassman is one of my favorite amps of all time. Wish I were still gigging...I'd buy this in a heartbeat! It would probably be sold before I found a buyer for my LTD Bassman though. Good luck with the...
  14. VaughnC

    Cold Rolled Steel Trem Blocks = Snake Oil

    Callaham has the best performing & sounding tremblocks I've tried but I prefer Highwood Strat saddles for their recessed screws, string guide groove, and they sound vintage. But we all hear & feel it different and that's ok.
  15. VaughnC

    Tube amp question

    IMO, tube amps respond different than solid state at any volume but it's more apparent to me at gigging volume. However, while I only play at home these days, depending on my mood I still have fun with both my Fender Bassman LTD and my Fender Tonemaster Twin even though both are overkill for den...
  16. VaughnC

    Single coils vs humbuckers??

    Been in the game for 50 some years and, early on, I tried to find what guitar I liked best for gigging. And it never failed that every time I played a humbucker equipped guitar I would think there was something wrong with the way they sounded. So I pursued the single coil route and ended up...
  17. VaughnC

    EVH: "Anyone who thinks SS frets changes the tone is crazy"

    Personally, I never liked the guitars I tried out that had SS frets. Coincidence? I play mostly clean and I don't hear much difference in tone but I hear an artifact on the front end of a note that I couldn't dial out with the amp. Maybe it has something to do with the way I fret notes and I...
  18. VaughnC

    NGD- PRS content

    You like what you like...and there ain't nothin' wrong with that! The only PRS that worked for me is a Silver Sky...but they are more Leo than Paul;)!
  19. VaughnC

    Help requested - bought new neck. No neck holes!

    It's best to use a drill press with a jig or vice so the neck holes end up perpendicular to the neck flat. Wouldn't be impossible with a hand drill but you'd have to be very careful. And, after you drill the holes, countersink them slightly to prevent the little ridge that forms when metal...
  20. VaughnC

    Which amp(s) were you most excited to try in person but let down by when you played them?

    Practically every Mesa I plugged into. Found every sound but the one I wanted:confused:!
  21. VaughnC

    Stupid Question of the Day

    I've experimented with speaker polarity with various amps/rigs over the years and, to my ears, the rig's presence can be affected with speaker polarity (with all speakers in phase with each other if there's more than one). I have a test speaker cable with a banana plug in the middle so I can do...
  22. VaughnC

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    Roy Buchanan's "Nancy" he got so much out of a Tele with a broken open coil pickup amazes me and I always wondered how that Tele would play with myself in the drivers seat.
  23. VaughnC

    How do YOU characterize a nice clean sound ?

    I play mostly clean with my Strats & Rics and I suppose "piano-like" is the best way to describe them. Hairless, round, clear, but not sterile, with the wound strings being focused without the unwound strings sounding harsh or the mids sounding cluttered. Actually, my cleans are harder to dial...
  24. VaughnC

    Lemon oil on rosewood fretboards

    If it looks better, it must be better;)!
  25. VaughnC

    Miley does Blondie

    Not a bad cover but, if it were me, I'd put more of my own spin on a cover.