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  1. Mark Robinson


    I’ve had a set in a Beck Stratocaster for many years, the first AVN set, I did buy the SCN bridge pickup. Not ever dissatisfied with them, they sound great clean and nasty up loud. The noise is gone.
  2. Mark Robinson

    Josh Smith - How to Start Playing Through Changes

    This video is a gold mine of excellence!
  3. Mark Robinson

    How picky are you about neck profiles?

    I’m not picky about the shape, I’m not fast. Do like frets, medium jumbo at least.
  4. Mark Robinson

    Wiring Woes

    Looks like a clumsy job of reversing the plate, putting the switch away from the neck. You have treble bleed cap, that would account for the thinning when you turn volume down. Can you solder? This needs cleanup on aisle T. It looks like pickup and sheilding or extra string ground are poorly...
  5. Mark Robinson

    Power and interference issues

    EMG pickups could help.
  6. Mark Robinson

    Power and interference issues

    The units I have are signature AVS 2000, and HTPS7000 mkII, the second one outputs 110 Volts.
  7. Mark Robinson

    Power and interference issues

    I have two, they theoretically filter and regulate.
  8. Mark Robinson

    Power and interference issues

    Bryan, I’m in Redondo, and will loan you a power conditioner, an older Monster unit, it helps here. Do you have a cell phone tower near you? I would look in the breaker box, see if there is aground buss. That is horrific.
  9. Mark Robinson

    Shouting into a pickup

    The wood certainly makes differences, I just don’t think it correlates to the unplugged acoustic sound, anywhere near linear or as much as folks claim..
  10. Mark Robinson

    Shouting into a pickup

    If you’re shouting into a pickup and hearing it, some metal part of it or near it, is being excited by your voice. FWIW I put very little regard for the unplugged tone. “Strings are dead” or “Strings are good” is easy to hear, as is “Guitar in Tune” is easily heard, the rest is mojo mambo to me.
  11. Mark Robinson

    Is an old guitar always a good guitar?

    Uh uh, as pointed out in the previous...but there’s also sadness on account of mileage, wear. Some great old guitars get worn out, busted, twisted, rusted, rotted. And there’s always been a strong undercurrent of sub par just cheap crap gear, still lousy unfortunately. People will passionately...
  12. Mark Robinson

    How many times have you jumped the gun and dismissed gear to later find out you were wrong?

    The only things that ire me sufficiently to slag, are things I’ve bought that performed somewhere between “broken” and just odd, and it isn’t much. I totally over consider every decision that involves getting out the wallet, aka cheap, but been at it long enough to end up with a ridiculous...
  13. Mark Robinson

    Playing sitting ... Wearing a strap. How?

    I mostly stand, but if I’m charting, learning songs I’ll sit, also when I play songs with my neighbor, who always sits. I will the use a light fabric adjustable strap, and tighten it, so I don’t need to worry if I take my mitts off the guitar.
  14. Mark Robinson

    Should I make changes to this Strat wiring setup?

    Middle tone pot is odd, the leftmost lug is usually open, and the cap attached there, is normally grounded to the pot case. The way it is now? It’ll shut the guitar off like a volume knob.
  15. Mark Robinson

    Just got my guitar back from a setup...

    Need more information, like: how’s the neck pickup alignment?
  16. Mark Robinson

    How to make a lot of sound from one guitarist?

    2 x 12” or 4 x 12” , with either Modded Marshall or Guytron head. I have folks over to my place to play, and use a 4x 12” angled away from the mikes.
  17. Mark Robinson

    How to make a lot of sound from one guitarist?

    Speakers, lots of them. Marshall amps at medium gain, with pedals. For a huge rock sound, the more you have the better, and you don't have to push them as hard, and it consequentially won't be as harsh. For outdoor gigs, I use a 4 x 12" and a 2 x 12" and they don't need to be up super loud...
  18. Mark Robinson

    2x12 cab for Marshall

    I would find one with a removable back, not a front loader. I happen to have two Guytron cabs, since I have a Guytron head. I use them with the Marshall head all the time, or an AC 30 head. I didn't like open back, too diffuse, and super loud, irritated our drummer too. Didn't like closed...
  19. Mark Robinson

    Pete Thorn, Tim Pierce, Rick Beato, et. al.: Very cool video improv challenge

    Sure they are, but my opinion is they look clueless critiquing the formatting and presentation, showing that they missed the friggen point entirely, which is creative process.
  20. Mark Robinson

    Pete Thorn, Tim Pierce, Rick Beato, et. al.: Very cool video improv challenge

    I enjoyed that, especially the players articulation of their process approach to the playing. I enjoyed the host too, just a guy digging music, putting himself out there, bringing other folks into it. I can't believe the cynics here who have to peck away at this. Effin shut it dudes.
  21. Mark Robinson

    Has anyone gone back to CDs?

    Still play them singly and in changers. Bought them all the time when you could go to your choice of neighborhood sources. Miss that! Apple Music is pretty convenient and has a lot.. I hear folks on the “stuff”. We have a lifetime+ of content as is. The rate of tech change in life is...
  22. Mark Robinson

    I bit the bullet and bought a Strymon Big Sky

    Jeff, hows the Roland sounding compared to the Bigsky? I have my brothers Bigsky on loan and the reverbs are great, I’m not really a shimmer guy, but wish it had some delay utility beyond the Magneto thing. The Roland appeals cause it has delays. How’s it working for you?
  23. Mark Robinson

    Pedal to replicate direct to consolr sound of the trident 'A' Range

    I worked at Cherokee where they had three A ranges. Plugging straight in, wasn’t a “thing” that I recall. Why would you, when there was a locker full of U-87s, U-47s, every Sennheiser, pretty much anything you could name, Fairchild limiter etc. and really good sounding rooms, plates, and amps...
  24. Mark Robinson

    Guitar buzzes when I touch tone control.

    Even Telecasters with the tone pot grounded via the plate, and Strats that rely on foil to conduct ground can become compromised via corroded contact or the foil ripping due to a loose pot. A small redundant wire is a good idea.
  25. Mark Robinson

    What do you do when Strat saddles are all the way down and you want to go lower?

    Wilkinson can be set parallel, particularly the Convertible VS100 model. I prefer some lift at the back, seems to rebound with more accuracy than a leveled two post of any type YMMV.