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  1. cvansickle

    The Smokey Amp

    I had a couple of these Smokey amps back in the day. The first one was built into an old flimsy plastic cigarette box holder, not the cigarette pack like most were. Later, I got one that looked like the old time radio. The one in the flimsy plastic box sounded better. I still have the radio...
  2. cvansickle

    Seymour Duncan Distorion Bridge - Possible Neck Pairing

    Back in the 80s, I upgraded my Les Paul Custom with a Duncan Distortion in the bridge. For the neck, I took the advice of a music store buddy from Reliable Music in Charlotte, NC, and put a Duncan Custom in the neck to pair with the Distortion. This was before Duncan started putting their name...
  3. cvansickle

    Favorite song that isn't about luv

    Gosh, so many! here's one picked at random today:
  4. cvansickle

    Upgrading from a Taylor 114ce. What to get?

    Depends on your tone tastes and your budget, but if you're sticking with Taylor, start trying the 300 series and up.
  5. cvansickle

    Isn't it about time we had a serious talk about Krokus?

    I remember seeing some live Krokus concert on Showtime back in the early 80s, before the Headhunter album came out. Kick ass band if there ever was one. "Heatstrokes" is an early favorite of mine. I always said that when Chris von Rohr left the band, he took the balls with him (see The Blitz).
  6. cvansickle

    Lyrics that didn't age well.

    Asia's "Heat of the Moment" - And now you find yourself in '82...
  7. cvansickle

    Van Halen's Women and Children First

    It doesn't have that amazing reverb the first two albums have. As for the songs, they seem to more like jams, especially 'Everybody Wants Some" and "Loss of Control." To my ears, WACF has a loose, laid back, almost sloppy vibe to it. That's not a bad thing necessarily, and I recall being...
  8. cvansickle

    Brad Gillis

    IMO... Had Gillis not spent time with Ozzy's organization, nobody ever would have heard of Night Ranger. Take you breaks when and where you get 'em! I'm not taking anything away from NR, I like them a lot and they had great songs. I just think they had very little that would make them stand...
  9. cvansickle

    The Pedal that Fell in your Lap

    It was called a Cobalt. I won it in an online contest 20 years ago. Awesome booster/preamp. It had its shortcomings though, and I sold it a while back.
  10. cvansickle

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    It was a Trainwreck clone. I think the builder was called Torn Sun.
  11. cvansickle

    NAD: Marshall DSL40CR - think I'll keep this one simple

    I had the DSL40C back in 2013, and two years ago I upgraded to the DSL40CR. The C was good, but the CR is a HUGE improvement all around. The green settings are ideal for general purpose clean and driven sounds, and the red settings are for when you need that extra push over the cliff...
  12. cvansickle

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    Within the 50 years since Hendrix's passing and the 30 years since Vaughan's, there have been more album releases than those of their lifetimes. Are the vaults of 5150 as well stocked with unreleased material? I would guess no. We got a lot of that unreleased stuff, albeit rerecorded, on 2012's...
  13. cvansickle

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    Historically, I haven't been comfortable since the 80s when it comes to playing Strats, but this year I bought one and so far I'm okay with it. Another reason I may give the Firebird a shot. I play all my guitars fairly low slung too, almost Johnny Ramone style!
  14. cvansickle

    Pedalboard Patch Cables

    Thirded. I've got three boards using them and absolutely NO failures in five years.
  15. cvansickle

    Johnny Ramone

    It's thanks to Jimmy Page and Johnny Ramone that I wear my guitars as low as I do.
  16. cvansickle

    EVH's influence on superstrats and other modifications

    Eddie's influence on gear started an entire industry within the guitar making industry. Even major companies jumped on the trend - Kramer was making metal necked guitars until they signed Eddie; BC Rich was doing highly ornate builds with complicated electronics but switched to the Gunslinger...
  17. cvansickle

    AC/DC - A Shot In The Dark

    Sounds like something we've heard a hundred times or more.... In other words, IT'S PERFECT!!!
  18. cvansickle

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    I have owned three different SGs, and have sold or traded all of them. I'm a Les Paul guy; the SGs were impulse buys, and I never completely bonded with any of them. I've never owned a Firebird, and when I've tried one in the past, it was an awkward feeling. However, I've lost 85 lbs. this year...
  19. cvansickle

    Taylor GT Grand Theater Announced

    Or... The Paradise Theater!
  20. cvansickle

    Miley does Blondie

    Another example of just because you can, doesn't mean you should!
  21. cvansickle

    I really want a mini stack .

    Like one of these? I've played a couple of these kind of rigs in music stores, they don't sound bad at all. Loud enough to play with a drummer.
  22. cvansickle

    Taylor GT Grand Theater Announced

    Is this the supposed "game changer?" Oh well, it might be fun to keep in the office.
  23. cvansickle

    Favorite Foghat Album

    Definitely Fool for the City.