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    RIP Lou Pallo (Les Paul Trio and more)

    Sorry to hear this. I saw Lou with Les a few times in the 90s, at Fat Tuesday’s and the Iridium Room. Great player and one of the legendary sidemen. RIP Lou
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    What happened with Elvis, did he sell out?

    I don’t think people like Elvis “sell out”, I think they “buy in”. It was his “comeback” and he came back in an era that had moved forward without him. Why “comeback” if you’re not ready to go all-in? If he hadn’t, it would’ve been Elvis’ “stay-back”, right?
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    Van Halen to continue? Debunked!

    Van Halen Plays Van Halen? Ynott I guess, worked for Dweezil. They don’t need to do anything except to be THAT good. Everything is already created, shouldn’t be too much to pull off.
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    Simultaneous Online Collaboration

    No that is not true. Even if you are on the same home/business network you can’t do it. The most real-time network device is a VoIP phone. In the network you can give it priority but that doesn’t mean complete real-time service, it only makes sure that even if the traffic was flooded that there...
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    For those that saw VH with MA and later saw them with WVH on bass, how did the band differ?

    I never saw Wolf but saw MA twice, his solo was always the worst part of the night. So I’m hoping Wolf either played a better solo segment or they just dropped the bass solo all together. I’m surprised they continued the bass solo for so long.
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    Lyrics that didn't age well.

    Brown Sugar That 17 song by a Winger too I bet.
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    Are you a very good singer? If not, do you still sing at gigs?

    No, and Yes. Not much of a singer at all but still can sing a 1/3 of the gig.
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    How did you learn to play eruption?

    I never liked VH until I saw them on the Fair Warning tour. It was a game changer and I started trying to learn as much as I could...so circa 1981. My method was, I had a record player that would go down to 16rpm/speed. It would also drop the pitch down an octave. So, I learned by ear, slowed down.
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    Xotic EP Booster: who’s it for? Is it worth it?

    Great boost. There is a switch on the inside that toggles how the 0 position works. How I run it is with the switch in the +3db mode...turning the knob down to 0 gives you the perfect 3db boost just as a sound engineer would give you when you solo. The other position (which I’ve tried but don’t...
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    Claim: Seven Nation Army is the most recognizable riff in the world

    Seven Nation Army and Smells Like Teen Spirit are to the younger guitar players what 25 or 6 to 4 and Smoke on the Water were to the older players and what Johnny B Goode and Walk Don’t Run were to the much-older players.
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    Vintage 80's stombox only board

    I still have my Digitech GSP5.
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    Steve Vai's circular vibrato...why isn't it more common?

    You got it. The non-thumb techniques also allows sliding linearly to other positions. Works great with an Ebow for something like Bowie’s Heroes.
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    Steve Vai's circular vibrato...why isn't it more common?

    I’ve used that sharp “combo” vibrato since I was a kid. How I practiced vibrato (and still teach it as well) is I’d crank my twin reverb and turn on my Big Muff and I would work on controlling feedback. I would use every angle of holding the guitar, every different finger nuance/technique, and...
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    new Greta Van Fleet

    Didn’t really make me a fan. That was a really bad mix on the overdubbed guitar solo, they didn’t even try to blend it in the mix.
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    I look forward to checking this out, they are an incredible band.
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    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Dean had some sweet ass tone but I think Smashing Pumpkins had the most unique tone. I’d say Billy Crogan, but I think they had two guitars most of the time. Tom Morello definitely had the unique sounds but he wasn’t very unique tone wise.
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    Do we have any Brothers Osborne fans in the Lounge?

    Can’t say I’m much of an active fan but I saw them open for Martin Sexton and they were VERY talented and entertaining. For the record I’m not an active fan of Martin’s either, but that was a super show.
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    Marketing strategies during Covid

    I’ve been gigging all along with private partied April-May and back at establishments since the first week of June. We had a couple gigs that had to drop in March and after that one gig cut us back from a 5 piece to a 3 piece, other wise it’s been full on. This weekend is my biggest hit since...
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    Help on ZOOM lessons

    Chances are he or his folks have spotify or an Apple Music account. Find some tunes that are at his playing level that also represent the feel you believe he’s missing and have him listen to them for a few weeks, not play them, but just listen. Continue to teach him regularly as you and the pull...
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    Need Help - 1970's Film, Musical, Egyptian themed

    True, but he barely had the just of the film as it was.
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    why no non-pro live demo video of fuzz face??

    I have one of those little fuzz faces, I’ve tried a few actually. Using them alone (Guitar, pedal, amp) they are incredible but they are HORRIBLE used with other pedals in front of it. There’s some type of impedance mismatch issue with putting the output from a pedal into the fuzz face causing a...
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    Need Help - 1970's Film, Musical, Egyptian themed

    The King and I? What’s the musical band connection? Was there a band in the movie, or did the movie have rock music for the soundtrack?
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    Who wants to learn some Mahavishnu Orchestra?

    Long time Mahavishnu/Mclaughlin learner here. If you need more material and direction for it, this site is a goldmine. A few of my own transcriptions are there as well: https://www.italway.it/morrone/wbtg-scores.htm