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  1. derekd

    Reverb advice please

    Does it just need a fret dressing or refret? If the former, I'd agree upon some fair compensation. If the latter, I'd probably return it or ask for a substantial refund to pay for the refret. Good luck.
  2. derekd

    If I was president ... of Fender

    Yep. I'd then work to steal John Mayer back from PRS with a new sig model.
  3. derekd

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Looks great, Archey. Good to see you here. Haven't seen you on the board in a while.
  4. derekd

    Two Japanese jaguars. One sounds awesome and one sounds just ok.

    This is the reason why people often suggest running the racks. Even guitars with the same hardware and electronics are going to vary some.
  5. derekd

    Swamp ash

    Yeah, it's really too bad as that's my favorite wood for strats and teles.
  6. derekd

    Letting the wood breathe

    Breathing woods, huh? I don't recall that option the last time I bought a new guitar.
  7. derekd

    Steely Dan Night by Night

    That was brilliant!
  8. derekd

    This One Goes Out to Those "Longer in Tooth" Members of the TGP Community: Which Piece of 80s Gear Did You Feel Was the Shiznit?

    Yep, the rackmount Alessis reverb, Lexicon delay, Rocktron Hush noise reduction, along with my Tom Scholz Rock modules had me hauling an effects travel rig that looked like a dorm fridge.
  9. derekd

    Any Advice On Getting More YouTube Views Without Paying??

    Yeah, networking and even joining another popular musician exposes their viewership to you and your content. Authors do this for each other on their websites where they will interview each other to expose the other to their readers and visa versa.
  10. derekd

    So who's here still who attended the first (2000) PRS Factory Tour and Clinic - the Experience's precursor

    I met Johnny at National Guitar Workshop one year in Nashville. Absolutely one of the nicest guys you'll run across. Stuck around and talked and signed autographs until everyone had their fill. A few of us went into town one evening and caught him playing with Don Kelly's band downtown. He...
  11. derekd

    Please help understanding of Lydian Dominant/Altered Scale

    On A Clear Day, you can see Stardust? Why hasn't anyone told me this before?
  12. derekd

    Please help understanding of Lydian Dominant/Altered Scale

    This is how I view it, also. The pedantic this scale over this chord thinking bogs me down. I prefer to see a dominant chord and know I can add sharp or flat 5s, sharp or flat 9s to the flat 7 to get different flavors or colors. If you know your dominant arpeggios or mixolydian scale well, you...
  13. derekd

    Kirn and Whitfill players - convince me on which one to buy!

    There's a really nice Kirn tele on the Emporium currently.
  14. derekd

    Fender Employee - Pickup Winding - Initials BP

    Bertrice Patterson wound for Fender a short time before she was caught posting questionable photos of herself with the pickups on Instagram.
  15. derekd

    Fender AMERICAN ORIGINAL 50S Tele LTD. I pulled the trigger.

    Nice looking tele, Tag. Congrats. Hopefully, with the change of seasons work will ease up enough for you to have time to play it. Everyone needs a good tele.
  16. derekd

    Anyone make a cheap solidstate Champ amp?

    Lotsa options out there. Just a matter of finding a good deal.
  17. derekd

    NGD: been GAS'ing for a Strat a lot, so in a very TGP fashion got this..

    Yep, excellent tele but the OP still needs a strat.
  18. derekd

    Body dimensions: Gibson LP Signature vs ES-335?

    Me, too. Surprise, surprise.
  19. derekd

    Being Content With What You Have

    Depending on how this whole pandemic thing turns out and what's left of the live music scene afterward, I'm starting to feel the need to downsize again. I have a Yairi 12 string I never touch, a partscaster strat I never play, and a 100 watt Dumble clone w/ 2x12 cab I'll likely never use...
  20. derekd

    Tune i wrote and recorded today

    Beautiful tune, Job. The Yamaha silent guitar sounds really rich and full. I only wished I was able to watch you play it.
  21. derekd

    Favorite song that isn't about luv

    When I feel like traveling.
  22. derekd

    POLL: What is the biggest enemy of Guitar Players....?

    Lack of practice, not reading music, and a refusal to learn music theory. And eating fried foods before a gig.
  23. derekd

    compression gloves?

    I'd check in with an ortho if it were my hands. They are the ones focused on biomechanics. They will likely be able to tell you whether you have some arthritis going on, as you suspect, something mechanical, or unlikely, neurological. You'll likely get a script for OT/PT if you ask, which would...