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  1. Cybercat

    Thank, SonoTone. Now I know how good my ES-330 can sound.

    Just over a year since the last post on this thread now.... - does anyone have any updated info on this? I used the original Scalar, & SOS "back in the day" & more recently (largely changed to acoustic) the (Mk 2) Scalar "TONEQ", but can't get anymore. The TONEQ didn't quite have the bass...
  2. Cybercat

    Basic fingerpicking Question...

    Hi g0phish, Fascinating interview with Mark Knopfler on the stages of his evolution from strumming to finger picking, & fingers creeping down onto the lower strings, thumb up to the top strings, 'breaking the rules' ... G_8dDaPsSmg ...hope it's useful, & good luck :aok
  3. Cybercat

    Tuning down with an acoustic (strings)

    Yes, I had to do this for ages when backing a singer with a low range. Try heavier guage strings. This should bring the tension back up & also help with the tuning problems you are exeriencing. Good luck!
  4. Cybercat

    tough to fret acoustics

    Hi guitz, A lot of good advice above. A couple of tricks I do to get students new to acoustic (or to guitar) to try, so as to give time & help their fingers build strength, is firstly to initially tune down a whole tone, till they get the hang of it. Then tune back up a semitone a few weeks...
  5. Cybercat

    scale length newb question

    Hi stratboy01, I've been gigging with strats for 40 years, & all my previous acoustics have also been 25½" scale, so I'm well used to it. Recently, circumstances dictated that I played a 12-fret 24.75 inch scale Gibson 'Roy Smeck' reissue acoustic pretty much exclusively for almost 5 years...
  6. Cybercat

    good DI match for k&k?

    Hi Wolfire99, my recommendation would be the Red-Eye : - http://www.shorelinemusic.com/music/pickups-preamps/fire-eye/fire-eye-red-eye/ http://www.amazon.com/Fire-Eye-Development-Red-Eye-Instrument-Preamp/dp/B0089EUZ4A/ref=cm_rdp_product_img http://www.fire-eye.com/welcomepage.htm D-28...
  7. Cybercat

    TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    Many thanks for quick response!
  8. Cybercat

    TC Electronic Ditto Looper

    Hi Tore, the Ditto looks great - 2 quick questions if I may ... Can this run on a battery, or does it always need an adapter? How will it sound on an acoustic?
  9. Cybercat

    Amplified Acoustic Issues!

    Hi petty1818, I also had many frustrations over several years with my acoustic guitar tone when plugged in, & wasted a lot of money & time trying different approaches, ....including also having a Fishman Aura I didn't like. I could hear the 'digital artifacts" of the modelling image very...
  10. Cybercat

    That Gizmo That Opens Up Your Guitar's Top

    I have one those, and also one of these... http://prime-vibe.com/ Both work well, but with both you will need to "re-do" things after a while as some of the effects seem to begin wearing off to a certain extent after the "treatment' is finished, particularly if the guitar is left unplayed...
  11. Cybercat

    what pedals are u using for acoustic?

    Hi Small Axe, I've been using these for a while : - Which sound like this : - _nVWAAmzOj4 b4yS7m_fyuk More videos from same gig in my signature. The Steel Guitar Black Box is a tube powered buffer, adds a nice but of richness & sparkle to the sound with no harsh trebles. Xotic EP...
  12. Cybercat

    What brand of acoustic guitar strings do you use?

    Other : Thomastik Infeld (Spectrum Bronze).
  13. Cybercat

    Acoustic bar gigs and guitar tones...

    Hi buddaman71, here's a link to 5 songs I did in a trio at a noisy acoustic bar gig. Guitar is a 2006 Gibson 'Roy Smeck' Stage Deluxe reissue, pickup is a Carlos CP-1A (a "cable" UST, similar to Highlander), amp is an AER Compact 60, but I guess you're mostly hearing us from the PA. I'd...
  14. Cybercat

    Price Check and Advice: '65 Gibson J-45

    Unfortunately, not all Gibson's are any good. However, if/when you do find a good one that 'speaks to you', it's usually advisable to dig deep to somehow pony up the ca$h & take it home with you. Looks like you did the right thing here (& think it looks stunning too), congratulations on your new...
  15. Cybercat

    NGD: my first Gibson guitar

    Wow! Looks great! - How's it sound? Have you had a chance to record an mp3 or video yet?
  16. Cybercat

    How important to you is the appearance of your guitar?

    Exactly. Word for word. Cheers coreybox, you saved me typing. :beer
  17. Cybercat

    New Gibson Acoustic!

    Looks stunning, Chris, congrats! Also interested to hear how it sounds...
  18. Cybercat

    New strings for jumbo gibson

    I've been using the Spectrum 013's on my Gibson RS Stage Deluxe re-issue for almost 4 years now. Highly recommended. They've made a terrific difference to the sound, warm & rich, much better bass. Each set lasts months (playing every day) & with the slightly lower tension of the round-core...
  19. Cybercat

    Back of SJ messed up

    :worthless Well, not worthless, but IMHO it would help if we could see what we are talking about...
  20. Cybercat

    Any information on a Gibson Starburst?

    :worthless ....sounds great SideGuy55, - but can you post a pic or three, so we can all see what we're talking about?
  21. Cybercat

    What size strings on acoustic?

    13-57. I find lighter gauges just don't drive the top enough or fully bring out the full potential of the guitar's tone. Didn't take too long to get used to, as I play every day, use round core as opposed to hex-core (easier to play & IMHO sound better too) & my main acoustic (only acoustic...
  22. Cybercat

    NGD - Takamine !

    Wow! Congratulations darkstar11, how does it play & sound? (...especially "plugged-in" with a band?) I played electric in a pretty loud pop/rock band for a couple of years a while ago, where the pro singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist used a Tak, & he had the best live "on stage" acoustic sound...
  23. Cybercat

    Anyone here use a Tone-rite acoustic enhancer ? What were your impressions?

    Don't want to get into the scientific or "irrefutable evidence" arguments side of this, but here's what I experienced, both good and bad, & with both the Tonerite & its competitor, the PrimeVibe: I got my Tonerite in 2009. Quite an improvement after a few sessions of 80-100 hours in a new-ish...
  24. Cybercat

    All-in-one Acoustic Pedalboard?

    HI Scott, Everything "ready-made" I tried was full of compromises - slow, inaccurate tuner, poor quality reverb, inadequate control of compression, no notch filter, insufficient EQ choices, no isolation transformer on output, etc. So I put one together myself.