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    What to do with my Fender PA100 top?

    Hmm, my head also has black grill and I thought it was replaced... maybe it's legit ???
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    Help identifying these EL34s??

    But still probably capable of more power/clarity than any current production EL34/6CA7.
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    What Should I Get Done - '73 Traynor YGL-3 Mark 3

    Traynors of that era came stock with Philips UK tubes (Mullard), they may be better than any new tubes you could buy. Check the bias and change the electrolytics first and see if you like it. BTW, the build quality of those amps is typically better just about anything in that era aside from...
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    What to do with my Fender PA100 top?

    Holy time warp Batman! When you get an antique like that complete with the columns, savor it and just play it as is. If it were a lone beater head, like the one I own, I'd say turn into anything you want... Bumble, Mashall, 'reck, twead, booteek... whaterver... but because you have the...
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    What's a common value for input coupling caps on Marshalls?

    2205/2210s have a .047 or .05 input cap. "Regular" Marshalls (1959, 1987, JTM45, 2203, 2204, etc...) have no input cap.
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    UL ratings of components

    Oh, and guess why US destined Marshalls got standup mains xfrms beginning in '68?
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    UL ratings of components

    At one time it was a $10k formality to be legal to sell in Los Angeles County.
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    Does using shielded grid wires really help much?

    Do shielded leads help noise? Yes. Do they noticably impact the top end? I'd think most ears would say yes. I'd recommend using them only after standard wire was used and the noise was an issue, and then as few as possible, hopefully only on the first gain stage. Good lead dress should really...
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    6v6 to 6L6 in a Gibson GA-16t?

    It depends on your tolerance for smoked major parts. It might be fine, but then again, the power transformer may not be able to handle the additional filament current. It's a crap shoot. To be safe, add a 6.3v auxiliary filament transformer (cheap) and rest easily. 6L6s will run ice cold...
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    65' bassman mods

    Make it a "real" guitar amp... turn it into a 5F6A w/ solid state rectifier. You have just inputs and knobs.
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    Just acquired an amp with NOS tubes- need some advice

    The only issue I see is that if you purchased the amp on the basis of Telefunken EL34s there is is a huge price difference. Telefunken EL34s typically go for several times the price of RFTs (aka Siemens/Dynaco/National, etc...).
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    Question about blackfacing a SF Deluxe

    There were also periods that received the .002uF caps (tan/orange ceramic discs) on the output grids and reverb return. I'd leave the one on the reverb, but the ones on the output tubes can be snipped and the top end will open up nicely.
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    Help me pick a new battery of tubes for my amp....

    Unless you are running the amp really loud the impact of the power tube selection is negligable as the power amp won't be pushed into clipping and aside from eq considerations clean is clean (providing it's biased right). By a large margin the most impact is going be provided by V1, the input...
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    Marshall Bluesbreaker Reissue Tremolo Question

    No ribbon cable in these. There is a substantial gain loss from the trem circuit. To recover the gain the trem lead needs to detached from the insertion point at the channel 2 mixer resistor (same holds true for other Marshall trem amps).
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    Fender tube amp with Ampeg reverb pan : which tube numbers to use ?

    Many, including myself find the 6 (3?) springs too wet sounding.
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    Recapping a Marshall Club & Country

    500pF; A .005uF would render the volume control an on/off switch.
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    amp shopping in Chicagoland ???

    Thumbs up for for both Makin' Music & Midwest Buy & Sell. Makin' Music is where the profesionals (docs, lawyers, profs , etc) and rockstars go, Midwest Buy & Sell is where the musicians go, Wayne's been at it a long time and is just a fun guy to be around. Then you have Chicago Music Exchange...
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    Fender tube amp with Ampeg reverb pan : which tube numbers to use ?

    I suggest you lose the Ampeg tank before you smoke the reverb transformer. The Ampeg is capacitor coupled, the Fender is transformer coupled. The input impedence on the Ampeg tank is probably about 200x that of the Fender. For the driver use a 12AT7 or 12AU7, but not a 12AX7/7025?/ECC83 as they...
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    Marshall JTM60 broken or just tubes?

    The HT fuse would be the first thing on my list.
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    What quality are Dumont tubes?

    FWIW, my grandparents had a Dumont TV. I recalll having some Dumont 6V6s that were Sylvanias. Unlikely they were imported unless they had a reason to stock an EL34.
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    Is it ok to use a very old preamp tube?

    I'd rather have a dozen old preamp tubes of unknown usage and origin than a hundred new current production preamp tubes.
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    Yet another ID this 12AX7 thread

    They actually say "SPAIN". Mazda was my first thought as I have a pair of NIB EL84s with the same color and similarly very angular plates. I just don't recall coming across these.
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    Yet another ID this 12AX7 thread

    This tube was almost certainly stock in an early '62 Pro (an untouched museum piece I'm going through for Elderly). These amps typically have a full complement of Bugle Boys, but this one had 2 of these in the 2 12AX7 holes and had 4 Bugle Boys in the 7025 holes (and they were labled 7025). You...
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    NOS 6V6 ID Help Needed

    The 50L6 has a 50v filament and may indeed have some application in some cheapo power-transformerless guitar amps.
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    A Note from Danelectro

    Man, I sure feel out of the loop! I talked to a customer pal today who enlightened me about this situation. I only went back a few pages, but I think I have the gest of what is going on. I used to hit TGP's pedal forum daily, but that all ended about 3 years ago when my quest for perfection...