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  1. Orwells Ghost

    Effects Loop Attenuator vs Post-Amp Attenuator

    You could always just stick an EQ in the loop when playing at low volume
  2. Orwells Ghost

    New version of the OCD 2.0?

    As I love to point out in every thread that pops up following the release of a new version of the OCD, the pedal is in fact called the "Obsessive Compulsive Drive". Mike will never be done with this one, there's no sense in getting upset about it.
  3. Orwells Ghost

    Diamond Memory Lane DLX

    When? Please don't say soon.
  4. Orwells Ghost

    TS Style Pedal that cleans up with Guitar Volume

    Lovepedal Eternity! Not exactly a TS, but it'll do the TS thing if you want and cleans up great.
  5. Orwells Ghost

    Boss SD-1: New or Elder?

    Yep, that is so. It still doesn't settle the matter definitely, as one then has to ask, if the original SD-1 has one IC, why does the Waza have at least four, and what are they for?
  6. Orwells Ghost

    Boss SD-1: New or Elder?

    It's referenced here in this guitar mag article from a few years ago: http://www.theguitarmagazine.com/gear/boss-waza-craft-sd-1w-and-bd-2w-reviews/ and you can see some gut shots here: https://www.ikebe-gakki.com/web-ikebe/boss_waza-craft/index.html This is by no means definitive evidence...
  7. Orwells Ghost

    Boss SD-1: New or Elder?

    It's my understanding that the Waza version is actually made entirely of discrete, through-hole components, meaning there are actually no IC's in there, just discrete transistors. To my knowledge, it's the only TS style pedal constructed in this manner. What effect this has on the sound at stock...
  8. Orwells Ghost

    Confirmed: EHX is making a V4 OP-Amp Big Muff Reissue with Billy Corgan

    She's quite accomplished as a professional skin flute player.
  9. Orwells Ghost

    Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

    Amazing work! Will this functionality extend to other non-tap-tempo delays with expression capability?
  10. Orwells Ghost

    OCD v2.0

    To be fair, it is called the "Obsessive Compulsive Drive".
  11. Orwells Ghost

    Foxrox Octron 3 is here!

    The Octron 2 is still available, this is a replacement for the original Octron. :)
  12. Orwells Ghost

    Minifooger Delay

    The minifoogers don't use a conventional battery clip; the battery setup is actually quite clever, you should take a second look.
  13. Orwells Ghost

    Your favorite Muff-style fuzz (currently available)

    The Thorpy is excellent. You should probably have a look at Buffalo FX's offerings, particularly the Patriot and the M1.
  14. Orwells Ghost

    Solid State amps are getting "better" ??

    Sunn Beta Lead. Classic.
  15. Orwells Ghost

    Ceriatone joins Game of Klones (Now it's called Centura)

    Nah, Nik's just giving the people what they want. Not his fault Bill is a terrible capitalist.
  16. Orwells Ghost

    Foxrox Fiends: New pedal sighting

    The Octron 3 does not replace the Octron 2, it's still available. The v3 replaces the original Octron.
  17. Orwells Ghost

    New Klon clean boost

    Kindly remember that the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of Bill's making.
  18. Orwells Ghost

    EQD disaster transport jr or Carbon Copy Bright

    I'm a bit of a delay junkie. They both sound great. I've had the regular CC and the DTjr. The DTjr has the tone control going for it which makes it quite flexible; the CC has a really nice mod obvi. If I had to pick one I would have gone with the CC, but I just prefer analog delays. As far as...