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  1. mattpas

    Sold Fender Vintera '70s Telecaster Deluxe with Mods

    $649.00 + shipping (sorry, no trades) Excellent Condition Fender Vintera 70's Telecaster Deluxe with mods. I am the original owner and the guitar has very little play time on it. Frets are like new and the edges have been rolled. List of mods: I replaced the pickups with Porter Wide Range...
  2. mattpas

    FS DiMarzio Area T Telecaster Bridge Pickup DP418BK

    $65.00 + Shipping (sorry, no trades) DiMarzio Area T Telecaster Bridge Pickup. Pickup is in excellent condition and sounds great. The most instantly obvious quality of the Area T™ Bridge Model is dynamics. The Area T™ tracks changes in pick attack and volume, and it does it instantly. It's...
  3. mattpas

    Sold Fender Vintera '70s Telecaster Deluxe Wide Range Pickups New

    $99.00 + Shipping (sorry, no trades) Fender Vintera '70s Telecaster Deluxe Wide Range Pickups. I took these out of a new, Vintera, '70s Telecaster Deluxe. The wiring is all connected to the pots and jack so installing into another guitar would be easy.
  4. mattpas

    The Pedal that Fell in your Lap

    Glad you like it.
  5. mattpas

    Sold DiMarzio Air Classic Bridge Humbucker F Spacing DP191BK

    $59.99 or b/o + shipping (sorry, no trades) Excellent condition DiMarzio Air Classic Bridge Humbucker. Very little time on it. This has the F-Spacing What is F-spacing? F-spacing refers to the width of the string spacing. For proper string alignment and balanced output...
  6. mattpas

    Sold DiMarzio Air Classic Neck Humbucker DP190BK

    $59.99 or b/o + shipping (sorry, no trades) Excellent Condition DiMarzio Air Classic Neck Pickup. Very little time on it. From DiMarzio: We love the sound of late 1950s humbuckers, but we didn't want to simply imitate them by using Alnico 2 or “aged” Alnico 5 magnets. Airbucker™...
  7. mattpas

    Sold Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele Neck Pickup

    $59.00 or B/O + shipping (sorry, no trades) Excellent condition Fender Twisted Tele neck pickup. Was in a new Fender Offset guitar. Pickup has barely any time on it. From Fender's site: Fender Twisted Tele pickups deliver hot high-output Telecaster guitar tone with a dash of sparkling...
  8. mattpas

    Sold Fender Custom Shop Broadcaster Blackguard Bridge Pipckup

    $59.00 or B/O + shipping (sorry, no trades) Excellent Condition Fender Custom Shop Broadcaster bridge pickup. Pickup came out of a limited edition Offset Telecaster. Has very little time on it. Fender info: Custom Shop Blackguard Telecaster pickups reproduce the unmistakable tone of the...
  9. mattpas

    SUF Silver Foxx

    Thanks for the kind words on the Silver Foxx. Glad you guys like them.
  10. mattpas

    Treble Boosters: All Highz On Me

    Thank you so much for the write-up on the pedal. I am really glad you like it. This was intended to be a limited edition pedal with a run of 20 (you have the last one from the first run) but I have been receiving a lot of e-mails from people who would like one so I will be doing another run of...
  11. mattpas


    Thanks for the shout out on the blog. I am going to be adding the Russian muffs this weekend.
  12. mattpas

    Treble Boosters: All Highz On Me

    Thank you for your take on the Cherry Bomb. I am really glad you like it and it is working out for you.
  13. mattpas

    Wide range pickups...

    Did you ever change out the 250k pots in the Vintera with 500k? If so, how do you like the pickups now?
  14. mattpas

    Sold Weber 1225 12 inch Ceramic Speaker 4 ohms 25 watts Excellent Condition

    $62 or B/O + shipping in the USA (I will provide the actual shipping cost at the time of sale) Weber 1225, 12 inch, Ceramic Speaker, light dope, 4 ohms, 25 watts. Original G12M-25 Tone. 12", 30oz ceramic magnet, 25 watt, 1-3/4" voice coil. British Kurt-Mueller ribbed cone. Similar to the...
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  18. mattpas

    Sold Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz, Rare, Very Clean 1996

    $210 + shipping (sorry, no trades) Rare Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz in great shape. You usually don't find these in this condition. The labels on the front and back are intact, there is no Velcro on the bottom and all the rubber feet are intact. The inside is very clean and it has the first version...
  19. mattpas

    Sold Weber California 12 inch Ceramic Speaker 2013

    $59 + Shipping (sorry, no trades) https://reverb.com/item/34595572-weber-california-12-inch-ceramic-speaker-2013 Weber California in excellent condition. The speaker is well broken and has a huge, warm tone and the paper dome. The speaker was designed for very clean amps and it sounds great...
  20. mattpas

    How does Gilmour play a Muff without noise?

    Quick and easy answer: Most Big Muffs are noisy as they have four transistors in the circuit and two gain stages. The noise from a Big Muff is all dependent on the which version it is and how the transistors are biased. The Russian Muffs will have less noise due to the resistors that bias the...
  21. mattpas

    Fenders amps are known for cleans, but...

    I know that Warren DiMartini use a cranked Fender Super Champ for the lead tones on Out of the Cellar. Here's the excerpt from the interview: Did you really use a Fender Super Champ to record the solo tones on Out of the Cellar? Yes, a Fender Super Champ, and I disconnected the speaker and...
  22. mattpas

    Favorite wah with single coils?

    I still love my old Budda Wah.
  23. mattpas

    Sold Bixonic Expandora, EXP-2000, Excellent Condition

    $175 + shipping or best offer (sorry, mo trades) https://reverb.com/item/33832146-bixonic-expandora-exp-2000-excellent-condition Excellent condition Expandora. Has a full, rich tone and great gain. There are DIP switches inside that let you choose the gain you want. You can get: Distortion...