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  1. redir

    Barn find - '64 Fender Vibrolux, non-reverb

    While I was reading this I was going to post a reply that said, go back to that estate and see if you can dig up the PT, it's got to be around there somewhere! Nice find.
  2. redir

    Why the visceral hate for locking tuners?

    I like them quite a bit. I think many people don't know how to properly use them which might lead to the hate. To use them properly you line the string hole up in the same direction string pull, insert the string through, pull tight, then lock. No need to put one or two wraps around them like...
  3. redir

    Yngwie Malmsteen: Your Thoughts

    Paganini is technically boring too. I have a recording of Elliot Fisk who is a fantastic guitar player who can play with all kinds of emotion doing an entire album of Paganini's work transcribed for guitar. Technically speaking it's absolutley masterful. How anyone can play notes like that on a...
  4. redir

    Neck Pickup for Telecaster

    If you like hum cancelling then you cannot go wrong with Joe Barden pickups for a Tele. Danny Gatton T-style.
  5. redir

    Who here has mixed pickup brands with great results?

    My strat like clone has an early 80's Duncan JB in the bridge a Dimarzio single in the middle and a Duncan Hot Rail in the neck. Works just fine.
  6. redir

    Your best bang for buck acoustic?

    When these threads come up I almost always recommend Yamaha. Been building and repairing guitars for 25 years and Yamaha is the brand that I see least in my shop for repair. THey make some really nice solid top offerings for a good price. I can't imagine how that guitar could be played in tune...
  7. redir

    Santa Cruz Tony Rice or Vintage Jumbo

    Hmmm I've never even heard of Titanium frets before. I have no experience with those guitars but I do have a Dred build by Don Sharp with the over sized soundhole and it is by far the best Dred I've ever played. It's very versatile and can hold it's own in blues and bluegrass or any style...
  8. redir

    How did your commissioned build turn out? (pics?)

    That's a true beauty there congrats! I love the concept too and that's a great example of what a true unique custom guitar can be.
  9. redir

    How did your commissioned build turn out? (pics?)

    Great advice from JSeth. As I mentioned I only had one guitar ever returned and it was from a guy who micromanaged every single aspect of the guitar. I almost 'fired' him but I knew he had a good heart so I didn't. But he drove me nuts. I knew he was not going to be satisfied. Some people never...
  10. redir

    How did your commissioned build turn out? (pics?)

    I have never commissioned a guitar before but I am finishing up two commissions now with more orders coming in :D For the most part what I have found is that people who want a commissioned guitar want something truly unique and special and personal. They see the gutiar itself as much of an...
  11. redir

    Fender Mandolin Nut Question

    Yup. And get a professionally made bone nut that will last forever. You won't regret it.
  12. redir

    NGD: J45 50's original

    A timeless classic that's for sure.
  13. redir

    What was the "good wood" era?

    I only build acoustic guitars but I can tell you for sure mahogany of the 1950's is better then what you get today. Same goes for many other woods too. I have a sizeable stash of mahogany from that period. It's heavier, has more beautiful interlocked grain and so on.
  14. redir

    Let's talk about the 80s again....

    Oh man! I probably have not heard that one since that time. Great song.
  15. redir

    How best to repair a small ding in the top of a classical guitar?

    What I do for holes like that is to inlay a patch. I use a bent razor blade to cut a oval shape in the surrounding area of the hole. It essentially creates a scarf joint around the hole. Then with matching piece of top wood from a collection of many years of cut offs I try and match the annular...
  16. redir

    Danish Oil?

    No. Don't go near it with Danish oil. The finish on a Taylor should be thick enough to withstand quite a beating. It's probably just really dirty. First clean the guitar as best you can with water and a drop of dish soap using a clean rag. IF that doesn't work then Get some McGuire #7 and #2...
  17. redir

    My solid spruce top is aging kinda weird.

    How are you storing the guitar and do you keep it in the exact same place every day? It's a great looking top I can tell you that, perfectly quartersawn with beautiful silking. The reason why I ask that question is to know if the sunlight has anything to do with that coloration. I have also...
  18. redir

    Can a good acoustic resonate so strongly you get frets buzzing behind the fretting hand?

    This is known as back buzz. It's more common in the classical guitar world. What you have is a nut slot that is slightly too low or possibly you have back bow which is the opposite of proper relief. It's also possible that the frets are not leveled properly but you seemed to rule that out. To...
  19. redir

    What Boss Pedals Are As Good Or Better?

    I have 3 on my board, a DD2, CE2 and a CS3. I'd hold the delay and chorus up to any other pedal, they are perfect for what they do and I've tried to 'upgrade' and have always gone back. I hated the CS3 and owned it for about a month before it went into my used box for years. Then someone told me...
  20. redir

    pick three single effects

    Wah - Fuzz - Delay
  21. redir

    Do Electric Guitars "Break In"?

    If you think the guitar will break in then it will. Otherwize if you think that it won't break in then it won't.
  22. redir

    Martin 00-18 classical guitars

    Yes the over braced tone would describe it well.
  23. redir

    Martin 00-18 classical guitars

    They really are more of a folk guitar rather then a classical guitar. So no they don't stand up well to classical guitars at all. Still kind of cool though. And I am assuming you are wanting to play classical music. IF not then they are great for siting around and strumming with vocals.
  24. redir

    Do you like dreads?

    I have two, so yes sure I am a fan. I do almost always pick up my OOO to play but I do like the Dreds too. You can try and save your penny's and one day get an OM. They compliment each other well.
  25. redir

    Did Boss patent their footswitch design?

    It truly is an iconic design in looks and function and of course high quality as most things are from Japan.