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    ugh I hate USPS

    My USPS here is excellent.
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    Muddy Waters - what to listen too?

    IMHO avoid Electric Mud.....
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    I spray painted one of my pedals and didn't cover the metal inputs.

    O oh dear....your tones is screwed man....
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    I think I'm done with my Fulltone OCD

    Run the OCD at 18v and.......turn down the gain knob and I bet it can be made to sound much like any other overdrive, like it fine with Fenders. I have a GC to trade but want newest OCD/
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    Lord, all these southern girls they seem the same

    And you would be correct, I dont think they ever advertised themselves that way.
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    What HAPPENED to Brad Paisley?

    Lotsa talk and no clips to back it up.....
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    Historically, what has been the shelf life of your bands and why?

    very little pay, moving equipment around is a pain, a member or two or 3 quit practising, they then say the band doesnt sound all that good anymore, really? Why is that? Call them on it and.....poof, feelings get hurt etc etc And I have usually been the one to try to put all the pieces...
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    Fralin's Analogman Big T neck pup vs APC Paisley T300 neck pup

    I have the Big T in one Tele and like it alot. I have a Mare Super Sport neck pu in another and I like that too, the T may be a little crisper and fatter, perhaps its designed hotter, Jimmy and Fralin arent going to mess around doing a special wind unless its really good, and Jimmy is not a...
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    I love Cinnamon.....girl 45 years later.......

    Theres that second chord in the chorus, a maj 7 of some sort?
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    What HAPPENED to Brad Paisley?

    I would never count him out, he is very savvy and has any chops in spades in whatever direction he may want to go depending on the winds... FULL DIScLOSURE: I dont have any of his records. I think someday he will amaze everyone but at present he is a pop guy collecting the money.
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    Bob Weir & RatDog Cancel All Upcoming Tour Dates

    Is Steve out of a job? Thats what we should be worrying about. Hopefully Weir has him and the rest of the band on retainer in case of this happening. edit to say: Weir presumably has financial resources to take time off while the band may not...
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    why? why? why? the call of the con (Vertex etc.)

    I wonder what ever happened to that Freakish Blues guy that used to post here... Sorry, off topic...
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    Band rules... what are yours??

    Everyone must get a little better everytime we meet....doesnt have to be alot just some forward progress.
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    The "blues chord" that I really have a hard time with

    Heartfelt man thanks....
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    What other misrepresented pedals are there?

    Sonic Stomp, a must have to clear up the boxy amp, always on. Hated here....
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    Shipping: Styrofoam Peanuts, Really?

    Peanuts gotta stop. I hate it when people use this archaic method to pack, messy and a total pain to clean up, they are just passing the sh** down the line for others to deal with, enough, theres better ways to do it.
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    What is your most depressing 'met a former star' story?

    I have no trouble believing that at all....
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    What is your most depressing 'met a former star' story?

    And there are some Woodstock stories, NY that is, not the festival, but not going there....
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    Speaker Choice for Modern Fender Amps

    I dont at all buy into the Fender centric speaker theory, Its a total crock. Me I have a TTubby ceramic in a DR, and a G12h30 in a 5E3. Naylor makes/made a good split between Jensen and Cele, I have that in a PR. Weber is good, I have had 3, but the others were a little better imo...
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    high e-string keeps breaking in the middle of the string

    Apparently the string does in fact go there.... : )
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    How to dial in my Vibrolux?

    I have had 2 Vr's and I think they only shine when they are turned up in a room full of people, and at low volume its just another amp and kind of a yawn compared to a DR or PR at low volume. But they all sound best cranked a bit If youre playing it low its not at all what it was designed for.
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    What is your most depressing 'met a former star' story?

    I knew an A- legendary guitar slinger guy, with a couple of top tens, and a B+ country band with a few top tens, and when I was around them years later alot of time was spent at the Holiday Inn bar after the gig, they would get smashed till 3 and wake up at noon and drive to the next $2500 gig...