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  1. Hawkmoon269

    VL 9/12v FauxPas: What Have I Destroyed?

    If your pedals sound better at 12V then you should email Mike and politely accuse him of fraud from inhibiting you from these toanz and implying that his pedals only work at 9V.
  2. Hawkmoon269

    Anyone tried a guitar thru a TS9B Bass Tube Screamer?

    I’ve used a Boss ODB-3 on guitar, which I assume is similar. I only used it in a pinch because it was the only OD we had laying around at the moment. It had a very specific sound, which worked for what we were doing at the moment but was difficult to really sculpt, since the EQ was pointed at...
  3. Hawkmoon269

    Transparent 2-stage phaser recommendation

    Can you give an example of another phaser you would describe as transparent?
  4. Hawkmoon269

    Transparent 2-stage phaser recommendation

    I’m really struggling to understand what a “transparent” 2 stage phaser even is. My understanding is that a 2 stage phaser just oscillates between two different colorations.
  5. Hawkmoon269

    Vintage Gear Question

    I’ve always used Deoxit D5 but I’m not sure that there’s a huge difference.
  6. Hawkmoon269

    Vintage Gear Question

    It might be a good idea to spray some Deoxit into the pots to see if they are scratchy due to some light corrosion or if there’s a more permanent issue with them.
  7. Hawkmoon269

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    I bought some Amazon Basics shortpants for $20. They were OK.
  8. Hawkmoon269

    Boss DD3 or Cmatmods Deeelay?

    It's a delay. They're all pretty much the same. Get the one with the paint job that best matches your board.
  9. Hawkmoon269

    Given A Budget, Would You Spend More On Amp Or Pedalboard?

    They also need a wah, whammy, talkbox, phaser, vibe, treble booster, treble reducer, chromatic tuner and polyphonic pitch shifter, or they'll never make it out of the bedroom.
  10. Hawkmoon269

    SD-1 - how are you using yours?

    Definitely get a Rat.
  11. Hawkmoon269

    SD-1 - how are you using yours?

    I bought one a couple months ago and it’s struggled to find a role on my board. I feel like it’s too honky. I’m seeing elsewhere in this thread that cutting C6 might fix that issue, so I’ll probably give that a try.
  12. Hawkmoon269

    1982 Boss Pedal

    Sell it to me.
  13. Hawkmoon269

    Anyone else like Flanger over Chorus for that modulation effect?

    No, but sometimes I use my chorus to get a flanger effect.
  14. Hawkmoon269

    Power Question - Boss

    I notice the problem most when the digital pedal is paired with an analog gain pedal. Not all digital pedals do this either. I bet that OP won’t get a ton of noise with this combo.
  15. Hawkmoon269

    Interest in MIDI

    1. MIDI enabled fx, yes 2. Without the MIDI 3. No 4. No
  16. Hawkmoon269

    Help me understand grounding

    A few weeks ago I was working on my humbucker-loaded partscaster strat, and after blocking the tremolo (yes, I mean vibrato) I decided to remove the springs, since the block made them redundant for providing tension. After I removed them I noticed a buzz. The buzz temporarily went away when I...
  17. Hawkmoon269

    What's the correct approach to setting pedal volume/level?

    I have a homemade fuzz pedal whose character changes with the sweep of the volume knob. The rest of my pedals don’t seem to have that big of a difference, so I set those to unity. So Dan is right and you are right. Also, the more pedals you stack the more you need each pedal to “conform” and...
  18. Hawkmoon269

    Behringer TO800 vs Boss SD-1

    I feel like an SD-1 and a Tubescreamer are not the same thing, even though they are very similar in design. So get the one that best matches your playing style and sounds the best to you, since they're both so cheap. For some reason I feel like an SD-1 works better for humbuckers, and...
  19. Hawkmoon269

    Don't care what anyone says, no pedal is worth what this guy just paid for one.

    I work in international development, alongside with the "dollar a day" crowd. Believe me, they often spend what little money they have on stupid s*** just like we do. They don't blame their poverty on middle class westerners buying pedals, they blame it on their own government's corruption and...
  20. Hawkmoon269

    steel string supreme - a thread (Re: new statements from Mason/vertex)

    Great find, OP. I'll be sure to check out these videos. On an unrelated note, does anyone know how to ignore threads using the new forum software? @PurpleJesus @Scott Peterson any way to do this?
  21. Hawkmoon269

    Modulations before Time Based or after, what's your preference?

    OP, I would like to challenge your assumption that chorus and flange are bosom buddies and must always be next to each other in the signal chain. I’ve had good results putting flange before delays and reverbs and chorus last. This was inspired by players like Billy Duffy and Robert Smith running...
  22. Hawkmoon269

    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    Objectively, yes. EHX has sold about a billion of them and they have been a key feature on countless classic recordings. It doesn't, however, mean that the pedal will work for you in the context of what you are doing. Don't lose any sleep over it.