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  1. shallbe

    Kirn and Whitfill players - convince me on which one to buy!

    My Kirn T. Vintage style Glendale raw hardware, fat flamed neck, one piece ash body, superlight guitar, 6100 frets, very thin nitro finish, Barden Modern T pickups.
  2. shallbe

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    More than a year ago, I bought this really special Esquire build off Reverb, secondhand, for cheap. The owner knew little about it, but it looked great. Turns out it has the best parts and the most "vintage" look and feel I have ever experienced with a new guitar. Fat MusiKraft neck, thin...
  3. shallbe

    How picky are you about neck profiles?

    I'm pretty picky. I have big hands and long fingers. I don't like skinny necks. So a fat C, U, D or V is all good. .86 at the first fret is as small as I'm comfortable with, but I prefer .90 or larger. I also don't like flat radius neck either. 12" is the most, and I prefer around 7.5 to 9.5.
  4. shallbe

    My guitars were stolen

    Scumbags. I despise thieves. I truly hope there is a quick resolution here.
  5. shallbe

    Kirn and Whitfill players - convince me on which one to buy!

    I have not played a Whitfill but I love my Kirn. Fat flamed neck, one piece light ash body, great finish and fretwork. I have owned it about 4 years and have to plans to sell.
  6. shallbe

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    Well. There is the problem. Everyone knows if you put your right hand on the fretboard and tap a string you can’t be trusted. Just joking if that wasn’t clear.
  7. shallbe

    Suhr Aura

    That is gorgeous old school flame maple with a wonderful burst. What a great looking guitar!
  8. shallbe

    Sold PRS Private Stock #1530 "The Brazilian"

    So much goodness in one guitar!
  9. shallbe

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I don't like stainless steel strings, for feel or tone. But I think that is completely different in every way than SS frets. I understand it was to illustrate a sonic comparison, but I hear no negatives with SS frets. At all, at least not yet on my guitars. Sound, feel, sustain, string...
  10. shallbe

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I find it strange that we talk about SS frets in absolutes. Like all guitars with SS frets are going to exhibit the same tonal characteristics. Instruments don't work that way, even if you wanted them to. Two Strats made with the same materials will sound different. I have 6 guitars with...
  11. shallbe

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I’m going to jump back in here, with respect to all sides, I hope. First, if I had a vintage Gibson at 59 years old, I would not refret with SS frets. My days are more limited than than maybe even nickel frets, and resale could be hurt. Secondly, though, your guitar is yours. I have a good...
  12. shallbe

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I had a longtime gigging guitar refretted with SS frets. No sound difference. Zero negatives. 100% all positive change and benefits in terms of feel, string life, wear, corrosion. Good for you OP. I wish I had someone near that could do good SS frets now.
  13. shallbe

    PRS "Experiece 2018" (strange) bad repair experience

    I do not mask. Keep in mind there is no binding and I'm just sanding the clear. It takes a good while, and the paper loads up pretty easy so you will need a decent amount. I start with 1500 and sand until the bubbles are gone. Then 2000 grit and polish with rubbing compound. You can't tell...
  14. shallbe

    Would you buy a vintage tele partscaster?

    I think that Tele looks great visually. The neck looks like it has some depth at the nut as well, and a maple cap neck with a smooth feel on the back would make for a nice playing experience if the frets aren't shot. If that guitar played and sounded great, I would gladly pay $1500 for it.
  15. shallbe

    Guitar Knobs -- Where to buy?

    Asher uses Glendale knobs and bridges from time to time.
  16. shallbe

    Jeff Beck strat

    Nick, Great looking guitar! I used to have one of the older fat neck purple ones like above and wish I never sold it. I have not played the newer version. Bring it by the house and you can play a few of my newer guitars (two builds) as well.
  17. shallbe

    PRS "Experiece 2018" (strange) bad repair experience

    PRS has changed finishes for the core models MANY times. The V12 finish, which they no longer use, was supposed to be some Poly/nitro hybrid, and was named because it was the 12th time they had changed finishes. I don't know what number they are on now. My nephew works in that industry, and...
  18. shallbe

    Amy Winehouse I miss you.

    Yeah, she was so good. The phrasing, tone, delivery, pitch---she had it all. Great writer that played nice jazz guitar as well. I play Valerie with a talented young lady singer/songwriter these days, and it just reinforces how good Amy was.
  19. shallbe

    FS Echopark Downtowner Custom Koa 2014 Tobacco Burst Big Price drop Open to Offers

    It really did turn out to be a nice looking guitar after all the work your luthier did.
  20. shallbe

    NGB: McInturff Spellcaster

    Love that design and burst. If Terry is involved, it will be special. Such a cool combination of wood, components and features.
  21. shallbe

    Tips for slippery knobs

    Sure. Pull the knob off the pot and put a black felt washer underneath. Put the knob back on.
  22. shallbe

    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    Certainly now. And absolutely in the past. It pretty much saved my life as a teenager and young adult. I had some talent, a lot of drive and interest in music, and the guitar not only provided an outlet for me, it became part of my identity. I put myself thru college playing in a successful...
  23. shallbe

    Fender CS dream guitar: Should I settle for less than perfect?

    It is because of how those guitars of that era aged. There was a type of finish used on the headstock that would “orange” over time. The board and back of the neck were straight poly and remained clear. I have a buddy’s Tele from that era that has a totally orange headstock while the rest of...
  24. shallbe

    For lovers of live Sting and the Blue Turtles, gotta have some Omar and Branford!

    I was fortunate to see that tour. Amazing musicians and great songs. REALLY loved what Omar brought that band.
  25. shallbe

    So I’m Ordering a DGT...

    I'm gonna side with Wood Library or Artist, because you can get some choice woods for the neck. To me, the neck feel is almost everything regarding if I bond with a guitar. The top means little to me. I love the DGT neck carve and big frets. Multiply that feel X 3 with a rosewood neck and an...