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    Best Ways to Improve Home Studio / Recording Setup?

    It sounds like your primary goal is to track excellent guitar sounds. For this, I would do the following: 1. Get an Apollo Twin X. It is a great interface, and allows you to relieve your computer cpu of a lot of processing power by hosting plugins on the interface, not your computer. Test...
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    Vintech X73

    I looked into Vintech when searching for a pair of 1073 style preamps. I ended up going with the Aurora GTQ2. The Aurora stuff is just so nice, and sounds good on everything. Never tried their comp....I tend to stick to 1176 style comps for guitar stuff, but I imagine their channel strips are...
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    Which DAW(s) are you using?

    I use Pro Tools. In my little corner of the music world, everybody uses Pro Tools.
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    Anyone experienced with Focal Solo6 monitors?

    I really like the Focal stuff. I have a set at my home studio and think they are great. Be warned, they do take some time to break in. But they sound good out of the box, and even better as they get used more!
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    Live Vocal Mic Pre?

    I highly highly recommend a Shure Beta58 along with a TC Helicon Mic Mechanic. It’s the best live vocal sound I’ve ever had, and I normally do 100+ gigs each year.
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    Audio interface buying advice

    If you are new to home recording, I would recommend a Focusrite Scarlett interface. Simple, no frills, and easy to use. However, you may find that this is just the beginning of a journey down the recording rabbit hole. You may want to consider something a bit more full featured like a UA...
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    Mic preamps!

    I would look for used Universal Audio LA610
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    Universal Audio OX

    Yes, I will elaborate. I use my OX with a few higher powered amps (Pro Reverb, Blackface Bassman), that have a ton of clean headroom normally. Through the OX, I immediately noticed breakup with the volume around 3. Even my blackface Deluxe, sounds broken up before it would normally be in a...
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    Universal Audio OX

    Those are my thoughts exactly. It doesn’t replace any studio gear for me, but provides a quick and very useable option for great electric guitar sounds. I have been connecting it to my interface via S/PDIF, but have heard others say that they like using the line outs better. I’m gonna try...
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    Universal Audio OX

    I bought the OX a few weeks ago, and I am really really impressed. It took me a little bit to really get the gain staging right while balancing the OX App, UAD Console, and Pro Tools. But I’ve got the hang of it now, and I must say that this box is really great. I’ve done a few electric...
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    UA twin x duo vs quad

    I would get the best UA Apollo interface you can afford. I have the Apollo Twin X with the Thunderbolt 3 connector and it’s awesome. So glad I didn’t get anything less. I have some nice mics and mic preamps, and was concerned that my desire to use hardware over plugins would make getting a...
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    Current favorite guitar mic...

    I generally close mic guitar speakers with a Royer 121 and an SM57. They are magical together.
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    Mic Locker Expansion Time?

    The Cloudlifter works really really well with the SM7B, SM57 and Royer 121. I’d say essential for those mics. The UAD plugins are great, I use them too alongside the real things. I might then suggest getting a great vocal chain in order first. The SM7B is really hard to beat as a studio...
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    Mic Locker Expansion Time?

    My favorites on a realistic budget are: Vocals: Shure SM 7B (and a Cloudlifter) Acoustic Guitar: Neumann KM184 (2 in stereo, or 1 and a DI) Electric Guitar: SM57 and Royer 121 (plus Cloudlifter A set of nice mic preamps or channel strips are really helpful to have to enrich the sound. I...
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    First microphone

    For live use, get a Shure Beta58 For studio, get the Shure SM7B, as well as a Cloudlifter to boost the signal. There is no better studio vocal mic than this, until you get over $1000, IMO.
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    New Vocal Mic Needed For Live Work

    I’ve been down this road. Honestly, the beta58 is the best you can get for the money. Unless you upgrade to something like an m80, I would stick with the beta 58. In my experience, they have a presence and cut that other mics in that price range just don’t have. I would guess that, if you...
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    Axe Fx 3 wait time?

    Anybody know the current wait time for a new axe fx 3?
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    KPA format help needed!

    No, that’s helpful. It echoes my preferences. I am also not a lover of floor units. I don’t mind my pedals on the floor, but a $2K computer seems less rugged to me. I would rather risk damaging a floor controller than the main unit. but still, there is something that seems so convenient...
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    KPA format help needed!

    Hi, I’m going to get a Kemper, but I’m having trouble figuring out which configuration will work best for me. my primary application will be recording guitars direct. For this, I think the toaster is the best choice. however, if my regular gigs ever resume, i might like the option of using...
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    WGS 12C ca GASC64?

    Anybody compare these? What do you think?
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    Blackface Bassman, 8 ohm load, what to expect...

    The general consensus is that it’s safe to run an 8 ohm speaker in a 1x12 cabinet with a blackface Bassman. I keep hearing that it alters the tone. please tell me more. How does it alter the sound, exactly? What do I expect? thanks.
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    TGP - give me some ideas as to what to build in this Boogie basket case...

    If you’ve got the beefy transformers, I would go with a high power 6L6 amp like a Bassman or Showman circuit.
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    WGS ET90 or Weber California Ceramic?

    Well, I bought an ET90 to try. I’ve decided that I have my big Fender 6L6 sounds covered with my Jensen loaded Pro Reverb. My Deluxe has an alnico speaker....so I thought it would be best to go with a non Jensen voiced speaker. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll see what’s next! Looking forward to...
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    WGS ET90 or Weber California Ceramic?

    im using a 4 ohm speaker because I have a 1x12 cab.
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    WGS ET90 or Weber California Ceramic?

    Hi, I’m looking for a speaker to use with my 66 Bassman 1x12. Thinking of the WGS ET90 or Weber California Ceramic. Only considering 4 ohm speakers at the moment. I play Americana music, country, and rock. I use a Klon or Tubescreamer for overdrive. Teles, Strats, and Les Pauls. No fuzz...