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  1. Husky

    Just purchased used Suhr Classic S and would appreciate a sanity check regarding the truss rod nut

    Nut slot depth is determined by the height of the first fret. There is no way you can determine the nut slots are deep by a picture. You don’t want the top of the nut too close to the top of the strings when there is no string tree or the string could pop out with aggressive playing.
  2. Husky

    Strat Tremolo System Suggestions

    LSR is 1 & 11/16. Make sure that is what the neck is. Also the nut slot has to be cut forward. Jeff Beck doesn’t use the LSR unless recent, he always used the Wilkinson Fender roller nut. A well cut nut works fine.
  3. Husky

    Just purchased used Suhr Classic S and would appreciate a sanity check regarding the truss rod nut

    Please contact CS, we will take care of you.
  4. Husky

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    Do you use the fret protector? Sound like you have string abrasion on the frets, that could be cleaned up in 10 minutes.
  5. Husky

    How to spec out a floyd rose neck and nut?

    Not that they sound better but Floyd went through a period where they were getting sloppy in casting and machining. They are good now. The Gotoh arm is great though.
  6. Husky

    Real amp loaded down into modeler?

    Pete Thorns Helix demo he is doing that
  7. Husky

    Help: my Silver Sky is buzzing like a bee

    Watch my setup video, I do believe I talk about pickup height too. If you go through all that and it chokes for the way you play, get a refret to at least a 9.5" or compound.
  8. Husky

    ANY headroom in Suhr Hombre?

    With single coils no problem if there is a PA involved, with Humbuckers and you need stage headroom, the Bella.
  9. Husky

    NGD...under the radar super strat!

    It isn't that close, very hard to trademark a headstock these days. At the time Schecter was forced to change and stop using Fender headstock but I believe they sold first and it changed to a car dealership ownership. That is when Anderson left Schecter
  10. Husky

    NGD...under the radar super strat!

    Well not exactly, I've been using our headstock since 1982 I believe, when we were a California Schecter Custom Shop at Rudy's the Schecter headstock was a strat.
  11. Husky

    Suhr SSCII system question

    All you need for a setup besides a good tuner is a small Precision ruler
  12. Husky

    Suhr SSCII system question

    Yeah I have one of those bridges someplace in a drawer;-). Steel plate is important. If you loosen the center screw you can swivel the saddle on the Wilk, then you can move it in and out so there is no reason you can't nail it even if it takes a little longer. Also sometimes the brass should...
  13. Husky

    Suhr SSCII system question

    I would not use aluminum near my bridge pickup or any of the pickups. The bridge we use I choose for tonal reasons (brass saddles and steel plate are important) and there should be no reason why you shouldn't be able to nail the intonation. IMO this is a step backwards.
  14. Husky

    Suhr SSCII system question

    Aluminum anywhere near your pickups will Rob you of bass, create Eddie currents and render the SSC non functional. Also the pickups ground does not go to ground. The traditional T baseplate is isolated as is the cover since they go directly to ground but the pickup ground goes to the system. If...
  15. Husky

    My dream Stratocaster Neck Pickup... trying to find it!

    In that case I'd say try our V63 as well. the V60LP has a low resonant peak but that makes it work nicely with drive pedals
  16. Husky

    Suhr reactive load IR Help!!!

    where are you located and what is the power supply. DO NOT use a mic input or direct box, you should use line level input on the board. TRS to XLR is OK if there is no TRS on the snake but the board should be line level. Sorry im Overwhelmed to receive messages so please use but the...
  17. Husky

    Silent practice - my amp w/ IR Load box or use a modeler

    Besides the IRs, the ability to play along and headphone out which I send to Bose computer speakers for quiet playing with the RLIR you have balanced line drivers to feed low impedance input on the DAW. So it's nice not to have to think about loading an IR in the DAW when you are capturing and...
  18. Husky

    Silent practice - my amp w/ IR Load box or use a modeler

    We are in full production again and they start shipping in a week. Thanks !
  19. Husky

    Can someone recommend me a cheap 2 button footswitch for a Suhr Bella Reverb?

    Correct, for an LED you would need a battery you cannot run those switches through an LED, but you can control them via midi which will give you lights and control of both with our midi switch available on our website, So if you have Midi or any device that can send it, for $99.99 you are there...
  20. Husky

    Josh Smith sig guitar coming

    I talked to him once maybe around January, we were going to get together and try some things and that never happened. I hope he went with someone who makes the same guitar for sale to the public as the artist actually uses, that is pretty rare these days and defeats the idea of having an artist...
  21. Husky

    Middle position issue on my Suhr Classic Pro Tele

    The place for the best answer would be our customer service, even though you buy our pickups, they need to be specified for the SSC because all the pickups need to be the same polarity and same wind direction and there has to be an individual ground for the neck pickup cover. Also with our SSC...
  22. Husky

    One of the worst relic jobs I've seen (Knopfler signature Strat)

    old guitars with that much wear have been refretted more than once :dunno I've never seen him with a control Layout like that, maybe they were trying to get similar to what I did on his quilt carved top. Relics these days are more like ripped jeans rather than trying to make an exact old guitar.
  23. Husky

    Reactive Load IR unit preferences-Suhr or others?

    We have fans, it won't be long. COVID wiped out fan supplies we were told. We are shipping a batch to EU next week and shipping more to the US after that
  24. Husky

    Reactive Load IR unit preferences-Suhr or others?

    Yes of course it does There is no digital conversion on the RLIR if you are not using the IRs which if you like York instead of Celestion you can load those. It has twin balanced active line drivers. I use a power amp instead of attenuators and slave. Much more controllable IMO and sounds...