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    In Praise of Lollar P90s

    I too have been very pleased with my Lollar P-90's and in fact, with every Lollar pickup I own. Here is my McInturff Royal with three Lollar P-90's. There is definitely some tone magic in three P-90 guitars!
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    The CS336, ES339 and CS356 picture thread!

    Here's my 336 & 339.....
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    ES 335 lovers - favorite color

    I saw this one and just bought it. It sounds so sweet it makes me weep!
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    Lets see your Mini-humbucker gits

    Here's a Terrycaster with a mini at the bridge...
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    Gibson SG Standard P90 or Bust

    I went through a couple of Classics, and they were nice, but I stopped with this.
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    Who's rockin' a McInturff these days?

    I've been hooked for some years now and have three Royals, a FLE II, and a Terrycaster. No plans to let any of them go. Love what I see about the Spitfire....perhaps when the economy improves.....
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    Tell me about the Fralin P92?

    They do it for me! I have them in a LP, 336, and three Tele's.
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    Gibson archtops w/P90's

    ES-5 here.
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    Gibson SG Classic colors?

    I had this one for a while. I'm sure it was 90's production.
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    Warmoth builds

    Here is my first one and it came out great! Lollar Dirty Blonde pickups with a blender pot, Clapton carve neck and other good stuff. I'm going to do a '54 P-Bass next with a trick or two.
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    triple p90/soapbar guitars...

    In addition to a Gibson ES-5, I have this TCM Royal loaded with Lollar P-90's. The mini toggle cuts out the tone circuit.
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    Should i convert my jazz to active??

    Just get a Sadowski active pedal and BOOM!
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    Do I have many options for an extra low output full size HB for the neck of my Tele?

    Hear me now and believe me later that the Fralin P-92 works great in the neck of a Tele. Call him and he will wind it to you exact specs!
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    show your p-90

    I really like the TCM Royal!
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    Do you like a Tele with a neck humbucker?

    I put a Fralin P-92 into the neck of a Tele and it is magic. The pickup is clear, articulate and eliminates the mud associated with Tele neck position. It's my favorite Tele!
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    Let's see those BLACK Les Pauls!!!

    Historic R6 in Ebony.......
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    Violin Basses - yay or nay

    I've had this one since '65. It's been used in a 60's soul band, classic rock, blues and Psycodellic bands. It's been and still is GREAT!
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    I might go Squier... Is there something wrong with me?!?

    I've owned two Squires and sold both because of poor quality issues. No more for me!
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    Casino/ES-330 With Smaller Body?

    I dropped a set of Fralin P-982's into my 336 and BOOM!
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    Anyone own a Gibson L5-S

    I've had this one since '79.
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    are bass players gear guys too?

    raja, I'm guessing that you are a youngster.
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    Anybody try humbucker sized P90s in a 335?

    Not is a 335 but I have some in a 336 and they are simply wonderful!!!!
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    What are the best humbucker sized P90s?

    Lots and lots of choices. The Gibson P-94 is good but I like the Fralin P-92.
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    Fralin P92 pickups finally in my Les Paul Custom...

    I concur that Fralin P-92's work swimmingly in Les Pauls!