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  1. dburns

    Help with choosing the right Supro amp

    Check out the Dual-Tone
  2. dburns

    Z Wreck Jr/Dirty Shirley mini...other combo suggestions?

    Sounds very good Gulliver...thanks man.
  3. dburns

    Z Wreck Jr/Dirty Shirley mini...other combo suggestions?

    Looking to get a new combo amp around Christmas, budget around $1500 or so, more than likely it will be used. Already have a Carmen Ghia head that I really like, just want to treat myself to a top quality combo to go along with it. I have always been more of a clean-ish type of player who has...
  4. dburns

    No More Barber Pedals????

    Good to hear things are looking better, big fan of Barber pedals. Mistakenly sold a few over the years but was lucky (and smart enough) to buy back a DD/DC...also have a matching silver sparkle set of the GC and DD/BUSS. They all sound great.
  5. dburns

    Used Pro Junior or other very budget tube amp?

    Your very first line practically answers your question...you've never played a Pro Jr. Not saying it's so amazing or anything, and not saying that the Blues Jr isn't a good amp, but for lack of a better term, the Pro Jr is just a "ballsier" amp. It's something not on paper or spec sheet, you'll...
  6. dburns

    Has anybody built a Warmoth recently?

    Had this one finished last month. The guy who finished it said everything was really good. He did do some finish fretwork but said that's to be expected. https://imgur.com/user/scooch255 The video clip has no sound, but it feels and sounds great.
  7. dburns

    The Main Squeeze - Layla

    Been meaning to post a thread on these guys...big fan also. The only cover I haven't seen posted is their version of Redbone....Max's guitar solo is insane
  8. dburns

    Post Malone - Cliffs Of Dover

    I saw an interview where PM says the Guitar Hero game is what got him interested in playing guitar/music. That’s probably what turned him on to Cliffs of Dover. There’s also a YouTube clip of him out there (pre-fame) playing and singing Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright by Bob Dylan.
  9. dburns

    New Partscaster and New (1st) PRS!

    Just got these 2 within the past couple of days. My Warmoth “strat” is a strat in shape only. Korina body with ebony neck and fingerboard. 2 Powertron Plus pickups and a Duncan P-Raul in the middle. The TV Jones sound amazing...to the point where I’m barely messing with the P-Rails. The PRS is...
  10. dburns

    The Z-Wreck Jr. is Coming!

    Thanks, appreciate the video. I get more out of a "poor quality" bedroom clip like that, as far as how the amp sounds and all, rather than pro demos where they run it into an interface or whatever, add effects etc.
  11. dburns

    Dr Z Cure vs. Jetta

    I'm also interested in these 2 amps and since this is a relatively recent thread I wanted to bump it in hopes for more input and comparisons.
  12. dburns

    What would be you re Go To OD pedal for a Jam party situation ..

    I have this pedal also and it is pretty good. I wanted a Suhr Riot but had to give the Donner a try for the price. It's been on my board for a couple gigs as my high gainer. As much as I like it though, it wouldn't be my pick to this question. I'd be stuck between picking The Dude or Gain...
  13. dburns

    In praise of the Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded

    Booster, always-on tone enhancer, low-gain overdrive...this thing does it all. I've had (and still have) a bunch of great overdrives and boosters (Timmy, Barbers, Wampler, J Rockett , Xotic EP, etc) but this is the one pedal that hasn't left my board for a few years now. Always delivers on the...
  14. dburns

    Good overdrive pedal(s) for live gigging - HELP!

    Gain Changer is great, in my opinion it's better than a lot of the other pedals mentioned and have tried, but it doesn't take a battery. Mayber try one of the bigger box Barber pedals. They're all very good.
  15. dburns

    Sometimes I forget... (George Benson appreciation thread)

    I have his DVD The Art of Jazz Guitar from back in the day, this thread reminds me to buy a DVD player and revisit it...great stuff.
  16. dburns

    Calling All Vox AC10 Owners/Experts + Pedal Help Needed

    It's fine with pedals. I used some Barber pedals with it (GC, DD Compact, DDDC) as well as The Dude. Didn't really love the Dual Fusion with it but that's on the pedal, not the amp. Truth be told though, the drive from the amp when you crank the gain sounds better to me than any of the pedals I...
  17. dburns

    John 5 & Michael Anthony Take your Wiskey home!

    That was really cool, thanks for sharing Michael Anthony is the man.
  18. dburns

    NAD: Mesa V:25

    Fun times ahead...enjoy. Almost making me wish I still had mine.
  19. dburns

    Guthrie Trapp is putting out amazing free lessons on YT now

    Agree. Gatton also knew plenty of theory. It's all relative. They may not be at a classical or top notch jazzer level of theory, but they know plenty. They may not play or think in those terms, but when it comes to major, minor, dominant, diminished and augmented, arpeggios and triads etc...they...
  20. dburns

    Supro Blues King

    I was messing around with one the other day and liked it a lot. I'm not really in the market for an amp right now, at least not a combo, but I'd definitely consider one if the right deal came up. Now $600 is definitely reasonable for it, but I'd still need a little more incentive since I don't...
  21. dburns

    Pedal you keep because you feel like you oughta have one...

    Carbon Copy. It's a great delay but I haven't had it on my board for years. I prefer either my Dispatch Master or ML Jr. Just can't come to parting with it though. It's an easy enough pedal to either buy or sell, that's probably the reason I keep it.
  22. dburns

    Who's gigging the Mesa V:25?

    I had it for close to a year and did a bunch of gigs with it. Great amp but I eventually sold it once I got my Carmen Ghia, which I've been using since late 2016...it's just more 'my speed' as a player. The cleans of the v25 were great (fat mode) and I thought the Mark II C+ mode sounded really...
  23. dburns

    We aren't Seals & Crofts revered like Steely Dan?

    I kinda agree with Fred Farkus. Though I probably like the Aja album a little more than he does (Deacon Blues is cool, but probably the one song I occasionally skip over), all of their best albums in my opinion came before that. My personal rankings of their top 5 (which I expect no one to...