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    Zexcoil TriBucker

    I'd love to try it. Looks very cool! FYI: DiMarzio had a somewhat similar idea of a dual voiced pickup with the 4 coil "MultiBucker" decades ago. Yes, I get there are huge design differences, and I'm very intrigued by that. I have 2 custom made (8 conductor) variants of the MultiBucker (that...
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    CMATmods Deluxe Comp vs CMATmods Deluxe Siga Comp

    I spent time with both models. They are very similar really.... Both excellent I kept the Signa Deluxe. The design of the tone knob is very musical... not the typical subtractive circuit The attack knob is among the best I have tried (and that is a lot over the years)... super punch. Yes...
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    Ethos vs Zen vs King Of Tone Clippage

    Hey thx man... was fun Jeeeez 2007 FYI: Ethos: This track was recorded before the TLE mod existed. The designer of the Ethos (Robbie) followed this post. We then started a dialog regarding the compression level. I felt that the low notes were too squished. He then modded my Ethos with the TLE...
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    For the Sco/RF-crowd-funky blues

    Always killer playing!
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    Minor blues with Ron Ellis HB Pickups

    Very tasty playing as usual Les :-) I do prefer the tone of the less OD, Still has plenty. What amp is that by the way... very sweet OD
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    Freddie the Freeloader

    Jus' like Silk....
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    Dom 7th workout

    speakin' of bad ass! Always killin' it C.D.
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    My friend James Hogan, KILLIN' IT! (check out the list of LA first calls)

    Definitely bad ass players all around I miss Barry Greene too Were some great faculty at NGW
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    My friend James Hogan, KILLIN' IT! (check out the list of LA first calls)

    My friends (and fellow former NGW faculty) James Hogan and Christian Fabian are total MOFOs (James is also a gearpager) Not a bad lineup with Scott Henderson,Frank Gambale, Mitch Forman, Mike Miller, Alex Acuna, Steve Hunt many more... This cut is all James Hogan on guitar hknYMJjUfng
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    K... Been a While... Cool tune using new Pearl Drive prototype

    Thx man... went for a darker tone than my usual
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    Bb Blues

    Jeeez 24 views and no comment?? Well.... I dug it Nice lines man Happy holidays HJ
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    IN2 The Spirit Jazz-Fusion Xmas CD now streaming!Happy Holidays!

    John has put together the most incredibly well done project... no surprise to anyone who has heard J.F's work in the past. A true "musician's musician" !! Beyond an honor to come along 'fer this ride All the best to you John Thx Al for your support HJ
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    Radio ToneZappa....

    Always a pleasure to hear you Bub :-)
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    Quick fusion blues on custom shop strat

    always killin' it!
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    IN2 The Spirit CD drum session

    Said it B4... Sayin' it again.... John has so many layers.... All absolute perfection. You 'Da Man!
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    C minor fusion

    Jostein! you absolutely RULE!!!
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    Findlay Xmas CD compilation

    Superb!!! You Da Man!!!
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    SummertIme with a screamin' Tele

    Hey thx Vlad :-)
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    Vid of drummer tracking on my new Xmas CD

    J.F. is a friggin' force of nature! Case closed :-)