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  1. supergenius365

    If this song don't Rock you, I don't know what will.

    Careful. A video similar to this ruined Billy Squier.
  2. supergenius365

    Really hate playing by myself

    Maybe follow this guy's example.
  3. supergenius365

    Singers need to care about their own gear

    This. A studio should have the tools to record vocals.
  4. supergenius365

    How do mom and pop guitar shops stay in business?

    The local shop here sells only used gear and are selective what they take in. The prices are fair and they treat regular customers like family. I believe they had their best year yet despite Covid. Lots of online sales when the physical store was required to be closed.
  5. supergenius365

    NAD - Original 1965 Fender Princeton NR

    Nice score. I have an original drip edge NR on loan from a friend. I love how it stays clean up to 10.
  6. supergenius365

    Show me your Warmoth Strats! (and other Warmoth creations)

    Custom painted Warmoth body. Warmoth roasted maple neck.
  7. supergenius365

    Patience Applied For - blues improv

    I dig it. Love the title.
  8. supergenius365

    Greetings from Chicago!

    Hi. Folks are from the South Side. I was a suburban kid, but spent a lot of time in the City growing up. Welcome!
  9. supergenius365

    What actual pedalboard are you using?

    I have a Pedal Train, but am strongly considering trying an Earth Board.
  10. supergenius365

    Springsteen's 'Letter To You'

    Was just thinking this morning that Lucky Town was probably the last album of his I truly enjoyed. I actually stopped buying his work after Magic. Saying it’s his best since Lucky Town has peaked my interest.
  11. supergenius365

    Lyrics that didn't age well.

    Probably not well known here, but there was a folk group called The Chad Mitchell Trio (John Denver was a member of their last incarnation). They have a bunch of great songs that transcend the years. Then they have political songs of their day (John Birch Society, 12 Days of (Nazi) Christmas...
  12. supergenius365

    Are you a very good singer? If not, do you still sing at gigs?

    I’m a singer and songwriter so I have always been the singer in original music bands. I’ve received compliments on my singing and voice for whatever that is worth. I would never make it on The Voice or anything like that. I love singing live and in front of a band especially when the band is...
  13. supergenius365

    McCartney III

    Haven’t most of his recent albums been just him playing almost everything?
  14. supergenius365

    P-90s do you like em?

    I love them for just about any music. I don’t play metal, but I love them clean or dirty.
  15. supergenius365

    Looks Good Fender. Want it?

    Another “no”
  16. supergenius365

    Best small amp for cleans (that takes pedals well) for $800 or less?

    Non reverb Princeton stays clean up to 10. I think you can still find one for $800.
  17. supergenius365

    Christopher Cross on surviving COVID

    To me, the scarier part is that viruses can stay in your body and reappear later. Chicken pox virus can become shingles many years later. Herpes give cold sores for the rest of a person's life. We don't know what/if this virus will manifest itself as later in life. We just don't have the...
  18. supergenius365

    another U2 reish

    I really dislike the various dance remixes U2 seem to enjoy including in every bonus material situation, and I am a fan who has collected a fair amount of special releases from the band. I enjoy this album. I saw this tour. However, as soon as I see the word "remix" these days I just think "Nope".
  19. supergenius365

    Has anyone gone back to CDs?

    Cds and vinyl for me. I have put a lot of cds into iTunes to take with me in the car and play via Blutooth, but I always but physical media. Mrs. sg365 is all about streaming. Saves me a lot of space in the cd rack for more trips to the local record store. :phones:dude:banana
  20. supergenius365

    Recording your own vocals, can you be rational about your voice?

    Sorry to hear about the LPR. I went somewhat suspiciously to accupuncture for leg pain that was random like your condition. I had positive results. Maybe check that out. Again, I stress acceptance of what you have been given. Maybe its not great, but it's still your sound. After that, you...
  21. supergenius365

    Recording your own vocals, can you be rational about your voice?

    Sinatra swam (I believe) every day to keep his lungs strong. I’ve actually had unintended benefits from acupuncture. The difference was amazing, but only lasted a few days after treatment.
  22. supergenius365

    Recording your own vocals, can you be rational about your voice?

    I just accepted the fact that that was what my voice sounds like. It’s my sound and I make the most of what I have. I think I have gotten better technically over the years. I pay attention to how singers sing - the mechanics and apply what I can. I learned a lot from Sinatra, Ella and the...
  23. supergenius365

    Forgive me if your jaw hits the floor whilst viewing this

    FWIW - He takes it off before the song starts.
  24. supergenius365

    Potential Tinnitus Treatment?

    I'd be willing to learn more. The Stones blew out my ears in1981 in Chicago. I have enjoyed the ringing ever since.
  25. supergenius365

    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    Guitar is the only thing that has been consistently “there for me” for 35 years. Happy. Sad. Nervous. Depressed. Elated. I can always turn to my guitar.