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    What happens when the Dumble isn't handy...

    cool! my univalve has some of the characteristics of my d*mble 'clone'. not an easy amp to play, but rewards good technique and ability to 'shape' notes. if my guitar sounds tinny, the amp sounds tinny. if the guitar sounds warm, the amp sounds warm. fluid OD tone if fluid is part of ones...
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    Blues with a Vox AC30

    geez, jim! those clips sound OK. rory gallagher played some bad assed blues thru a jennings era AC30 when he was still in taste. jeff beck, in his earlier days, played something very much like blues from outer space thru a jennings era AC30. either the top boost or the EF86 channel on...
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    Playing to a click... how easy/hard is it?

    yankin' Ur chain, michael. one of those sentences that could be interpreted either way. oh man, my tempo maps often range over 10 BPM. i'll often start the song slow and increase tempo over the first verse and chorus and then slow it a bit when the second chorus starts and then start and...
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    Playing to a click... how easy/hard is it?

    oh sure, make it sound as if U express Urself so much better than me. good thing my TGP skin grows thicker and thicker every day. OK, so i'm in a clever, smart assed mood today.
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    RobQ from Toronto

    geez, t-dot's got quite the growing TGP population. welcome...
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    Any country players using a dumble style amp?

    yup. played one a few times over the last month or so and has that d*mble sounding hi-fi front end w/ the ass end of a nasty hot rod jennings AC30. and... U guys argue too much about the definition of country. and western.
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    Playing to a click... how easy/hard is it?

    i've got no problems playing to a click, but i practiced and recorded w/ a metronome from the beginning. however, for me, playing w/ a click and playing w/ a band w/o a click are two different things and require two different disciplines. playing w/ a click requires one to consistently lay...
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    Notable Amp builders of our time

    pete traynor. during the '60s/early '70s in canada all of the foreign made amps were an absolute ton of money. most of the old school guys played fenders, but they didn't have the right sound for many of us. the traynor bassmaster was the only answer for many of us. pete traynor actually...
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    Deep, Deep trouble! Vinyl Recording?

    beats me, then. if it's hooked up correctly, it should be fine. unless... U have the leads for the phono pickup hooked up out of phase.
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    Some wicked JTM45 tone

    Ur germino, if it sounds like mine (GEC KT66s), will sound far superior to the video clip posted. the original clip really doesn't sound JTM45ish to me. sounds like a pretty bad solid state OD pedal is mucking things up. a JTM45 w/ KT66s is thing of beauty. warm, round sound w/ a lovely...
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    Komet Concorde Time (almost)!!!

    i heartily recommend the komet attenuator. not for 'bedroom' levels, at all, but to allow one to use the full swing of volume control of the amp and match it to the dynamics of the drummer. negligible affect to the timbre or feel of the amp. designed by ken fischer.
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    Deep, Deep trouble! Vinyl Recording?

    assuming that U have the phono preamp hooked up properly between the turntable and Ur USB interface, U should be getting flat frequency response. is there a RIAA EQ defeat switch on the phono preamp?
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    Decided to start playing naked !!!

    i'd think the concorde might be too much of a high gain amp for use w/ a hollowbody. some kind of attenuator is needed if U want to run the amp up in the sweet zone and don't want to be screamed at. the komet is very transparent, affects the feel of the amp minimally and has a very gentle...
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    Deep, Deep trouble! Vinyl Recording?

    ^^^ that sounds like there is no RIAA EQ curve being applied.
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    Click tracks aren't there to help the musician?

    i never did. U should check out some of the classic stax/volt stuff. slower verses, faster choruses... to me 'rock solid time' means something far more than being able to play at a steady BPM. bonzo could throw down a tremendously deep groove and had an uncanny knack for letting a song...
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    Which Marshall is your favorite?

    '72 metal panel, tag board constructed 50 watt NMV.
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    Clark Beaufort vs Victoria 20112

    having owned both, i don't think there's enough difference between them for there to be a winner in any meaningful fashion. both are really great tweed 'clones', have top notch parts selection and construction, sound really good and cough up the right sound. they are voiced slightly different...
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    Click tracks aren't there to help the musician?

    the rootsy music stuff that i do really suffers w/ a click track. if i'm recording somebody else (as an ensemble) and it's not working w/o a click track, i'll go in and have the 'leader' record a guide track and then do overdubs to that guide track w/ all the appropriate bar lines added and the...
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    Komet Concorde Time (almost)!!!

    constellation is nice for that over the top, frankenstein AC30 on hyperdrive stuff. despite it being as high gain as the concorde/KF50, it's still quite a different beast.
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    Click tracks aren't there to help the musician?

    a drummer that does the bass too! two for the price of one. pretty impressive, tho'. lately, i've seen guys rockin' laptops in bands - triggering loops and stuff while using the tap tempo feature in ableton live. as regards the click track on songs that have their tempo altered for the...
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    Click tracks aren't there to help the musician?

    danged beatboxers putting working rhythm sections outta business. why i outta...
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    http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er4.aspx i have three pairs that i use for myself and clients. not cheap, but they are absolutely a professional device. i see them worn by stage performers, race car drivers, live sound technicians, etc.. the high end shure units are also very good...
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    mic'ing technique

    i believe that recording is just as much of an artform as guitar playing or song writing and can and should be studied in as great a depth as what they would dedicate to these other serious edeavours. there is still a truckload of great and arcane information (including the technique...
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    Click tracks aren't there to help the musician?

    the click track was created to make the engineers job easier. it all started w/ multi-tracking and the desire to have tracks perfectly isolated from each other and the ability to edit tape and do overdubs. these days it's all good, tho'. some music is served very well by using a click and...
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    What amp do you miss the most?

    50 watt metal panel NMV marshall halfstack from the last year of tag board constructed amps before the move to PCBs ('72?). that amp had more gain on tap than any plexi and was just beautifully responsive. in the early '90s i had just moved back to toronto into a small apartment and was...