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  1. jwnc

    Kemper Spring Reverb - Now in Beta!!!

    You can get beautiful huge ambient washes with thing and its warm sounding..
  2. jwnc

    Kemper Spring Reverb - Now in Beta!!!

    Sounds pretty amazing so far.. and I usually don't like Spring reverb.
  3. jwnc

    Kemper Spring Reverb - Now in Beta!!!

    ☞ Please find the effect type "Spring Reverb" at the end of the list of effect types - turn the TYPE knob in any of the Modules between A and DLY. Spring Reverb is not available in the REV Module yet! ☞ We suggest you start with the new preset “REV Spring Fan” - turn the BROWSE knob to select...
  4. jwnc

    Dr. Z - "Official" Kemper Profiles

    I bet if you put these profiles in a full band mix or a record then they would sit about right. Its amazing how I have to get guitars to sit in a mix, if you solo it sometimes you are like uggg.. but then once in the mix they sit beautifully.
  5. jwnc

    Why didn't anyone tell me how good the Kemper was?

    Great sound ! You should upload that and share, sounds great.
  6. jwnc

    iLoud micro monitor specs: hmmm......

    I have a pair and they have more low end then you will ever expect from a speakers this small. Its pretty amazing for the size, how much low end comes out of these. Give em a try.
  7. jwnc

    Kemper "Popping" issue when playing through DAW and audio track

    Does it only happen with the Kemper plugged into the Apogee? If you record a direct DI track with the same hardware, etc does the pop happen? I really don't think its the Kemper since its just sending an analog signal out. The word clock won't matter here because you are using the analog out of...
  8. jwnc

    Kemper "Popping" issue when playing through DAW and audio track

    Are you using the main analog outs or the SPIDIF? Do you hear it during the track playback after its been recorded? Does it happen on all profiles?
  9. jwnc

    Kemper in the studio....

    I am recording 2 records right now with my Kemper and its such a pleasure. I also play live with it at my church and again such a pleasure to just plug and play. I have not really gassed for anything since I got mine which is great, I am can be creative and record music instead of constantly...
  10. jwnc

    Kemperland 2017

    Awesome! Since I bought mine I haven't gas'ed for anything. No pedals, nothing. I have a Mesa Lonestar sitting in the corner getting lonely. haha. I still love it but its so nice to power the Kemper through the monitors and play. I am using it 4 times this weekend on gigs, could not be more...
  11. jwnc

    Lukather using Kemper for new Toto album

    I saw an interview when asked what did he use when he played on other peoples records or did a guest thing. It was something like I just use the Kemper and just dial up whatever is there that fits.
  12. jwnc

    Guthrie Govan shares some thoughts on Amp Modeling

    What is the thing he mentions about locking his tremelo that is in the back where the springs are? I have been trying to find something like that.
  13. jwnc

    My Lonestar DI/Amp Kemper Profiles

    Haha sorry, those are the file names in the Rig Exchange.
  14. jwnc

    My Lonestar DI/Amp Kemper Profiles

    HI, I decided to try to do some direct profiles of my Lonestar. Below are the files, I did some various settings and paired with the right IR they sound amazing too me. I am pretty blown away how much better my profiles sound now, more 3D to my ears. I used my Countryman DI to do these. I am...
  15. jwnc

    Kemper for Worship?

    Hi, Its changing here and there, but here is my performance slot layout. 1 > Mbritts Lighting 2 Profile for main heavier rock rhy/lead tone - I am probably going to change 1 and 2 soon to a Friedman BE100 profiles 2 > Another rock profile that I cant remember what it is right now! I can edit...
  16. jwnc

    Kemper for Worship?

    Use mine Kemper twice a week every week at church and love it! Sound guy says its one of the best direct tones he had ever heard. He couldn't believe it. But I am always tweaking the tone here and there on the fly. But for the most part the I use about 3-4 sounds in a normal service.
  17. jwnc

    Man I love my Kemper! Friedman "Brown Eye" test - SinMix

    Wow I just tried those Tim Owens BE100 profiles. Man they are pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing these!
  18. jwnc

    Kemper users - Cameron CCV Profile Test

    Great profile! Keep it up man!
  19. jwnc

    P&W Guitarist now a Kemper convert (Kemper Review)

    I use my Kemper twice a week at church, using a lot of Mbritt profiles, best tones I have ever gotten direct. The sound guy said it was the best guitar sounds he ever heard direct and was blown away.
  20. jwnc

    My #1 Kemper tip

    Cool tip! I struggle a little with cleans too here and there. I can't wait to try this.
  21. jwnc

    Completely over the Kemper Honeymoon phase. Conclusion -- Best amp/gear purchase I have ever made

    I have had mine for 6 months after wanting one for 3 years. Once I dialed in my profiles and found my tones I haven't looked back. I don't have to keep the tireless search for tones, direct recording, live its all the same now. Now I can continue to focus on writing and recording which is much...
  22. jwnc

    Kemper 4.0 announced - ToneTraveling or Morphing added

    There is already more fx coming on this firmware it seems.
  23. jwnc

    Thoughts on (Axe II, Kemper, G3) after a good amount of time with each, and why for ME it's Axe-fx

    Hi, It honestly took me about 3-4 weeks with the Kemper to find the right profiles and figure out how to get the most out of it. It sounded great out of the box but to dial in what I like it took awhile. I ended up getting some Britt profiles that got me close right off the bat. Now I use about...
  24. jwnc

    Kemper question??

    Haha, sorry hope that didn't sound like I was bragging I was just saying that it worked great on big audiences and P.A. My usual audiences arn't that big either! Jason
  25. jwnc

    Kemper question??

    Hi Kemper owner here, for the most part the volume acts just like the amp would, I was using a Freidman HBE profile last night at a gig with 1000 one night and 500+ people the other night, I would roll my guitar back to clean up the amp and it sounded amazing. I could almost play a whole show...