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  1. jiml

    So who's here still who attended the first (2000) PRS Factory Tour and Clinic - the Experience's precursor

    Yup, good times.. @bluesdoc was there. Scott Peterson donated the tee shirts.
  2. jiml

    FS 59 Singlecut Les Paul

  3. jiml

    PRS "Experiece 2018" (strange) bad repair experience

    PTC is just way too expensive, almost like they are trying to push away work. I contacted them on a few occasions, only to be put off at the expense.
  4. jiml

    "I only like Peter Gabriel-era Genesis"

    Duke had its moments too...
  5. jiml

    "I only like Peter Gabriel-era Genesis"

    There was a short window of prog based Phil fronted Genesis that was awesome...
  6. jiml

    FS 2018 Gibson Les Paul M2M R9 VOS Sunset Tea Burst Flame!

    Can't stop looking...
  7. jiml

    Mark Knopfler .................................

    Love the man. Would love it if he would just strap on that Red Strat and play it clean as he did on the first two DS discs. I'm a big Les Paul guy, but something about his clean tone and fingerpicked lines really grab me..
  8. jiml

    Sold on hold pending

    I can see a seam tho.
  9. jiml

    Really Expensive Pickups - Worth it?

    Vintage wire = Old Growth wood. Everyone seems to have it, there is an endless supply. You would think it would cheapen the cost of vintage guitars and pickups as it is so bountiful.. That said, I like my Throbak SLE MXV 101s.
  10. jiml

    Les Paul Lemon burst -why so expensive?

    This. Lemon tops are kinda boring...
  11. jiml

    Are you a very good singer? If not, do you still sing at gigs?

    I can sing, pretty good. I'd rather harmonize and lay back though, I like singing backups more.
  12. jiml

    What the world needs now is a Van Halen thread

    We need one "Right Now"
  13. jiml

    Playing slide over slightly complex chord progressions

    ...added to the list, thanks!
  14. jiml

    Playing slide over slightly complex chord progressions

    I need to try lap steel, been listening to Lindley stuff too, probably a good way to break a rut..
  15. jiml

    Playing slide over slightly complex chord progressions

    Its when a minor chord, or some other deviation from major chords pop up. In open E, and even in standard, it's hard to be able to "catch" that change to a minor. An you are correct, staying away from runs I have played millions of times in my "non slide" playing is tough. I have been...
  16. jiml

    Playing slide over slightly complex chord progressions

    I'm not bold enough to abandon the "open E, wheedle, wheedle dee", too many Allman Bros cover bands in my past, current, future. I need to go back to standard tuning from time to time to break that rut, and even then it will revert to "wheedle dee". I struggle to improvise over any complicated...
  17. jiml

    When Did Van Halen "jump the shark" or start repeating themselves?

    I got out after Signals actually, to me Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures was their pinnacle. There were synth tracks and Moog pedals on earlier Rush stuff, but it was to enhance the songs, and it worked well. "Closer to the Heart" is a great example, simple "string" lines underneath. Once...
  18. jiml

    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    Lotsa "folkies" clogging the airwaves in that transitional period from "brit pop" to psychedelia too. I think Dylan going electric in the mid 60s played a part too...
  19. jiml

    Hot P90 recommendations

    Hot P90s are way too mid focused, no "sparkle". I like hotter PAFs, so I naturally gravitated towards hotter P90s. Went through a pile of them, from many bigger brands, private winders, etc. None of them stuck, they were just way too nasally. James from Rewind Electric set me straight, and spun...
  20. jiml

    When Did Van Halen "jump the shark" or start repeating themselves?

    When Ed unplugged the guitar and plugged in a rack of keys.... I feel the same about Rush, btw. When synths and keys "took over", I was out..