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    So... what is the best reverb pedal

    Something that will do surf and amp reverb.
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    RYRA Klon clone !

    I've got the ryra. The boost is dead on to the real klon off memory but the drive not so much
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    Looking for Reverb for Tweed Deluxe

    I like the love pedal HSR-3 . Nice into a 5e3.
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    5E3 Speaker change

    Avatar Hellatonr A25 is really nice in a 5e3. Chimey!
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    Your biggest surprise?

    A LP Roadhouse Eternity HW. What a pedal!
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    spaceman pedals trend...

    Man.. I'd love to get a hold of this pedal!
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    Roadhouse eternity with a flint reverb

    Do these two work good together. I use the RH mostly as a boost into a 5E3 thinking of adding the Flint. I know the RH is picky to other pedals
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    Best (spring) reverb pedal in front of a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe?

    I like the Lovepedal HSR-3 in front of my tweed deluxe. What a great pedal for not a lot of coin! Of course nothing is gonna beat a real tank.
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    Doug and Pat Show! RYRA Klone

    I love there show. I want this pedal. Gold!
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    New Klon clean boost

    I'm in if it's just like the boost on the original. I had a silver Klon and to this day .. the best boost I ever heard. Put the knobs on top. Top Jacks and power. Use the same brown knobs, leave it raw silver no labeling. Would be a huge hit!
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    Your favorite 6v6 amp?

    Gotta say a 5e3. The current is a speed shop.
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    Sold Lovepedal Echo phonic Delay

    2) Lovepedal Echophonic delay 75.00 shipped, paypal'd.-----SOLD------ Priced for paypal/ship within the USA.--------SOLD---------
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    Esquire pickup/wiring recommendations

    I like the 0038 11k wind by Don mare
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    So what strings are you using and why?

    Dunlop..because they last forever
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    Sold Analogman Sunface NKT 275

    Interested, what price
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    ANOTHER "which 12 for a 5E3" query

    Avatar Hella tone A12. Best speaker for 5e3 I've found
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    Allen Brown Sugar with which: 6v6, 6L6, or EL34s?

    I liked mine with 5881 tubes. Great amp!
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    The Holy Grail of Combo Amps?

    I'd have to say a tweed deluxe. Been through about 20 amps in my lifetime
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    Lovepedal HSR-3 reverb

    When will the pedal be available.
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    Don Mare Tele bridge pickup

    I've got a 0038 in an esquire. That pu is the bomb! Twang to mean it does it all for me. No mud. 3D Kinda sound
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    Suggest a Tele bridge PU that has the snarl of a P-90.

    The don mare lap wrap 0038 is a nasty snarly beast which still manages to twang.
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    12" speaker for vintage princeton reverb?

    Try a Hellatone A25. I have one in a 5e3 and love it! I bet it would be good in a PR too.
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    Fender Tele defect. Has anyone seen something like this before?

    Strange. The previous owner might have done that.
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    NAD: '61 Fender Pro

    Nice Amp !