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  1. mcdes

    If you had to pick just one delay pedal...

    DD5 or memory lane junior for me
  2. mcdes

    1962 Telecaster needs new pickups

    Don Mare pickups are soooo tasty!! ive got a neck pickup in my tele that has so much mojo, everyone who hears or plays it says it is an amazing tonal pickup! got myself some more on the way! fully recommend his pickups!
  3. mcdes

    Be honest: how many klone users have played a Klon?

    i play an ARC Klone, and have played a golden Klon, no horse. would i like the real deal? sure!! but im happy with what i got.
  4. mcdes

    Matchless Spitfire - Have some questions

    i play a spitfire, but, beware, my answers are of using a head with a very good cab, big 2x12 with awesome broken in speakers. but i think that it makes a huge difference to using that instead of a combo. the amp is awesome for me. i play live a lot in small to large venues. mic'd and unmic'd...
  5. mcdes

    Jackson Newcastle 30 vs Matchless 3015?

    Ive only tried head versions sorry. and all have been througgh my two vox cabs. both 2x12's. one has a mix of a blue and G12H Greenback, the other has a mix of a Gold and G12H cream back. thoiugh i have heard that the cabs JA makes are pretty good! as he ports them to sound bigger!
  6. mcdes

    Jackson Newcastle 30 vs Matchless 3015?

    ill start by saying i have played a 30/15, i currently own a spitfire, and a newcastle 18watt. ive played numerous matchless amps and Jackson amp works. from my own personall experience, i found the 30/15 or spitfire cleaner. and the EQ and where it sits in the mix just superb. It has less low...
  7. mcdes

    Rectifier tube effect tone? NOS?

    Ive found a NOS rectifier can effect the tone the most......... indirectly....... as stated above, its purpose is to effect voltage to the rest of the tubes, not directly tone, but in effecting the rest of the tubes, it can change the tone of the amp in small to extreme measure... but thats just...
  8. mcdes

    Morgan AC 20 DLX owners

    i used to own one, it works great, but it confused me at first. the lower you turn down the power scaling, it makes the amp dirtier. once you understand that it is easier to use. i use matchless amps now, and i also use pedals for dirt, or to push the amp harder, but have always run effects out...
  9. mcdes

    2x12 cab -- Gold + g12h-75?

    i have two vox 2x12 cabs. one with a blue and heritage G12H greenback, the other with a Gold and a G12H cream back. both sound exceptional. the gold/creamback combo does have a bit more thump. they are very similar combos to be honest. my reasoning is the power handling. but also the smaller...
  10. mcdes

    Matchless Lightning 2x12...

    try different tubes as well, they can make a considerable difference, but sometimes, it still ends that they might not be the amp for you. I just got a lightning head from a friend to try out, and it was dark and muffled, no life, changed the tubes and boom she came to life! the tubes that came...
  11. mcdes

    Rook vs. Little Green Wonder

    i don't know about the rook, but......... LGW with a tele and VOX or VOX based amps............... just impeccable! the LGW is an uncompressed version of a TS, basically. so it gets nice and crunchy but tasty.
  12. mcdes

    spitfire or lightning

    troll post 100%
  13. mcdes

    Morgan Amps Nightmare

    this comes up all the time, and i had the same experience..... and as I've read before, the best advice I've read by others on this forum that i totally agree with, is buy from a shop that has one in stock, and never buy direct or to order, if you don't want the hassle. the amp of his i have...
  14. mcdes

    Favorite touch sensitive OD?

    The honey bee is extremely touch sensitive.
  15. mcdes

    NAD: BadCat Luca

    in for follow up report!
  16. mcdes

    Remember when TMG...

    another side of the coin, is that those who can put a guitar together quite well, can get high quality parts and build it them selves for less than half the cost. still not cheap, but neither were TMG guitars.
  17. mcdes

    NAD - Matchless Lightning head

    congrats! so hard to get heads used !!
  18. mcdes

    How do I become a Backup touring musician/singer for labels

    just to add to the good points above...... its all about who ya know.......
  19. mcdes

    TV Jones Pick Up height in my new Tele

    generally the filtertrons like being closer to the strings. in my tele they aren't too close, but still sound awesome, so yes, just adjust and listen.
  20. mcdes

    Fender Tele Question

    I put a don mare in the neck. And a TV jones Classic in the bridge.
  21. mcdes

    Fender Tele Question

    i have a deluxe, and i changed the modern bridge out for a bridge with 3 brass saddles, and swapped out the pickups, remarkably improved.
  22. mcdes

    Will get a used Arc Effects Klone v2 on Monday!

    I actually like it with the bass boost switch on! With it off its pretty much bang on to the monster piece stud i have, so it gives it a difference. But the bass boost totally fattens up my tele.
  23. mcdes

    Matchless Lightning VS DC-30

    Bump old thread for new info.... In curious wether using the head and same cab setup, wether there will be as much difference?? I know the bigger iron etc will make it different in some ways.
  24. mcdes

    Are boss dd5s not hipster anymore?

    when it was discontinued, it was pretty much the only one with dotted 8 and tap tempo, or something along those lines, so the price rose a bit..... but when the DD7 came out with those functions and more, it didn't have the market cornered anymore.... still a great pedal tho.