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    Guys I've found it, the WORST headstock.

    Yeah, James Tyler wins in my book (and the ugliness doesn't stop at the headstock). I can't believe that I bought one once - I figured any guitar that was so ugly and so expensive must sound and play amazing but I was wrong. Of course, that was the same year that I bought a bright yellow...
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    Live video shoot with new band - Ryan D. White and the Spins

    I've released a couple independant albums in the past couple years which have been reviewed very well and gotten a fair amount of non-com radio play (charting top 10 and even #1 on some stations). I haven't played any shows or played with a band since high school and realized that I can release...
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    Do big name guitarists really change their strings like after every show?

    This, I think, would be the most compelling reason to start each show with a fresh set of strings. The only way for strings to feel an sound consistent night after night is to use brand new ones - even if the player might go a lot longer at home or even prefer the sound and feel of strings a a...
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    Just bought a new Suhr Classic...which means any minute now...

    I don't think that the roasted neck will let you down. I live in Colorado where it's extremely dry and have taken my classic with the roasted neck on many a round trip to Austin and back and I usually don't even have to tune it anytime I pick it up. I was just wondering about a traditional...
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    Mixing two amp outputs into one speaker

    Not something you want to do - if you use a passive Y cable you're connecting one output of an amp to another. They don't like it when you do that! Easiest thing is to use a 2x12 cabinet with separate input jacks for each speaker.
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    Which amp is my collection missing?

    i'm actually demoing a Suhr OD100 right now - it was said to have the the two sounds not in my existing line-up, Fender cleans and Marshall grinds. So far I really like it. I've got the clean channel dialed in and sounding great. Working a bit on channel two but I'm realizing it's an amp that...
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    100 watt amp into a single Celestion Gold

    All good advice and information here and I appreciate it. I've got a vintage 30 I can throw it in another cabinet with - or I'll pull a couple tubes from the amp and see how it sounds in 50 watt mode. Thanks again, Ryan
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    100 watt amp into a single Celestion Gold

    Just got a Celestion Gold and it really is one hell of a speaker! I know it's only rated for 50 watts but I'm demoing a Suhr OD100 Classic + and couldn't help but plug it in for a bit to see how it sounded through that speaker. The answer was "freakin' fantastic!" It's not in the budget right...
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    Hiwatt 100W DR103 4 holer vs 50W DR504 2 holer .... what to expect.... ?

    Sorry, another person who hasn't compared them side by side but I own a 1971 DR504 and a 1979 DR504 and love them. Yep, stays bright and in your face clean until you're ears are ringing and then starts to break up quite nicely (this is with the master wide open and just using the normal and...
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    Which amp is my collection missing?

    Search Hiwatt in ebay - it comes from Indonesia but the company makes a lot of different amps. Well worth the $14 and the 2 week wait! I appreciate all the input from everyone, though. Definitely brought up lots of options that I hadn't thought of. I haven't seen anyone yet suggesting Two Rock...
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    Which amp is my collection missing?

    I have come very close to purchasing a Lonestar before. Been checking out some Fenders but can't really find one that does it for me (this could be primarily influenced by my desire for a head and not a combo - I love the twin have tinnitus that is not compatible with it's volume level in it's...
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    Goodsell Super 17 + ES 335 = ?

    Man, I could just solder my Gretsch directly to my Super 17, it's a match made in heaven. So, in my experience, Super 17's sound great with hollow-bodied guitars with hum buckers so fear not!
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    List all of your current amps...

    Heads: 1971 Hiwatt DR504 w/NOS Mullards 1979 Hiwatt DR504 w/original Tesla's (maybe not original but put in in the 80's sometime) Divided by 13 CJ11 (this one's a combo) At Mars Specialist "The Filmosound" with matching vintage filmosound cabinet Vox AC30 "limited edition" - handwired in...
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    Which amp is my collection missing?

    Yep, you all are hitting it on the head. I once owned a Fender Twin and as I was writing that I was like, duh, a Twin! I remember falling in love with a Vibrolux a while back as well. I guess I get a little intimidated with Fender since they've made so many models for so many years but, luckily...
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    Which amp is my collection missing?

    This thread more just for fun than anything - I currently own 5/6 amps with a variety of cabinets and get all sorts of great tones out of them, especially with a good selection of pedals (I'm a musician but also a studio owner). All the same, I'm always interested if there's one more amp that...
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    Suhr owners - Swamp Ash w/Maple Top?

    Gelb music just got in a slew of guitars with these woods (maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard). They look great but seem like an odd combination of woods and wanted to see if anyone owned a Suhr with Swamp Ash body and 3/16" Maple top. From my understanding (and experience) with these woods it...
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    Best NGD yet - Suhr Classic with roasted maple neck

    Just a quick update now that I've had it for a bit (and it's made it's first trip to Austin for a recording session). Freaking love this guitar - it is a tone machine and plays like buttah! I thought sounds would be limited by the two humbuckers (s series, btw) but they split so nice that...
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    Fretting about frets

    To each his own, but all my guitars are slowly migrating to SS frets (not only do I prefer them, but once you get used to them and how they bend I have to adapt too much when going back to nickel). Suhr also does such great fret work that I would want to leave it alone, personally. Playing the...
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    Best NGD yet - Suhr Classic with roasted maple neck

    I've been intrigued by the roasted maple for a long time and finally bit the bullet and got this Suhr from the fine folks at Rocket Music knowing that I could return it if it didn't float my boat (it was so close to the specs I would choose if I did custom order that it was worth checking out)...
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    Tell me about Nash Teles?

    Freakin' love mine!
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    Suhr Guitar Opinion

    In the past few years I've bought Tyler, G&L, Tom Anderson, Suhr, Gretsch, Melacon, Grosh, Fender and Nash guitars. After thinning the heard what remains are my Gretsch, Nash Tele, Fender MIJ Blue Floral and these 3 Suhr guitars. The Tyler didn't last long in the collection. The 2 Grosh's I...
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    Can't Fall in Love with the Stratocaster

    I'm sure someone mentioned it but you might dig a strat a lot more with a humbucker in the bridge position. Once I tried that setup, all my strats have migrated to a HSS configuration. The bridge pickups was always worthless to me - way too piercing and no meat on it. A good humbucker takes care...
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    Favorite Guitar Wood

    Nothing beats variety! I love my swamp ash maple neck Tele as much as I love my alder bodied RW fretboard strat. For more exotic woods, I have these two great Suhr guitars - top is basswood with maple cap and cocobolo neck (I absolutely love the feel of this neck) and bottom is Korina body...
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    Which of these suhr teles would you choose?

    #2 - no reason to get fancy with a Tele, just keep it classic I say!