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  1. Average Joe

    What are you listening to right now?

    It's my turn to suggest tunes for the bi-weekly weekend jam/band so I've been woodshedding and listening intently to:
  2. Average Joe

    Its official, I'm famous!

    Within my corner of the public sector I think it's rare for journalists to get it completely wrong. Not completely right either though. The pattern I *think* I see is that the get some to most of the broad strokes right. But all the details that might alter the tenet of a story to either a small...
  3. Average Joe

    Its official, I'm famous!

    Don't forget us little people About the story - whenever there's a news story on something I have insight into, work related usually, I notice how often journalists get details wrong
  4. Average Joe

    24.75” scale guitar

    on the Pro they are humbuckers. There's not a full center block - this is supposedly the standard routing
  5. Average Joe

    Your #1

    I don't really have a number one - I go through periods of either one of them being my preferred guitar. But since this is the one I bring to play with others, and my main gigger in the time leading up to Covid killed off those, this might be it. MIJ tokai:
  6. Average Joe

    24.75” scale guitar

    The Hamer Newport Pro I used to have checked most of those boxes. Light, compact, 24.75. Only available used though
  7. Average Joe

    "I only like Peter Gabriel-era Genesis"

    Collins era Genesis was quite brilliant pop, but I can see why they wouldn't appeal to the major prog heads. Claiming that one is a truer representation of Genesis than the other is just plain silly though. It's the same as the Pink Floyd fans who cling on to the idea that Barrett would have...
  8. Average Joe

    Is the cheapest Gibson ES-335 really $2600?

    A good Gibson is a killer guitar. They're not great value for money but they're great guitars. So if you want the gibson, that's the price. Here in Euroland where MIA and MIJ are equally imports, MIJ Tokais will do the same at the same quality for less money, but that may be different in the US
  9. Average Joe

    Remember how ridiculous this video was for this otherwise awesome song?

    Yeah, that it was even worth spoofing is telling of the impact it had.
  10. Average Joe

    Remember how ridiculous this video was for this otherwise awesome song?

    The title would fit half the 80s music videos. Addicted aint one of them though - it’s a perfect representation of a particular aesthetic of the time
  11. Average Joe

    Paul Reed Smith ....give me a break

    It’s clearly aimed at a particular niche in the market, and if he can sell em, more power to him. but yeah, PRS’s marketing can spread it a bit thick, and that there is no exception
  12. Average Joe

    Keith Jarrett unlikely to perform again

    Will he still be available to show up and cuss out the audience? brilliant musician, the trios are highwatermarks of interplay and virtuosos listening to each other
  13. Average Joe

    Lyrics that didn't age well.

    As much as I loved to play it, guys my age have no business singing Walk This Way. I think you have to allow writers poetic license. We listen to Tom Waits or Nick Cave etc impersonate murderes, madmen, whatnot in their lyrics, without thinking those are personal experiences or urges. We have...
  14. Average Joe

    Four hour gig last night

    The way infection numbers are looking regionally there's no way I'm taking indoor gigs any time soon. People don't behave rationally once the beer starts flowing. Sort of miss gigging, but honestly, I don't see it happening until the winter's over
  15. Average Joe

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    Used to have a Soldano Atomic 16. Didn't have enough headroom for my purposes, but it sure did rock. Might be worth looking into
  16. Average Joe

    Gary Moore sings The Cowboy Song

    That whole show was one of the highlights of Moore's last years. He seemed truly inspired. I miss him And the Moore/Gorham pairing is one of the classics of rock n roll. I know people go on about the Robertson/Gorham lineup, but imho Moore fit better
  17. Average Joe

    Crazed, skinny-assed, diaper wearing chick has a rather catchy tune

    Gave a few of their tunes a listen - cool enough music, nothing groundbreaking but nice energy and they play it like they mean it.
  18. Average Joe

    P-90s do you like em?

    Like the sound of them but every time I’m playing a guitar with them I’m also reminded why humbuckers were invented. i might have to get a LP Special and put some noiseless in there though
  19. Average Joe

    Pedal-GAS: you were deep in, and you got out

    Play more music. I'm in four different projects right now, which is objectively too many for a day-jobber. One gear related fall out from this is that I spend all my music time learning actual music rather than putzing w gear, another is that since setup/teardown times are faily short, i tend to...
  20. Average Joe

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    For edge of breakup to mild od I bring a Klone with me at all times. It's the one pedal I bring whenever I expect a backline amp, as it's something of a general tone enhancer as well. Also, I don't like squeaky cleans, and the Klone will take care of that. For a slightly more agressive OD, I...
  21. Average Joe

    What’s your “why isn’t this pedal more popular?!!!” pedal?

    I've had the large version of Carl Martin's Plexitone on my board for at least ten years. I don't know why you don't see more of them around. Brilliant pedal imo for anything from overdrive to full classic rock, and a very transparent boost to boot
  22. Average Joe

    The Wall... DGs squeaky Quack

    Yeah, I just gave it a listen in headphones, and it sounds more like a strat than it did on the computer. Especially the parts under the vocals. The out section after 2:00 or so is a sound I'd find hard to place, but in the vocal section it's more clearly a strat.
  23. Average Joe

    The Wall... DGs squeaky Quack

    I could be totally wrong, probably am, but if we're talking about the lead bit rather than the dotted eight note, then I hear that as some kinde of out of phase sound - not a regular strat, though perhaps it could get there with enough EQ, but more in the vein of a varitone or out of phase...
  24. Average Joe

    You must always grow as a guitar player?

    In the past year or two I've been growing as a player learning new material, new genres, theory, etc, and I'm having the time of my life. In the previous 5-6 years I suppose I had reached a plateau as a player, but I enjoyed the ride of learning and gigging material on roughly the same level...