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    FSOT Travis Bean TB1000S 1970s Black

    I have my TB1000S for sale on Reverb and I am open to trades or trades and cash here at TGP. Travis Bean TB1000S in Good condition I have owned this guitar for almost 35 years Color - Black Weight - 9 lbs. 1 oz. - On the light side for a TB Everything works as it should Some nicks...
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    Do you think you are a gullible consumer?

    I don't think I am. I research a future purchase to the point of nausea. It drives my wife crazy but if I don't I am not confident about the purchase. I do not like thinking, "I hope I know what I am getting into." Truth be told...I am tight with money and HATE being in debt. The only debt...
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    GAS Attacks

    I've noticed as I have gotten older...I get over GAS much quicker. I lust after guitar for a matter of a day or 2. When I realize, I can get the sounds I want with what I have and I talk myself off the ledge. I know that is blasphemy around these parts. This started 3 years ago when I hit...
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    Show your Guitar! If you have a guitar, post a picture. Any Guitar. Any Color.

    Finished Wall #1 in the studio. Started building Wall #2 on the opposite side. I'll post a pic when Wall #2 is done.
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    Jazz Guitars

    There is an interview floating around, where after years of hauling around amps...Joe Pass switched to using only direct boxes.
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    Jazz Guitars

    For the money. ES-135 are at a very comfortable price point. I have a 2002 ES-135 and for my first serious jazz guitar I really love it. Once I got over the fact it wasn't a ES-335, I loved it. The whole ES-335 thing is really crazy. Nice guitars I would love to own one again but I have to...
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    How would you make this bland black guitar prettier?

    OMG prettier...I hope the OP is a woman......prettier.
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    Daddario lock straps... aren't very good

    https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/grolsch-ing-it-up-best-strap-locks-ever.1402842/post-19771673 If you have more than one guitar....buy more than one strap. Drink a Grolsch. If it's good enough for Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Brian May, and Joe Bonamassa...I guess it's good...
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    Fender Set Necks (Korea)

    Anyone else a fan??? They were made in Korea around 2003 and are some serious fun to play. I find myself reaching for these when I want to play anything Rock and Roll and not Blues or Jazz. I never really see anyone mention these guitars from Korea and maybe that's why, because they are made...
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    Let's see your decals!

    I love my S series.
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    Let's see your decals!

    aaawwwww Birdwells.....I remember when I could fit in them. :facepalm
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    To the "tone is in the fingers" people: stop responding to gear related questions please.

    Well, Well, Well, Mister Anti-Fingers...Let's see what kind of TONE you get without fingers! And the Flip Side: Well if tone is in the fingers.......explain slide to me. :fisticuffs
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    Older Barber Direct Drive Pedal?

    I've had this pedal for a few years and I noticed they look a lot different now. This one looks hand written. If you can give me a bit of history about this pedal I'd appreciate it? I really know nothing about Barber Pedals. When it was made? And what about the funky signature inside...
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    Rage expected: MIM Fender neck as good as MIA without much post purchase work/cost

    WOW, here we are the year 2020 and you just said that. Nice. There is so much I want to say in response...but this is not the place. Good luck to you. Just out of curiosity, what exactly is your definition of a working class American????
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    Rage expected: MIM Fender neck as good as MIA without much post purchase work/cost

    CNC machines BINGO! Young guitar players starting out got it so good and they do not even know it. Cheap guitars that are actually half way descent!!!! In the 80's not so much. My daughters Mexico Player Strat is as fun to play as any of my USA strats. The only short straw is the...
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    Stuck at home so.......

    .....I decided to snap a pic of just my burst finishes....idle hands. :D Break out your bursts!!! Let's see what you got.
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    Just Got a Travis Bean...

    I bought this from a pawn shop when I was in college and working at a music store and studio. I remember when everyone paid a premium for the Koa guitars and you would see more black and white ones, they were less expensive. Once everyone found out there was Koa underneath that black or white...
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    Is CAR a popular color?

    I like CAR. But I do not really have a color preference. :D
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    “best” Mini Humbuckers Under $50

    I have a lot of faith in Wilkinson parts. For the money Wilkinson parts are not bad. They make a mini humbucker. I've also heard good things about Gretch Mini Humbuckers. Both can be had for about $30 new.
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    Sell Axe FX III for Helix Stomp?

    It's simple, before COVID-19, look at what some famous pros toured and recorded with. https://www.fractalaudio.com/artists/ Anything other than the facts is just opinion. I'm a believer in the Axe Fx and that is because I own the Axe Fx II+ XL. I am sure the III sounds even better, but I am...
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    Guitar Collection Insurance Q???

    I have a homeowners policy and was wondering what your take is on insuring your collection with a separate policy? How expensive is it? I am sure there has to be a few guys that hang out here who sell insurance and know more about it than I do....I hate thinking about insurance...gives me a...
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    Modifying shape of PRS body for more playabilty

    Work on chord scales and triad arpeggio scales to get your mind off that silly idea. These kind of mods never go well and if you do that mod I hope you love it because you are going to take a serious hit on what that guitar is worth and this is coming from a guy that is crazy about CE-24s. If...
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    And its over... Kiesel - an in-depth look at build quality (* pics added * ) - MFG response

    The only guitar I have had to do a neck under tension neck reset to was a 90s USA built Fender. In my experience (40 years of playing) it is a procedure that is rarely needed, but it is sometimes necessary. I would never do it to every guitar. I would only did it to a guitar that sounded...
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    $1000 budget for a first PRS

    Get a used 2000's CE-24, you can get really close in that price range, you can find them for around 1100 to 1200. This is a USA made CE-24 that is not an imported SE. Crazy good guitar for the money. Very consistent guitars. The only CE I have played that I did not like was a CE-22 that I did...