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    Teese wah decision help

    I keep going back and forth between the Wizard, WOF, and RMC10. Soundclips make it tough to judge given differing gear, terrible recording, etc. I play mainly doom style stuff as the name might imply. Anyone used all three? Help me out, please.
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    EQD Grand Orbiter vs Mojo Hand Nebula IV

    I need a new phaser, and these are the two that seem to interest me the most. Any of you guys owned or tried both?
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    Weber Alnico California in a DRRI?

    Anyone ever do this? How did it sound? Its got me intrigued.
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    Celestion G12M-65 Creamback is great!

    Very interested to hear how these compare to the CL80. Thinking a quad of the creambacks for a 4x12 to go with a JCM 800 2203 to go with the quad of cl80's I run my Dual Rectifier through. Tool/Sabbath/Pumpkins/Jane's Addiction style tones, I guess.
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    High gain Marshall sounding pedals?

    I'm looking for something that can do an over the top, high gain Marshall crunch ala Jonny Greenwood and his Shredmaster. I'm considering the Suhr Riot, Emma Reezafratzitz, Crunch Box, and Box of Metal as now. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Brian Wilson was on another level from his Pop contemporaries

    I personally prefer Pet Sounds to any Beatles album.
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    Ampeg Gemini II

    Supposedly Big Star's second record, Radio City, was cut through a Gemini II. Great sound.
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    Best amp with a Telecaster (IYHO)

    I would say that an AC30 or any tweed would be tops for me....with an AC30 and a tweed Bandmaster together being ideal but hardly practical.
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    Favorite guitar with P90's?

    I don't know if it's been mentioned, but the LP jrs from musicians friend are fantastic. If you can find a used one with a rosewood fretboard, I'd grab it. I have two: sunburst and TV yellow and they are both outstanding, perfect guitars.
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    Favorite non-boutique tele bridge pickup?

    The Duncan Broadcaster and Donahue as well as the Fender Original Vintage and Nocaster.....they're all fantastic.
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    59 Bassman with Weber blue pup/silver 10?

    Does anyone have experience with the Weber blue pup or silver 10 in a tweed Bassman? I'm considering 2 of each, alnico.
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    reccomendations on a tremelo pedal, please

    demeter tremulator. it was built for ry cooder to sound like this twin reverb, and does a fantastic job of blackface tremolo. i love mine.
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    compressor for Big Star-esque sounds?

    I'm thinking maybe Janglebox or Diamond? Anyone have success with these or anything else?
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    Most agree that tube amps sound better. But why do they sound better?

    Actually, Black Dog was all solid state. The preamps on the Helios console and the 1176 compressor are completely tube-less.
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    5f8a/hi power tweed twin clone recs?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get, as the title suggests, a clone of the high powered tweed twin. I know Victoria makes one, and I love my Victoria 5e3. Who else makes them? Which ones are the better ones to consider? Also, what speakers....golds maybe?
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    Blue pup/silver ten and kt-66's in 59 Bassman?

    Has anyone tried the Weber alnico blue pup and/or silver ten in their tweed Bassman? or how about kt-66's? I have an LTD that I just got via trade, and I also have a 57 Twin RI and a 5e7. The Twin and Bandmaster have vintage style speakers, and are all kept 'vintage correct'. Therefore, I...
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    Amp$$$ vs Guitar$$$

    it seems to me that it has something to do with variations among guitars. for example, line up three R9 les pauls and they will all sound different, so if you find one you REALLY like you kind of have to buy that very one. amps, however, sound largely the same. a victoria deluxe sounds the...
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    Who likes Gibson "T" tops???

    didn't jimmy page have one in the bridge of his les paul?
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    NOS tubes running out?

    Anyone wanna speculate on what Billy Gibbons has tucked away? lol
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    NOS tubes running out?

    How about GEC kt66's and 88's? Those are the main ones I need, and they seem to be the hardest to find. Are these actually running out or is it just hoarding? No one seems to have any except for sketchy looking ones that pop up on ebay from time to time.
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    NOS tubes running out?

    I could kind of understand having a collection like that if you had a bunch of old Marshalls or something, but to just have them...sit there...I don't get it at all.
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    NOS tubes running out?

    to all tube hoarders: i WILL be at your estate sale.
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    NOS tubes running out?

    maybe 'audiophiles' and 'musicians' should get together, get out the pitchforks and torches and start storming rockstars houses. i bet neil young, richie blackmore, and jimmy page have 100x as many tubes than they'll ever use including backups. a seige might be in order!
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    NOS tubes running out?

    right, i'm definitely going to start buying very soon...like next paycheck soon. anyway, i guess i meant 'running out' in the absolute sense....like we won't be able find mullard 12ax7's at all. speaking of which: does anyone know where there are GEC kt66's and/or 88's in stock?
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    NOS tubes running out?

    i'm sure we've all noticed the skyrocketing prices and the lack of inventory at a lot of NOS tube sites and ebay...so it begs the question: are we witnessing the extinction of the 'holy grail' tubes? are we really beginning to run out or are we just up against the 'hoarders' with tons and tons...