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  1. Bonedance

    NGD LaPatrie

    Congrats! Great guitars! I had a Concert and an Etude that were simply fantastic.
  2. Bonedance

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    Backed up Ferlin Husky at a local club in the early 80's and backed up The Drifters in the late 80's.
  3. Bonedance

    Best Tele Thinline style guitar?

    So many options! I agree about K-Line. Great guitars. Also check out Bob Logan, Ron Kirn, Joe Riggio and about 100 others. So many great options to consider. Also, the CV Squiers are very good guitars at an excellent price point. I put together a chambered (semi hollow, no F hole) 18 years ago...
  4. Bonedance

    Thanks Forum, for me not getting chintzled on selling an item tonight...

    The majority of my craiglist/offerup sales have gone on without a hitch. Like others here, the few times people have offered less than the agreed price, I have said "Nope, it's not worth it to me to sell it for that"..... Most relent and pay the agreed price, but I have had to pack up and walk...
  5. Bonedance

    DR 9.5’s. Dead low E

    Let DR know. I had a set of DR acoustic strings where the same thing happened. I wrote them and they were most gracious in resolving the problem.
  6. Bonedance

    Strat guys what are your favorite dirt pedals?

    My fav three strat pedals are an original Marshall BluesBreaker, Snouse BlackBox 2 and MHP 72 Degrees. While all sound lovely (to my old ears anyway!) from low gain to higher gain, the MHP 72 Degrees seems tailor made for the strat. Another low budget pedal I really like with my strat is the...
  7. Bonedance

    When you find a sweet deal on a guitar...

    As a long time sufferer of Nomoneyitis, it pains me when my other malady of GAS kicks in. However, I've found many great guitars under $200 over the years and found a way to procure them. A few I still have, but the others have found new homes at double or triple what I paid....and still...
  8. Bonedance

    Old Guys Who Still Make New Music

    Mark Knopfler is 70 and still kicking ass! Delbet McCLinton is 79 and still kicking major ass. Two of my all time fav's.
  9. Bonedance

    Tele setup question

    I had the same problem with a partscaster of dubious quality. I didn't feel like shaving the neck or body cavity down, so I wound up putting quarters (vintage style bridge, so 3 quarters) under the saddles to raise it high enough. Looked a bit wonky, but did the trick.
  10. Bonedance

    NGD '67 Epiphone Riviera

    Stunning guitar. Congrats and enjoy that beauty!
  11. Bonedance

    Hi from Italy!

    Ciao Gabriele!
  12. Bonedance

    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Well I probably should be, Drug out to sea. I can't hurt no one No one can hurt me. At least id be free And probably see, What caused me be so detached completely. Lay low by Shovels and rope
  13. Bonedance

    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Make Knopfler Hill Farmer Blues: I'm going into Tow Law To have my fun Don't get me wrong You were the only one Behind my back Lord You made a fool of me Don't do Jack And don't wait up for me
  14. Bonedance

    Tone City Golden Plexi

    I have a Tone City Bad Horse and highly recommend it. It's touted as a Klon type pedal. Not. Bad sound on any setting with this beauty.
  15. Bonedance

    Black low-medium drive pedals?

    My 90's Mk1 Blues Breaker is my all time favorite low gain overdrive. I've had many, many OD pedals over the past 25 or so years and most have gone while the Blues Breaker remains. Yes, it's a one trick pony, but it does that trick very well. I received a Snouse Black Box 2 in trade a while...
  16. Bonedance

    Sold USACG loaded tele body—Garcia inspired price drop — $325 (12/14)

    That is super sweet! Wish I had the $$$. GLWS.
  17. Bonedance

    Sold Snouse Limited Edition Original Blackbox 2 ($115)

    I've had an original Blues Breaker for years. My all time favorite low gain OD. I received a Black Box 2 a few years ago in trade. Not only does it perfectly ape the original, it does so much more. The Black Box is simply (imo, of course) one of the best pedals I've had the pleasure of using.
  18. Bonedance

    Sold Zhangbucker O-Bucker bridge $60

    David winds some fabulous pickups. GLWS
  19. Bonedance

    Sold Pedalworx Bob McBroom McFuzz

    I dig Pealworx pedals. The McFuzz is just a great fuzz pedal! Good luck with sale.
  20. Bonedance

    Reverb and the Blues.... opinions please!!!

    Check out Ronne Earl. That'll answer your question!
  21. Bonedance

    Who Is Your Favorite Telecaster Builder?

    I've played a few of Joe Riggio's teles and they are freaking fantastic.
  22. Bonedance

    What’s your favorite OD

    I tend to gravitate to lower gain overdrive. My long time favorite is an original Marshall Blues Breaker I've had since the early 90's. A one trick pony, but it does that trick exceptionally well for my needs. My Snouse BB V2 is a beauty. Nails the tones of the original and has so much more on...
  23. Bonedance

    What is the best Humbucking Tele Bridge pickup?

    I'm assuming you mean a single coil size bucket tat ill drop in a Tele bridge???? As Ron said, what works for me may sound like arse to you. That said, out of the 10 or so I've tried, a Dimarzio Tone Zone T provided what I was after. You will lose twang and spank, but out of the others I tried...