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  1. joeh77

    Brian's Guitars back in CT

    After Brian sold to Sam Ash, I saw him in there. He said part of his agreement with them was that he would work for them for a year, or two. I also use to run into him from time to time at sports card and memorabilia shows. Our sons shared an interest in card collecting. That was twenty years...
  2. joeh77

    NPD: Analog Man Juicer - goodbye, SP Compressor!

    Miss my Juicer! Traded it and cash for an amp and I should have made it an all cash deal!
  3. joeh77

    new pedal company: big joe stompbox company

    This just showed up on my YouTube page: Also not sure what this means, business wise, but the company just announced that RBI Music will be the exclusive distributor of Big Joe's guitar effects pedals and power supplies. Joe
  4. joeh77

    new pedal company: big joe stompbox company

    As I live about two miles from their location, I reached out to them a while back and never heard anything back. Oddly enough, I literally drive by their offices twice a day for work. Would love to hear more from these guys!
  5. joeh77

    Lovepedal Black Friday Sale Shipping time

    I was just starting to wonder when the Amp 808 I purchased on 2/02/20 would ship, as I haven’t heard anything since I bought it. Sounds like a bit of a wait is kind of the norm! Joe
  6. joeh77

    has anyone ever ACCIDENTALLY ruined a guitar when adjusting the truss rod?

    Know this is a very old thread, but I've been looking at a 1959 Les Paul Junior double cut that is reasonably priced. Its reasonably priced as the pickguard, knobs, case, and bridge/tail piece are not original. Its also a refin and the listing says it has a sealed vertical neck crack from...
  7. joeh77

    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    Got my order in and can’t wait till it arrives!
  8. joeh77

    (Un)Official Melancon Guitars Thread - Come on in...

    I'm very saddened to hear this news! While I purchased my Pro Artist second hand, I had a great interaction with Gerard after I tripped over the guitar and made a mess of the lower bout. I got in touch with him about a refinish and I couldn't have received better customer service if my guitar...
  9. joeh77

    What was the first pedal you owned??

    If I recall, it was an MXR Envelope Filter. A few years back I traded it in to Mike at Analogman for partial payment on a KOT v2!
  10. joeh77

    Your favorite 6v6 amp?

    Was going to say that I would have expected this amp to come up, since it's pretty popular here. This one's definitely in the Marshall camp, but a very versatile tone machine! Here's JD Simo playing Ed King's (RIP) burst through one.
  11. joeh77

    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    The neck is actually made of Fir from wood salvaged from renovations on The Hotel Chelsea. The body is Pine from a former speakeasy on Bedford Street called Chumley's. An interesting combination, for sure!
  12. joeh77

    Vintage and Iconic 80’s

    This is my oldest guitar, a 1980 Ibanez AS-200: IMG_0324 by hajducky, on Flickr']IMG_0324 by hajducky, on Flickr[/URL] And my second oldest, a 1989 Fender Eric Clapton Signature: 89 Clapton Strat 01 by hajducky, on Flickr']89 Clapton Strat 01 by hajducky, on Flickr[/URL]
  13. joeh77

    What’s Your Favorite Stratocaster?

    89 Clapton Strat 01 by hajducky, on Flickr Melancon Pro Artist 01 by hajducky, on Flickr My 1989 Fender Eric Clapton Signature and my Melancon Pro Artist!
  14. joeh77

    Who Is Your Favorite Telecaster Builder?

    Here’s my Kelly. These aren’t everyone’s thing, but this is the only Tele style guitar I own.
  15. joeh77

    Which distortion pedal is currently on your board?

    40th Anni Analogman pro midrange modded DS-1
  16. joeh77

    Inspired by the "Guitars As Art" thread: Artful Views of Guitars.

    2016 Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Historic by hajducky, on Flickr']2016 Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Historic by hajducky, on Flickr[/URL]
  17. joeh77

    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    Bowery Pine (Chelsea-Chumley's), Drophorn with lapsteel inlays, Fralin pickups. DSC02608 by hajducky, on Flickr
  18. joeh77

    Small amps that dont suck?

    Love my Mercury V and if you consider the versatility of the amp, it can be pretty clean without the boost, and in the Parallel mode. If you want to use pedals, it takes them very well, or just flip a switch and enjoy!
  19. joeh77

    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    The CSG movie is coming to my area. It's scheduled to play at The Palace Danbury on Friday May 10. I'm planning on attending, and really looking forward to it.
  20. joeh77

    Dr. Z incredible

    MAZ 18 2 x 10 combo here! It's an older one, SN N8783. Always wondered about the MK. II,but like the way it sounds now and don't really want to change it. Friend of mine, Matt Rae, a fine pro player, swears by Dr Z amps. Joe
  21. joeh77

    JD Simo at Daryl's House 1/23/19 - PHOTOS!

    Thanks for the heads up! Food was not bad, we just had salads, but they have a good size menu, some wines and specialty drinks, as well as a number of beers on tap. Its only about an hour from where I live so I'd go back again for sure.
  22. joeh77

    JD Simo at Daryl's House 1/23/19 - PHOTOS!

    The place is the size of any restaurant/bar, maybe a little bigger. I didn't think it was super loud. My wife thought the drummer was super loud though. JD might have changed his settings a bit for this tour, although I'm not 100% sure on that. But he did play that hollow body ES-5 that I...
  23. joeh77

    JD Simo at Daryl's House 1/23/19 - PHOTOS!

    Had the pleasure of seeing JD Simo at Daryl's House in Pawling, NY this past Wednesday night. I got a signed advanced copy of JD's new CD "Off at 11", and JD asked if I wanted to stay and hang out and he'd show me his guitars. So of course I stayed! I had my LPF t-shirt on, so that might have...
  24. joeh77

    Jimmy Page Sundragon ~ !

    Mitch is in the NYC area. The web page for the amps says Glen Cove, NY as their home base.
  25. joeh77

    Sleeper of an amp..

    I would add the Marshall JTM 30 and JTM 60 to this list. I think the word is out on these amps as well. I owned one of these in the '90s, and the first amp I bought was one of the aforementioned Music Man RD series combos. Sold both years ago, unfortunately! Joe