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  1. blackba

    Empress Echo System Dual Engine Delay **update w/clips**

    Only minor issue I have with my echosystem is that I have to have the disaster area micro clock disconnected when powering on the echosystem. If I turn on the power to both at the same time, the echosystem never boots. So I have to disconnect the micro clock when powering on the pedal board...
  2. blackba

    Recommend me a Variac

    Okay, I can see the confusion. I was talking about the circuit specialists variac in my post, but I did reply to something on the amp maniac. When you compare the amp maniac to USA build variacs, it is hard to believe that there are no overseas parts. A new USA variac will run you $500 or...
  3. blackba

    Barn find - '64 Fender Vibrolux, non-reverb

    Yes, highly recommended. Here is uncle Doug explaining more.
  4. blackba

    Poor Man's Suhr PT15?

    If I got a pt15ir, it would likely replace my Mesa ta15, so I would look at a ta15 or ta30. Ta30 has an effects loop which is nice.
  5. blackba

    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    I think this has come up before, but has anyone talked to Simon about a stereo crucible. I think it would be cool for stereo effects as well as running into one side, using the reactive load, then running into the other side to a speaker cab. On a totally different note, I have been looking at...
  6. blackba

    Recommend me a Variac

    The stepped voltage adjustments and price are the big drawbacks to the brownie and brownbox, but I really like how portable the brownie is and how you can’t overvoltage the amp like you can a variac. For playing live, I think the brownie and brownbox are a great solution, but the variac is a...
  7. blackba

    Recommend me a Variac

    For sure the circuit specialists is all Chinese parts. And based on the price the amp maniac probably is too. I bought the one linked to earlier from circuit specialists a few weeks back. It feels cheep like you might expect. The voltage display works within a few volts, but is not always...
  8. blackba

    Barn find - '64 Fender Vibrolux, non-reverb

    Very nice score. If you can still order from classic tone, check there for the power transformer.
  9. blackba

    NAD - Original 1965 Fender Princeton NR

    Congrats on the princeton, looks very clean. The non reverb amps are great for pedal platforms, wouldn’t be surprised if the price drifts up on them. I am sure there are some mods you can do if you do want to get breakup. The early circuit brown face fenders had a 220k plate load resistor...
  10. blackba

    Poll-Do you believe using an IR RL Box is risky on an amp

    I am not worried in the least about running my amps through the Suhr rlir I have or fryette ps2. On the bench I use an 8ohm 100w resistor for when I don’t want to hear the issue and probe silently with a scope.
  11. blackba

    Re-amping using Suhr Reactive attenuator / loadbox question

    Recently I have been using my Suhr rlir behind my fender brown super then into a halfer ta1600 power amp, then through the super’s 2 10s. Been on an early zztop tones trip and this has gotten pretty close, even though I don’t have a brown deluxe. I do prefer running the Suhr rlir into a power...
  12. blackba

    Your preferred volts for Tim/Timmy?

    When I had my v1 perf board Timmy, I liked it best at 12v as it sounded a bit more open than at 9V. I liked 18v the least as it seemed to loose its balls. I ended up selling the Timmy after I got the Kingsley page, but still miss the Timmy. May have to pick up an mxr Timmy or v3 sometime.
  13. blackba

    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    You have to “leave conversation”. It’s a bit confusing, but that is how you delete. BTW, KSR is making some power amps that are compact, but they don’t have the same feature set as the crucible. Not sure how long the wait is?
  14. blackba

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Halloween Pedal Giveaway! Win a FREE pedal!

    Thanks for doing a give away again. Hands of time duo Candy corn, it’s just something I only have in October and November. Also, who doesn’t remember trick or treating in a mask where you could barely see out of, I think I still have a few of those old masks somewhere.
  15. blackba

    Newer Maxon od808 version. Is there any difference?

    I wonder if it’s just part tolerances or if something really did change. I have a 90s Maxon od808 and it’s been a great pedal, only thing I did was a true bypass mod asi didn’t like how the buffer played with other buffers i have in line, if it was the only buffer it was fine. I sold a Maxon...
  16. blackba

    Speaker Cab Philosophy

    So I only have one 412 and it’s the old Mesa metal grill 412 with c90s on the top and evs on the bottom, love that cab. I have some 212s with a c90 and eminence ms12 (ev like) and love the mix in the 212 too. In general I am a fan or mixing speakers, but you have to experiment to find out what...
  17. blackba

    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Well if I have one knock on the Kingsley pedals it’s that most are not true bypass and I gotta say I wish they all were. Anyway, I have almost always run a buffered pedal before the, and gotten great sounds. I typically use a klone. Any of the buffers in your list should work great, I was...
  18. blackba

    (pics)NAD 1970 Bandmaster Reverb Combo

    Sounds like you got a cool amp, looking forward to the pictures.
  19. blackba

    Compared two Marshalls - a Mini Jubilee and a Studio Classic - first impressions

    For those with a jubilee of any size, a cab with Marshall vintage speakers is highly recommended. They are a great fit for the amp.
  20. blackba

    Mesa Boogie Mark V Head Problem 45W

    Try swapping the inner pair of tubes with the outer pair of tubes and see if you notice the same thing. You may have a 6l6 that is on its way out and you are just not noticing in full power mode.
  21. blackba

    Silveface Bandmaster Reverb

    Removing the ground switch on the back of the amp and putting this master volume in is a great place for it. I avoid drilling into vintage amps as much as possible.
  22. blackba

    Silveface Bandmaster Reverb

    I used to run eminence ga-sc64s with the bmr when I had it and they sounded great. I made a new back for the small bandmaster 212 cab that was opened back. To me I prefer fenders through opened back cabs.
  23. blackba

    When do you folks change tubes on your amp?

    Most times a microphonic preamp tube will show up when you play the amp and then tapping them lightly can help you find the one that is giving you the issue. I have found that sometimes lightly taping shows a microphonic tube that wasn’t readily apparent when playing the amp. You are correct...
  24. blackba

    When do you folks change tubes on your amp?

    Since you are running that or15 a lot, I would swap in a spare set of el84s every 3 to 6 months and see if you notice a tone change. If you do, then go with the new ones and get another backup set. If not, go back to the older ones and run them for another 3 to 6 months and check again...
  25. blackba

    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Interesting that the power supply, in this case cioks improved your tone. Just the info I was curious about. Which Kingsley’s are you running again?