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  1. mikebat

    Signature guitars you like but aren't a fan of the artist.

    Strange how tastes vary. I have loved the evolution of Spoon. I really like all the records, and really loved the last two records, and can not wait for the new one which should have been released already but COVID pushed it back.
  2. mikebat

    "You're the best thing" by Style Council guitar tone

    The real question is what color shoe laces did Garcia wear they recorded the 80 minute version of Box of Rain in 1974?
  3. mikebat

    If I was president ... of Fender

    painted headstocks. 22 frets.
  4. mikebat

    Neal Schon: Share Your Favorite Song/Solo From His Body of Work

    Damn that was good. P.S. Jonathan Cain must have stolen Mrs Roper's gown. That is a record I always loved. Girl Can't Help It, Suzanne, Be Good, I'll Alright....come on! Besides that, Lights, Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin', Any Way You Want It.... Schon always knew how to build drama and a...
  5. mikebat

    Adam Jones new Les Paul video

    I will start with the fact that I am not a Tool freak. The video sounds cool, does not have a tone of guitar in it, and the guitar only appears at the tail end. Zero specs. I know there are rabid fans out there, I am just not one of them.
  6. mikebat

    I put SS frets on my vintage Gibson and...

    I had my CS Strat refretted with SS because a previous tech did a horrible job setting up my guitar and filed down frets. I will never use that guy again, what a hack. Ted Stevenson, a builder himself, addressed the fretboard hump, and did a refret with SS. His work is soooo good. No excuses...
  7. mikebat

    Want to try DI, not sure how to start

    The latency issue is all about buffer size. Once you get that sorted out, I would just plug straight into the interface. The better your VST, the better. Depending on what style of guitar sound you are after, there are some good free or cheap options out there. For heavy tones....the hot set...
  8. mikebat

    NGD Gibson 335

    Here here! That said, thankfully you are not one of those "A Fender needs 21 frets" people. Even Leo saw that was a bad idea. And again....yes....I have a blackguard Tele like yours, and it has 21 frets. :) I just wish it had 22
  9. mikebat

    NGD Gibson 335

    :) what can I say, your miles may vary. I also don't like most figured tops, or inlays more ornate than the tradition stuff like dots, blocks and trapezoids (I am looking at you, birds of PRS)! I am a TGP heretic. I am just not a burst guy (after decades of having one as my #1) That said...
  10. mikebat

    NGD Gibson 335

    Sweet guitar! I have come to the conclusion that.....a red is the only color for a ES335. Enjoy in good health.
  11. mikebat

    This is why I buy reliced guitars

    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog/Malinois mix, and he never touches my gear, though his wagging tail has strummed a guitar on occasion, and it weirds him out. He loves to sit and back up until he is pressed against me....and then he continues to press until I relent and take him a for a romp in the...
  12. mikebat

    New Gibson Les Paul Junior - Thoughts?

    $900? These are listed as $1500 on the Gibson website and on Sweetwater. $900 is a great discount. That said, the DC is listed in the "modern" collection for $900. I think I prefer it. It has a satin finish though, and largely seems to be out of stock/production Some attention to the nut if...
  13. mikebat

    Reverend Guitars

    When I first saw a Reverend, I was chatting with a friend in his guitar shop. He was liquidating his Reverend's because his partner was dropping the line. I picked up a Club King 290, with no expectations. I was stunned....this is a comfortable guitar, plays like a familiar guitar....like my CS...
  14. mikebat

    Any fans of the band Europe?

    I always liked John Norum, and always heard a huge Gary Moore (rock era) influence in him Kee Marcello, the solo in “Superstitious ” is fantastic. The legato section with that “slowing down” fast section is particularly cool.
  15. mikebat

    "I only like Peter Gabriel-era Genesis"

    You know... our favorite musicians are people too, they exist for more than just to please me, or you. At one point, hopefully they grow, they want to try things....they feel stale. Sometimes it is awesome, other times not so much. If you don't like the new material, you can always listen to...
  16. mikebat

    Mixing with reverb?

    A little goes a long way! :)
  17. mikebat

    Mixing with reverb?

    Yes, but I would do that in the master buss and use some pre-delay and eq the verb so it rolls out the low end in the reverberated sound. Pre-delay is worth it because it allows the attack of the notes to go through before teh reverb kicks in, it allows the image to remain crisp, without...
  18. mikebat

    Behringer xr16 vs Soundcraft UI16?

    I would weigh heavily the community of users of the product. 9/10 times trouble shooting can be faster and better with a Facebook group or forum then with a company's own tech support
  19. mikebat

    Future Collectable Fenders

    I think those 10 for 2015 special oddballs One was a longboard surfboard motif strat.
  20. mikebat

    For those that saw VH with MA and later saw them with WVH on bass, how did the band differ?

    Eras, and sobriety. These are huge factors.
  21. mikebat

    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    Coming from a rocker's point of view.... Everybody seems to praise Simpson, Church and for that matter Zac Brown. It's obvious these guys have some rock in their souls...but really....are they that good at pulling it off? I really appreciate them dragging rock slightly back into the...
  22. mikebat

    Does evh’s frankenstrat trigger your ocd?

    I always liked the two squiggly lines on ol’ red
  23. mikebat

    NGD - Suhr Ian Thornley Roughneck

    Loved your Hot For Teacher! Congrats on the guitar, I love how the zebra bridge and neck camouflage the pickups and make it look like a SSS
  24. mikebat

    Looks Good Fender. Want it?

    Purely on looks, certainly not in a sunburst. A burst or even a translucent finish on a figured top requires some real estate to display the grain. If you are going to focus on the beauty of the wood, give it a chance! A downsized body, a normal size pickguard and a chrome control...
  25. mikebat

    Just curious: does anybody actually use middle positions?

    Not with a loud band if I use a driven tone It instantly fades into the background, unless there is nothing else going on.