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    Cool #9 improv

    Thanks guys. Sub, Cool #9 is a really great song to me. It just has this groove that Ive always loved. I fired it up and just went rambling. It was a great, fun experience.
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    Cool #9 improv

    Got a local place here that does open mic night for musicians. I found this loop of the main groove of Cool #9 by Joe Satriani so i loaded it into my GNX4 and went and played it live. This is the recording of it....Im nothing like Joe and the song only resembles his for a bit in the beginning...
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    Catch Me (WIP)

    This is a tune I started working on this weekend while watching a car chase on TV (heh) . Not sure how the final product will end up but it is good fun to play and to play along to. http://www.three-five.com/Guitarstuff/rock%20stuff/cmd.mp3
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    Odd and somewhat weird sounds - new tune and BT

    Thanks Mats, Im glad you liked it. Im hoping to get back into the BT loop again.
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    Odd and somewhat weird sounds - new tune and BT

    As always, i dont listen to the other takes until i have done my own so i just finished listening to yours and it is great!
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    Odd and somewhat weird sounds - new tune and BT

    I tried earlier and just couldnt get the groove. Picked up my guitar several hours later and this came to me. I always seem to find something to play on your BTs...they are my favorites and this is another great one though it was quite out of my style so im not sure how it will sound...
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    Short one.

    Very nice! Great guitar sound and it flows well. Almost had to break out my lighter :) Is that your backing as well?
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    Slick - a conceptual home jam tune

    That is excellent! Any chance of a backing? Id love to jam to that one.
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    Yet another take on Marin's "Driving"

    Loved it. Another keeper :)
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    Song for my Sister

    Thats a great tune. I can definitely feel the emotion in it.
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    Marin's "Driving"

    Thanks guys! Ive been out of it for a bit but hope to have some time to get back to playing again. Got quite a few backings to catch up on :)
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    Marin's "Driving"

    Life has had me out fo the loop a bit lately but i finally had a chance to give this one a try. Not near as good as the other vocers ive listened to but this is a great backing and i had to play over it. Got a few mistakes here and there, due in part to being rusty and to some sore hands from...
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    Five Long Minutes

    RA, i think you played the theme music to the TV show Becker didnt you? If not, ya got a guitar twin out there somewhere :)
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    December test

    You can do anything you wish over it. I hadnt really though of it as a backing since i was doing it for them but, now that you mention it, i might have to place something oddball over top of it when i get time :D
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    December test

    SOmething im working on for my band friends at their request. Wanted a slightly different take on the song. Ive been too busy lately to get it to them but here it is for your opinions http://www.three-five.com/Guitarstuff/rock%20stuff/Decembertest.mp3
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    Wiped Out Batman with a Pretty Woman

    Someone said the other was too short so here is some more vodka induced rambling :D Gotta listen to the whole thing for the title to make sense though..hehe http://www.three-five.com/Guitarstuff/rock%20stuff/WOBWaPW.mp3
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    Barden Home porn video

    Excellent! A play by ear-never had a lesson guy like myself can learn alot from watching other people play :D
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    Acoustic jam

    Thanks Weldaar. I can make the backing if you happen to want it to jam to.
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    Acoustic jam

    Just some messing around with the new (well, new to me anyways) acoustic that i got from a friend. Stephanie dubbed this "the happy song" therefore so shall it be named.....Gotta keep the ladies happy :D http://www.three-five.com/Guitarstuff/easy%20stuff/TheHappySong.mp3
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    Boredom and Vodka

    heh, thanks guys. Glad you got some enjoyment out of it. As i said earlier, i think i may expand on it when i get more free time.
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    Boredom and Vodka

    hehe, that was the vodka. Thanks for the compliment. I did have a good time playing it and may well do an expanded version with a medley of some other songs featuring the same rhythmn
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    Boredom and Vodka

    The result when boredom and vodka meet late on a Friday night :) http://www.three-five.com/Guitarstuff/rock%20stuff/Boredom&Vodka.mp3
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    Dave's Fifth Gear backing

    Excellent!!!! Sorry i didnt get back on this sooner but ive been tied up the past few days and just now heard it. Awesome take man...thanks for covering one of my tunes.