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  1. partytrain

    Claim: Seven Nation Army is the most recognizable riff in the world

    Yikes, you just quoted me from 6 years ago.
  2. partytrain

    Maynard had COVID, now lung damage

    I wonder if Maynard had Covid all the way back when they were recording Fear Inoculum....at least that would explain why he mailed it in on that performance.
  3. partytrain

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    “Soma” by Smashing Pumpkins is my all time fav song. Buried deep in Siamese Dream. The solo is untouchable.
  4. partytrain

    Bends You Used To Like, But Now Can't Stand

    Weezer is always the correct answer on these threads.
  5. partytrain

    Enjoy metal guitar but hardly any metal bands? Suggestions welcome!

    Tremonti-he loves the metal riffs, but he doesn’t have a traditional metal voice. He pushes his singing a bit to give it an edge, but he’s never growling.
  6. partytrain

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is shredding done right

    Somebody buy Andy a space heater. He’s gotta wear that leather jacket and beanie inside his studio, it must be chilly.
  7. partytrain

    Does anybody here check their mixes on their car stereo?

    I check all mine in my car....then scrap the entire mix and start again.....
  8. partytrain

    Tom Morello Acting the Rockstar

    Who the F*** creates a YouTube video where he reads a bunch of tweets and presents it as a news story? Even worse, who watches that sh**? Even worse, who shares it on TGP like its news when the dumb story is 6 years old?
  9. partytrain

    Great White have gig with no masks or distancing

    If their statement is factual, it’s not really on them. If I’m told I can play an outdoor gig, and social distancing and mask wearing will be encouraged (were masks mandatory, or suggested? Huge difference), I’ll play the gig. If the audience members don’t feel the need to protect themselves...
  10. partytrain

    Your favorite Weezer song (from the 90's)?

    Tired of sex would be the answer But Weezer 2005-today have made all other weezer unlistenable to me. Too disappointing.
  11. partytrain

    The Offspring = the most metal mainstream punk band.

    Looks the the TGP genre police are out in full force today. Heaven forbid a punk band has some catchy hooks: “NoT rEAl PuNk”. What they really mean is Offspring isn’t shi**y enough to be punk.
  12. partytrain

    90's Poll: Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins

    I always enjoyed the quote: “Nirvana is punk music with Smashing Pumpkins production.” Of course, it was Billy Corgan who said it, so take it for what it is. Absolutely Pumpkins for me. But while we’re on the Kurt vs. Billy kick, how about the fact that Courtney Love managed to get both of...
  13. partytrain

    HUM have a new album – “Inlet”

    Over the last decade I kept discovering Hum inspired bands like Torche, Spotlights and Anakin”. And each time thinking “damn, these guys almost have that Hum sound. Then Hum drops a new record, and my immediate reaction is “Nope, no one is has this Hum sound”. So happy to have new music from...
  14. partytrain

    Best Overall Guitarist - per non-guitarists?

    My default answer to that is always Buckethead, for 2 reasons: A. It’s probably true. B. I love to see people’s reactions when they look him up (especially non-guitarists who aren’t familiar with him).
  15. partytrain

    Signature Model Guitars that Never Happened

    When I worked at Dean Guitars in the mid 00s, they were trying to lure Jerry with a sig model. They sent him a few Soltero models which I think he used on tour. Nothing came of it though. I did get a chance to play one before we sent it to him, I was pretty thrilled about that.
  16. partytrain

    FM3 vs HX Stomp - very nice comparison from John Cordy with poll!

    I think that A is a different modeler than B. What do I win?
  17. partytrain

    Re-created the entire hotel California solo, all instruments, using line 6 helix

    Off topic, what’s the story with that singlecut PRS? Private stock? It sounds (and looks) fantastic.
  18. partytrain

    The record that hit the biggest because of the producer?

    Billie Eilish. Without the production, she’s just a Lorde rip-off whispering into an at2020 in her bedroom. (Not that Lorde was the first to do it either...)
  19. partytrain

    SDOTD...Looks like DT25 is a goner

    Based on Frank’s reaction on Facebook, seems like he was just as surprised as everyone else at the sale. That also tells me that they probably aren’t discontinued.
  20. partytrain

    New NeuralDSP announcing....

    They shouldn’t use “soon”. Feels too much like fractal, which makes me think the launch will be ugly.
  21. partytrain

    The Egde Crunch

    Sounds to me like it’s on the.....wait for it.........Edge of breakup....