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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    what is the box with the sliders :cool:
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    I'll admit it, I'm a Bose fan.

    Sincere question: for someone that has only had access to systems like bose/sonos, and doesn't have a high end audio component store nearby, how would you recommend they improve their listening experience? Within reason. Put another way, if someone has only tried mcdonalds for dining out, and...
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Thanks! I'm running through a tweed twin usually... the clean drive excels at giving me blackface tone from a tweed/british style amp, when I want that. It's not really an aiab though, I also can play the tone and volume knobs on the guitar and get a my-amp-but-more sound out of it. Great pedal.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    It does live up to expectations- since I didn't expect it to ~be~ a leslie but rather just wanted it to sound cool, it definitely does that. I liked some clips of both the Vent and the Lex but the controls/features of the Vent fit my needs better. Combined with a nice low-gain od and reverb...
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Been a while since I had a(portable) pedalboard. Went with modern up front, vintage in the back :cool: Just need to tie up the cables underneath and label the switcher. And then start swapping out pedals again o_O
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    Thoughts on Keeley Dyno My Roto ?

    Why does the pedal in the vid have a "blend" knob? The production models have a "level" knob. Personally I would prefer a blend and haven't purchased this pedal because the copy on the website describes it as a level control, NOT a blend control.
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    KOTs selling within minutes of posting in Emporium, pretty simple recipe

    Prince of tones are only on sale on Wednesdays?
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    Is the Empress buffer a dual buffer?

    I have one, currently its in two loops of a true bypass looper. When I switch in the in>send loop there's definitely buffering, but when I switch the return>out loop it sounds like there isn't- in fact it ~almost~ sounds like signal loss(if there's no buffer there perhaps its due to cabling?)...
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    Would you phone the guy?

    Anyone happen to have a circa 1991 Univibe clone for sale?
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    T-Rex Replica

    Gilmour used it for one section of one song on one tour. His primary delays on that tour were a Cornish TES and a MXR Delay System II. At that time I actually got the Replica thinking "well if Gilmour uses it...", and it certainly didn't sound bad, but in retrospect I've preferred basically...
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    Eric Clap-Tone ! fuzz ?

    He might not be running through the Fender at all in that clip, that might just be Marshall>leslie
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    I played the PRS Mayer Sig amp today.

    lol. Thanks for posting... Not that anyone cares... but even though I'm not a prs/jm fanboy I think the vitriol against prs/jm is ridiculous. I do think that at the price point of the Jmod you're facing diminishing returns, though perhaps not to the degree of an actual Dumble. Which might be...
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    SRV's Austin City Limits Rig

    Well like I said I'm only going from memory but I thought any glimpses of the board in acl were the wide, curved version seen a few posts up, not this tiny ill-fitted plywood with the tube screamer hanging off lol. Also it's a different signal order than srv usually preferred, and that doesn't...
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    SRV's Austin City Limits Rig

    Can you point to the source of that pic? That doesn't look right to me...
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    SRV's Austin City Limits Rig

    This is correct. The factory footswitch could bring the vibratone in and out of the signal path.
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    Packing tape substitute for masking tape?

    All painters tape is masking tape. But not all masking tape is painters tape.
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    SRV's Austin City Limits Rig

    Forgive me for partly going on memory- the performance in question is currently unfindable on youtube and I no longer have a vcr to watch the old vhs lol. I know the ff is all over that performance- May I Have A Talk With You, Leave My Little Girl Alone, really most of the solos actually...
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    Easier to make a Fender sound like a Marshall than vice versa?

    How would you set a ge-7 to mimic a fender voice when playing through a marshall?
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    The "Neatest" pedal board thread! Part 3

    and the pedals are screwed to the bases?
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    The "Neatest" pedal board thread! Part 3

    Nice- can you explain the pedal bases? I think I see whats going on there but not sure...
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    Chorus pedals: Retro-Sonic Chorus, Boss Waza Craft CE-2w, Providence Anadime or Analogman Bi-Chorus

    Actually the ce-2 functions normally on a 9v daisy chain with other pedals, or with a 9v battery, it's only on an isolated power supply that it requires 12v(which it then internally drops to 9v...o_O)... weird but true.