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  1. rosslevans

    Drive/fuzz to fatten-up a Jazzmaster bridge pickup?

    most big muff varieties play well with a jazzmaster. my fav fuzz right now is the mxr 108. also ive played a jazz with a keeley fuzz head and it sounded great.
  2. rosslevans

    Cell phone and pedalboard

    From what I have found..if a fuzz is in the chain...no telling what will happen...I usually just let it ride haha
  3. rosslevans

    Please recommend me a HH guitar, strat guy over here...

    I'm kinda in the same boat here and I'm leaning towards some type of PRS
  4. rosslevans

    Why No Production Strats with Big Necks

    I have moved away from the Fender production line. I was all Fender, nothing else for quite a few years...no I look to local builders. There are a lot out there that can get you exactly what you want for a great price.
  5. rosslevans

    I was drunk and bought a...

    Lets see here, drunk purchases: Marshall BB-1, THREE TS-10's, Way Huge Overrated Special, PE Vibe Unit, American Made Fender Blues Deluxe (for $350 shipped)... so... I've done alright while intoxicated.
  6. rosslevans

    It's 2016. Does the King of Tone still reign supreme?

    It is still the pedal I base my tone around
  7. rosslevans

    Best Cheap Boost Pedal

    Save the money and try to snag a Keeley Katana used. Well worth it in my opinion. Couldn't see myself using anything else.
  8. rosslevans

    Pedalboard Friendly Hendrix

    :agree This. Search over.
  9. rosslevans

    What Wah for Jimi Hendrix - Still Raining, Still Dreaming ??

    Picked up a RMC 4 (picture wah) last month, I won't be buying another wah. I wanted that Burning the Midnight Lamp sweep and it does it very well. You can't go wrong with an RMC4 or 10 really.
  10. rosslevans

    What's your favorite all-purpose drive pedal?

    Gotta go King of Tone on this one. It has that name for a reason
  11. rosslevans

    Build a pedalboard from every day in-store GC pedals

    TU-2, Fuzz Face, TS-808, Way Huge Aqua Puss
  12. rosslevans

    Boss BD-2w Waza Craft Blues Driver - Prince in a box? (Analogman? Keeley?)

    Suggested the stock BD-2 as a fake fuzz in multiple threads. It's a wonderful pedal that can wear quite a few hats, for little money, and is very underrated. Glad you are diggin it
  13. rosslevans

    Kenny Wayne Shepard Voodoo Child (Studio Version)

    Personally, I'm not hearing fuzz here. To me it's a 60s era strat into cranked fender twins, being pushed by a modded ts9 (not that I have that defined of an ear to tell it's modded, just know he used AM TS9 during that period I believe) I would approach it as such: Strat neck pickup, cranked...
  14. rosslevans

    What's happening to me?

    I wouldn't worry. At first I said, "Ok, I need a tuner and a Tubescreamer. Done!" Then, I learned about stacking overdrive pedals, and it was amazing. Then I figured I needed a delay. Oh! Analog and digital?? There is more than one version of the tubescreamer?! Enter the collection phase (which...
  15. rosslevans

    Fender Stratocaster Vintage Saddle replacements.

    My SRV signature Strat needs new saddles. Should I stick with the Fender genuine parts route, or is there a manufacturer out there that I need to take a look at. Thanks!
  16. rosslevans

    How do I convince my wife that effects pedals are good for the both of us?

    My girlfriend knows the price of every pedal that I own (current resale price). When I gave her the total, at first she was floored. Then I responded, "So if I die, you sell these, you are around $12K richer." ..... She approves of me buying pedals.
  17. rosslevans

    What effects are overdone to you?

    I love overdrive pedals. I collect overdrive pedals..... There are too many overdrive pedals.
  18. rosslevans

    Fender Genuine Parts: 8 Hole Tortoise Shell Strat Pick Guard

    ...Jesus. I was on the Fender website for 30 mins and somehow missed this. Need to up my search game and subtract bourbon!
  19. rosslevans

    Fender Genuine Parts: 8 Hole Tortoise Shell Strat Pick Guard

    Man, I have searched far and wide it feels like. Looking to replace a warped pick guard for my SRV strat and an looking for this color. Have found a few after market brands but I'm really looking for the Fender Genuine part. Can anyone help me out?
  20. rosslevans

    How are people powering their smaller boards?

    T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr, although I have a PT2, but try to keep it around 5 pedals and always use a battery with my wah
  21. rosslevans

    I bought a Fender Bassbreaker 15 yesterday

    are these a spin on Marshall Bluesbreakers? Or just a Fender amp with a good drive channel?
  22. rosslevans

    NAD-Craigslist SCORE!!!

  23. rosslevans

    For fun: List the top 5 overdrives that you've owned...

    1. King of Tone 2. Timmy 3. Marshall Bluesbreaker I 4. Analogman TV mod TS9 5. Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (white knob, pre mosfet, three way switch)
  24. rosslevans

    Which Univibe?

    I actually just picked up a Prescription Electronics Vibe-Unit and it is amazing. Custom paint jobs go for high prices but you can find the white/grey/blue ones for good prices. It's a large pedal tho, so I'm not sure if you are concerned with taking up a big footprint on your board. One fellow...
  25. rosslevans

    Pedal Board Cables

    I use George L's. Can cut to length needed, super easy, great tone.