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    NPD. Digitech Mosaic

    I just got a Mosaic today. The only 12-string I owned before getting this pedal was a Takamine EG523SC12 (kept it 5-6 years), but flipped because it wasn't getting played all that much, so I don't have much of a reference point, but to my ears, the Mosaic is good enough. It certainly won't...
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    Ibanez Montage guitar: overdrive tone

    'Aft. Does anyone know if the preamp's overdrive is the same circuit than in the Tubescreamer pedal ? Their website doesn't cover this.
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    Boss RC-3 owners, are you happy?

    If you haven't bought the Rc-3, I'd check around first. Maybe you can PM someone on this forum that's running it the same way you want to run it. From what I read, noise arise when chained with other pedals, no matter what power source
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    Pedalboards: Angled Or Flat?

    I have one of each: Boss BCB-60 and Pedaltrain 2. I prefer angled by far, easier access IMO.
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    Boss RC-3 owners, are you happy?

    I'm thinking about getting either that or a DD7 (got a thread going about dat). Read up about the RC-3 and concerning the noise issue, seems that this pedal usually doesn't like sharing the same power source as other pedals on most given boards, or being daisy-chained.
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    Looping: Boss RC-3 or DD-7 ?

    Yeah, can see that happening too. Thx for the feedback on the Flashback, HC user reviews didn't mention any volume loss.
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    Looping: Boss RC-3 or DD-7 ?

    Looked it up (features, reviews) and it's definitely an option, should I go the jack-of-all-trades route. But at this point, my main question is: should I go looper or delay/looper ?
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    Looping: Boss RC-3 or DD-7 ?

    ‘Evening. (forgive the typo in the title: I'm specifically referring to Boss's DD-7) For a few weeks now, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of getting a looper to complete my acoustic guitar set-up. I can’t say I will be a big looper meister, but I do see it being a benefit. What I want ? A...
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    Clean boost in signal chain

    'morning. I'm currently going like this with my acoustic guitar set-up: GTR > Boss TU2 > BBE OptoStomp > EHX LPB-1 > EHX Neo Clone > Marshall RG1 > EHX Memory Toy > DI > PA So I'm basically boosting the signal (when needed, fingerpicking or solos) before modulating it. This sounds better...
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    EH Memory Toy internal trims! 8 of 'em!!

    I did a bit of reading when I bought mine a couple of years ago and the consensus was that the only one to be be triffled with is the one marked "mod dept", or something similar. It shapes the effect generated by the modulation switch. I played with mine and finally found something I could...
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    Mark Knopfler's Money for nothing tone

    I agree: the best way to reproduce this live is with a wah, IMO.
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    Mark Knopfler's Money for nothing tone

    That was a great read, thx !
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    Mark Knopfler's Money for nothing tone

    I did read about the mic thing and it being sort of accidental. It seems they used a combination of mics set-up the previous night for another song and left it there. When they came in the next day, MK's guitar tech used that mic set-up for MFN and found it amazing, so they used it for the...
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    Mark Knopfler's Money for nothing tone

    'Morning. I can get close to this tone with a SansAmp Paradriver (one of the manual"s suggested setting), but I use the Para mostly as DI, so it's late in the chain and the other modulation effects don't sound as good when I use the Para's OD setting. I use an Ibanez Montage guitar and the...
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    Calling all Chorus people!

    AS previously mentionned, seems a bit expensive for that pedal. If you want to spend around 70 $, may I suggest the EHX Neo Clone (not the Nano).
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    What effect(s) will you be buying in 2012?

    boss rc-3 bbe opto stomp sansamp paradriver ehx stereo electric mistress maybe the mxr 90 (block logo)
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    Acoustic pedalboard? Pedal Recomendations.

    Zombie thread-time :mob Current set-up: GTR > Boss Tu-2 > Boss NS-2 > EHX LPB-1 > EHX Neo Clone > EHX Memory Toy > BBE Sonic Stomp > Radial Pro DI > Yamaha StagePas 500 PA GTRs: Ibanez Montage, Takamine 12str or Ibanez Concord ('77) Should be adding a Boss RC-3 and changing the...
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    What was/is Boss best Reverb Pedal?

    I had the RV-3 for a few months, mostly used it on bass, but also on acoustic guitar. Was attracted by the fact this thing combined 2 effects I use sparsely on 1 pedal and also by the possibilities of combining the 2 effects. I thought it did everything quite well, but found both effects quite...
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    useless at delay

    Interesting and timely thread. I just got my EHX Memory Toy back after a couple of years on my brother's board and trying to find my sweet spot with it. I don't see myself as a big delay player (mostly acoustic stuff) but I do like the effect and see its use. Once I've settled on something...
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    EH Memory Toy???

    I'm using the Toy with an Ibanez Montage hybrid electro-acoustic guitar. I'm sorta noob at delay and the Toy is the only analog delay I've had so I can't compare (the only other delay I've had is the digital Boss RV-3, which doubles as a reverb). I have 2 questions: (1) The delayed sound...
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    Hedley (canadian band) gear

    'Evening. Does anyone have an idea as to which guitars and effects Jacob Hoggard and Dave Rosin use ? Searched the UberPro Audio and other sites, haven't found anything.
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    EHX "Analogizer"

    +1 The delay function seems to be a source of confusion. Browsing through a few bass player forums shows basically the same questions.
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    What pedal made you say, WOW!!

    Ibanez Tube Screamer (TS-9): Had one as a kid just starting to play, sold it and went for other stuff. Tried one recently with a tube amp and a hollowbody. Ouch.
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    I just got myself an RC-3!

    Noise isn't an issue.