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    Guitar Center Not Going Bankrupt............

    This is an old article about a debt exchange that prevented a GC bankruptcy back in June of 2020. The recent set of articles is about an entirely different missed $45M payment in October of 2020, unrelated this this. To summarize, this this article has nothing to do with GC's recent and...
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    Remember how ridiculous this video was for this otherwise awesome song?

    I argue that Addicted to Live is simultaneously ridiculous AND a perfect representation of pop music in 1985. Entertainment was just crazy in the mid to late 80s.
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    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I think you need to study up on how sound waves work. Sound needs a medium to travel through, such as air or water. A vacuum is by definition the absence a medium. Why do you think they can't hear you scream in space, as the old saying goes?
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    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    Ya, that's not what a magnetic guitar pickup does at all. Where exactly does a guitar pickup convert sound into an electrical signal? An electric guitar with a standard pickup will work in a complete vacuum, where there can be no sound, if you could find a workaround to the guitarist's blood...
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    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    How much do refrets cost where you are? Looks like a pre-finished Warmoth Strat neck runs about $300 these day, same as a stainless steel refret by my favorite local guy.
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    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    Because they're old as dirt and developed preferences before SS frets were a thing? I really love SS frets, but they feel quite a bit different. I like the difference, not everyone does.
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    Ahhh! My eyes!!!

    My first though was "What are you talking about, that's a fantastic guitar!". Then I saw the last photo. Does autoclaving a guitar void the warranty?
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    Show Your Superstrats!

    Just about my favorite guitar ever. It got me to fall in love with maple fretboards again, and the only guitar I've ever owned that I've never modifed (other than sticking on a set of strap loks).
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    The Fractal "Sound"

    The pre-mixed IRs that came with the Axe FX II (the Legacy cab bank in the III) are very dark. This is my theory for how Fractal got the reputation for having a dark sound.
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    This Should Have Ended Bowie's Career

    Speaking of strange Bowie adventures
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    So are ALL Ernie Ball necks small-ish?

    The EBMM necks tend to the small. I ended up letting go my REALLY nice Cutlass because I just couldn't get along with the small neck. Fantastic guitars if you can get along with the neck dimensions, but my huge gorilla hands prefer other necks.
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    IMHO: Fender is antiquated

    I’ve obviously missed some of the conversation here - how do we know the OP is also this other account?
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    IMHO: Fender is antiquated

    Yup, these super strat designs (that I love) are old enough to have a family, mortgage, and gray hair by now. Super Strats are older at this point than the original Strat was when Super Strats came about.
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    IMHO: Fender is antiquated

    Hold on, Strat violins? o_O
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    IMHO: Fender is antiquated

    You do realize that Charvel IS Fender, right?
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    Did Boss patent their footswitch design?

    If there were a patent on the Boss foot switch it would have lapsed about 20 years ago.
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    Rickenbacker just stopped doing biz with GC and MF

    Not sure how reprinting a receipt changes anything as a Ric’s warranty is 365 days from manufacture, not sale. The only purpose a receipt has is proving you’re the original owner. Unless you mean Ric is upset that GC wasn’t selling returns as used and therefore devoid of warranty. I’ve never...
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    Rickenbacker just stopped doing biz with GC and MF

    Ric’s warranty policy is also bizarre - one year from date of manufacture, not purchase. Buy one new from a shop and there’s a reasonably good chance the warranty has already lapsed. Can’t say I’d want to do business with any of these three companies.
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    JCM800 2203 mods purely for extra gain (no frequency/EQ mods).

    Absolutely. This is why one of the classic sounds is the low end eating Tube Screamer into a 2203. Adding gain with a totally flat booster is still going to result in the sound’s character changing simply because that’s how this amp works.
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    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    Both of these. For what its worth, rude sales people has been a thing at Carvin/Kiesel for decades. Some of their salespeople are great, others, they make it pretty obvious they'd rather not be on the phone with you. Never been disappointed by one of their actual instruments, though. They...
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    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    Indeed. The OP’s behavior here isn’t great but any half decent company rep wouldn’t have escalated the situation like that. Engage in escalating behavior with the customer - and things will invariably escalate. Effectively saying “cause we say so” to a query behind the intent of a policy is a...
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    First gig with FM3

    Before you shell out for the FC6 have you tried adding in the two external stand in switches? That would get you one less than the 6 switches I use with my Axe FX3/FC6 rig (minus the scribble strips, of course). These things can be had dirt cheap. I don't think I could easily bring things down...
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    Sold Your FM 3? Why?

    That's a very tidy setup. Which board is this all mounted on, and how are you routing around the power cord? Looks great!
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    After 3 years with Axe Fx 2 I think I figured out my problem with these flagship modelers...

    If you REALLY need the looks of a real amp head, there's always these. https://www.gatorcases.com/products/racks-portable/designer-rack-cases/retro-rack/50s-amp-style-rack-case-3u-tweed-gr-retrorack-3tw/
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    Any Helix Floor owner that jumped to Axe FX 3?

    Yup, that'll get the job done. The Axe FX 3's MIDI configuration options are flexible enough to get simple things working with most controllers. I did have to stick all my MIDI channel mappings in a big Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the settings though. :confused: