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    Anyone successfully get a floating, more or less *STOCK* CIJ/MIJ Mustang trem to work?

    Bite the $200 bullet and get a Mastery bridge.
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    Sold Fender '52 American Vintage Hot Rod Telecaster - all original w/hang tags and OHSC

    Can you indicate what are your preferred trades? TY
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    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    Oh, and one more: "Jesus rides beside me, he never buys any smokes." (the Replacements)
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    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    "Is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse?..that send me down to the river"
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    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    All i can do is cry is a great pick.
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    Bedroom/apartment amp around $200

    This is going to sound like heresy but if your needs are for a full, clean sound at minimal volume check out Fender bullet reverb or whatever its equivalent is today. 15w, closed back, great clean, takes pedals reasonably well. $99 new. The neighbors will not be upset. BTW my gigging amps are...
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    Does Nils Lofgren Get The Respect He Deserves?

    In Baltimore and DC he does. He was our local guy who (almost) made good nationally with Grin in the early 70's. They were a damn fine band and Nils was a damn fine guitarist. Still is--wish Bruce would let him take more extended solos.
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    Best deal you got on a piece of gear in was... (No Free Gear/Gifts)

    A mint Boss DM-2 from GC, they weren't aware of it's market price/scarcity--$29.
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    Anders Osborne gear question

    Anyone know what leslie-type effect Anders is using on his guitar on many of the songs on his latest record, Peace?
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    Fender Rosewood neck Masterbuilt Nocaster

    Well that's stunningly beautiful. I have rosewood necks on a few of my EBMMs and i love them. I wonder what tonality difference the neck makes on this tele?
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    Anybody Play Stock Guitars and Amps?

    Albert Lee HH, Carr Rambler.
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    Songs that sound similar.

    "It don't come easy" by Ringo Starr and "Let it rain" by Clapton. They're the same chords; it's the same song.
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    Who is breaking new guitar-tone ground these days?

    Splatt--give it up: it's the new Taylor Swift record, right? Cool stuff. Also jpervin--thanks for the Campilongo/Ribot video. They used to call that "outside" playing..
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    Is there a Fender amp that is as cool as the champ, but the next step up?

    A grown up champ? Why that's the Rivera-era Fender Superchamp
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    Pete Thorn performs "Homage" on the Axe FX 2

    Well you sold another record today, Pete. Thanks for posting--worth it to both of us.
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    Pelham Blue LPJRs at Wildwood

    My first "good" guitar as a kid was a '70 melody maker (sg version) in pelham blue. I've been a sucker for the color ever since.
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    Your Favorite 30 Seconds From Your Favorite Bands

    Tie: Hendrix's wah outro on Rainy Day and the first bars of Clapton's solo on Steve Stills' Go Back home
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    Susan T and Derek T-off the shelf guitar players

    Just finished reading the Guitar Player interview with Derek Truck and Susan Tedeschi. I love the fact they play production guitars--a '61 SG RI and an american Std Tele. Makes you think that many of us, self included, are a little obsessed, ya know?
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    Guitar Mag Woes: Is There One Out There That Actually Has Good, Consistent Quality?

    I currently subscribe to: Fretboard Journal, Guitarist (UK), ToneQuest, GP, Vintage Guitar and Premier Guitar. • Fretboard Journal is a cover-to-cover read, great 'out-of-the-box' edit; • Guitarist is a fun read, too; a bit provincial (the UK seems like it's the size of Rhode...
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    Let's Name Paul C's New OD

    I've been using my Timmy improperly all this time? It's not Fender friendly? What was i thinking?...
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    a dada reminder

    Gentlemen--thank you.
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    a dada reminder

    Agree with all re: dada. I own all of their group recordings (I think) and we can all agree that in a fairer world, they'd have enjoyed a higher level of success. Must confess-- I have not heard King's X. Recommend a starting disc for the uninitiated? Thx- Gary