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  1. fuzzyguitars

    Soldano SLO vs. Wizard Modern Classic?

    two very different amps i love my wizard prefer to use a boost to push it for solos. slo will sing without a boost
  2. fuzzyguitars

    Has anyone compared Tone King Ironman II with Boss Waza TAE as attenuators?

    well i have iron king and it is awesome. even better than my rock crusher which was pretty darn good.
  3. fuzzyguitars

    For the Nobels ODR-1 fans, Nordland ODR-C!

    still waiting on mine DHL bought 2/12/20 shipped 2/14/20 still waiting!
  4. fuzzyguitars

    ODR-C Custom Overdrive

    i want one!
  5. fuzzyguitars

    Sold Roccaforte Custom 80 Marshall Killer

    does this have an effects loop?
  6. fuzzyguitars

    Tone King Iron Man ii 100w

  7. fuzzyguitars

    1968 Marshall 100 Watt Plexi Super Bass - Los Angeles Amp Tech Needed

    craig at mojave ampworks in apple valley ca
  8. fuzzyguitars

    Komet Amp Rundown

    i have a concorde , well earlier kf50 and aero 33 and owned a k60 for about a year. my experience was that the k60 ghost notes were too much for me as well. my experience was the exact opposite for the concorde compared to the previous poster. it is small box 50 marshall heaven. way more...
  9. fuzzyguitars

    Marshall SC20H JCM800 Gut Shots

    Nothing sucks up XSDBs then a lot of dancing people
  10. fuzzyguitars

    The Last Soldano SLO-Omega

    what speakers going in it??
  11. fuzzyguitars

    Komet 29 & Komet Aero 33

    clip of my concord. gtr straight in, pearly gates in the bridge of edwards LP custom. sounds like a great modded marshall to me! sorry for the sloppy playing
  12. fuzzyguitars

    Naylor superdrive 60. Is it redundant?

    i like my naylor duel 100 and sd100 best with v30 although i have two original MI era 4x12 cabs, and the one loaded with the OEM naylor speakers sound great too, enhances the smoothness of the naylor sound.
  13. fuzzyguitars

    chase preamp vs dry bell unit 67

    I use the bloom first in line.i use it to dial in a straight short cable straight into another head kind of sound.i ab,d it through my pedal board to reproduce that sound through all my pedals much closer than just using a buffer.